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But Joe did get e-mail from him. A month later, back in Paris, Kirin's hubris at imagining he could return from the dead a forgotten news story, and still no sign of Duncan MacLeod, Joe stared at the item from "firstman at yahoo dot com" in his inbox. He double-clicked and read:


Some of your rare pansies have been found, with some
petunias. I don't know where, because I
wouldn't let him tell me, but they're healthy.

I'm sorry to hear Lynn is sick. Does she like pansies?
I really think you should come home and stay away from
the pansies. Otherwise there might be a global epidemic.


What the Devil? It was miserable free cryptic. Connor had found Duncan, but Methos wouldn't tell him where? And what was this stuff about a global danger and danger to Duncan from a mortal? From Joe? Lynn was Joe's niece. And Joe should lay low and stay away from Duncan?

Frustrated and frightened, Joe replied:

God damn it, Adam! Is there some magical reason why you can't
just tell me what you mean?


He received this reply before Methos stopped responding to e-mail:




The End

A/N: I have always intended a sequel, or, if I don't come up with a full story, at least a postlude to this story. I don't have it yet, though. Thanks, you reviewers! Your comments are much appreciated.