Omake: Satoshi and the Three Rabbits

Once upon a time there were three…rabbits. They lived in a nice cozy rabbit home of some sort, with their crazy rabbit furniture etcetera. One morning they were eating their pasta, which the father-looking rabbit stood up, "Let's go for a walk. I'm tired of eating pasta for breakfast every morning. Maybe it'll look more appealing when we get back."

The mother-looking rabbit frowned and snapped back, "You try cooking everyday, you'd get sick of it too, anyways, pasta is convenient."

"My pasta's too hot, can we go for the walk to let it cool down."

Like any normal mother-looking rabbit –note how the rabbit was only mother-looking- had a softer spot for the youngest rabbit and sighed, "Fine, let's go for the stupid walk, when I come back my pasta's going to be all cold."

So the three left the house, they left it unlocked and vulnerable to any trespassers who might just be ever so slightly curious as to why there was a house in the middle of the woods. Unfortunately this wasn't the case for the trespasser who would end up trespassing.

A trespasser with no sense of curiosity; a trespasser like Satoshi.


Satoshi was taking a walk through the woods when he came upon the random house that appeared in the middle of the woods. He stood in front of it and looked at it with next to no interest, he was about to leave when an invisible hand shoved him into the house. He blinked when he stood inside and was about to leave when the same random invisible hand decided to lock the door.

The boy sighed and headed inside, "Maybe they have a backdoor…" He then heard a rather loud bang near the back of the house, "Then again…maybe not…" His stomach growled, he rose a brow, "How strange…didn't I just have breakfast?"

His eyes fell onto the three plates of pasta set up neatly on a nice little table, he walked by it, his survival instincts going wild. But not wild enough to chase away his pickiness. He tried a bit of the first plate, "This pasta's way too hot." Then he moved onto the second one and tried it, "This pasta's way too cold," finally, he made his way over to the last bowl and tried it, "This pasta's okay-ish, to an extent, but I suppose it'll do."

So he ate half of it, considerate of him, no?

For some odd reason his legs suddenly felt very tired so he moved into the living room where there were three chairs set up. "Why don't they just get a couch?" He muttered under his breath and walked over and sat down on the golden chair decorated with jewels, "Ow…stupid jewels are poking into my back…whoever's chair this is, he must be a kleptomaniac or something."

The next chair looked very pretty not to mention comfy, but he didn't bother sitting in because it had a sign written on it, sit on this chair and you'll die a painful excruciating death. "Whoever's chair this is must be quite homicidal…" He took the threat seriously enough to move on to the last chair, it was a nice simple but badly built he sat down for a bit, "This is okay-ish…to an extent."

But feeling that it wasn't safe or sturdy and could break at anytime so he got off and headed elsewhere simply because he was locked in. During his random self-guided tour of the house, he stumbled onto a set of stairs he never knew existed and headed up. When he reached the top he wasn't at all amazed to find a nice bedroom, "Why do the three of them have their beds in the same room?"

Then, a wave of dizziness randomly hit him causing him to have a major urge to lie down.

He walked over to lie down on the biggest bed only to sit back up and pulled the blanket off to reveal a painting and several jewels, "Crazy kleptomaniac…" He moved onto the next bed, it would've been very, very comfy indeed but Satoshi was smarter than that. He lifted the covers to find a couple weapons under the blankets, "Crazy homicidal…"

Satoshi cleared the weapons off the bed and was about to lie down but then was pulled off by the same invisible hand he had now learned to hate and was placed in front of the smallest bed, "This bed's too small, the homicidal one looks better."

He was shoved. That was his excuse for landing on the smaller bed, underneath the covers he found a nice little stuffed rabbit. He took the stuffed animal and was about to get up to head back to the second bed but was then knocked out.

As he was lying there, unconscious, the three rabbits got home to find –with much surprise- that their door was locked. "I didn't lock it, did you?"

"No…the door had a lock?"

The father-looking rabbit gave a grin, "No worries! I'll simply pick the lock!"

And so he did and the door swung open, the mother-looking rabbit stepped in and looked at the door, "There's no lock on it…how did it get locked?"

"Who knows-oh my god! Someone's been picking at our breakfast!"

The three headed to their table, the father-looking rabbit frowned, "Someone's picked at my pasta and probably burnt their tongue, sucker…"

The mother-looking rabbit looked down and also frowned, "Someone's picked at mine too."

The baby-looking rabbit pouted, "Someone's picked at my pasta too and they ate half of it."

The second rabbit rose a brow, "Maybe he's anorexic."

"Who knows?" They proceeded to the living room where the father-looking rabbit gave a gasp, "Someone's sat in my chair!"

"How can you tell?"

"You just can! Anyways, the invisible hand told me."

"Right…and I can tell someone was tempted to sit in my chair but didn't."

"Honey, no one in their right mind would sit in your chair after having read that sign of yours."

The mother-looking rabbit smirked, "That's the whole point of the sign being there."

The baby-looking rabbit blinked, "Someone sat in my chair and got scared because it was badly built and it feels like it could break at anytime."

The mother-looking rabbit gave a cough and looked at the father-looking rabbit who frowned in return, "Okay, okay! So woodwork isn't my forte, at least I tried!"

The three shrugged and headed upstairs, the baby-looking rabbit blinked, "Since when were our beds upstairs…I always thought this house was only single leveled…"

"Me too, but oh well, if we linger around here any longer we're going to get attacked by the invisible hand thing."

So they headed up to their bedroom which laid on a floor they never knew they had, the father-looking rabbit gave yet another frown, "Someone's been looking under my covers."

He visibly gulped when he felt the mother-looking rabbit's eyes boring into his back, "So that's where those stolen paintings are, I swear, they'll find you one day and you'll be arrested. Then you'll be sorry."

"One day perhaps, but it's highly unlikely."

The mother-looking rabbit looked at the bed in the middle and growled, "Someone's messed around with my bed too, looks like he was planning on sleeping in it."

"Hey love, why don't we sleep in the same bed?"

"Because we only have one bedroom."


"…you're shameless."

The baby-looking rabbit looked in his bed and blinked, "There's someone sleeping in my bed, it doesn't look that comfy, my bed's probably too small for him."

The other two gather around the smallest one's bed and looked at the boy, "So…what do we do with him?"

"Can I keep him?"

"No you may not, you don't know where he came from, he could a stray or something, covered in germs and bacteria."

The baby pouted, "I'll take care of him! I promise! I'll feed him and play with him!"

The mother-looking rabbit rose a brow, "No."

Just then, Satoshi woke up to find three rabbits looking at him, and not just any rabbits, "Are you people insane or do you just like wearing rabbit ears on your head?"

The father-looking rabbit shook his head, "They're a hundred percent natural! But that's not the point here, who are you and what are you doing here?"

"I'm Satoshi and I was shoved in here where I was knocked out, who are you people?"




"This is great, we're on first name basis already!"

Satoshi rolled his eyes, "That's just cause you didn't give me your sir names."

"Don't be so picky."

There was a long awkward pause before he turned his eyes to the rabbits, "Now what?"

The rabbits suddenly looked very out of character and grinned, "Now we eat you!"

The boy blinked, "Rabbits don't eat meat…"

"We do!"

"The hell?"


Satoshi opened his eyes and looked around, "What the hell was that about? A dream?" He looked at his clock and groaned, "It's still early…might as well get some more sleep." But then he made the terrible mistake of looking at the floor where a couple rabbits were hoping about, "…where did you people come from?"

Suddenly one of the rabbits hopped up and attempted to eat him.


He opened his eyes again and sat up, "Another dream?" He rubbed his temples and attempted to go back to sleep, he didn't bother checking the clock or the floor, "I hate rabbits…"

Little did he know, but that's how his fear of rabbits began to form.



Uhhh deleted scenes...why? Because I was reading the guildelines and stuffers, why? Because I was bored. But that's not the point, allow me to quote entries that aren't allowed, (and let's make it bold! XD) "Non-stories: lists, bloopers, polls, previews, challenges, author notes, and etc." So yea...don't ask me o.O I didn't make it but I don't feel like having a story deleted so yea...this is my sad attempt to make it up to you peoples. Like I said, 19's just too weird of a number to end at so I hope you like it?