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Hi, my name is Tara. Maybe you've seen me–I'm one of Middleton High's cheerleaders. When I joined the squad a few years ago; I found two noticeably important members: Kim and Bonnie. Kim, the head cheerleader, saves the world and fights super freaks from time to time; but she complains about Bonnie more than anything else. Or, at least, she used to. A while ago Kim got hit by some sort of chemical that made her stick to Bonnie. Kim was stuck tagging along with Bonnie on her date with Brick Flagg, and Bonnie was forced to go with Kim on one of her missions. I noticed that after they separated, the two rivals got along better.

Bonnie isn't such a bad girl, once you got to know her. Sure, she's controlling and a bit overly competitive, but deep down (really deep down) she can be rather thoughtful. She's stopped insulting Kim, and has even hanged out with her a few times. She's even started treating Ron, the Mad Dog mascot, more like a real person.

Who is Ron? Only Kim's best friend and partner in her whole "world saving" thing! Sheesh. He's also her newest (and best) love interest. I noticed that, after she broke up with Josh, she treated Ron differently than usual. She seems happier to hang out with him. Once she even called me and complained about how Ron made plans for Friday night without her. It was all very funny. When I asked her why she was so obsessed, she couldn't come up with an answer. She also looks at Ron the way she used to look at Josh, when she thinks he's not looking.

How does Ron feel about Kim? He won't admit it, but he loves her. There's no one he cares for more. Once I saw him come to school alone (he always comes to school with Kim), so I asked him if there was anything wrong. He told me about how he risked his life the other day to save Kim; and, after he proved his devotion to her, she walked away, hand in hand, with Josh. Those weren't his exact words, but I know it's what he meant. I talked Kim into apologizing to Ron for being so thoughtless; I think that's what made her rethink her relationship with Josh.

Oddly enough, I'm the one dating Josh now. It's a little weird, but he's a great guy. I've noticed that he's really a lot like Ron. They are both carefree, quick to speak, and slow to think. Okay, so being slow to think isn't really a good thing.

I used to have a bit of a crush on Ron. He's so sweet and thoughtful, and brave too. He fought some mutated freak named "Gill" to save me, Kim, and the rest of the Middleton High cheer squad (even Bonnie). But I've gotten over that. Obviously, Ron wasn't interested. Anyway, I hope that Ron will see how much Kim means to him. 'Cause, in my mind, they'd be the cutest couple in Middleton High.

I decided to make this one longer. Hope you like the new "My Name is Tara".