1Words from two different conversations keep running through my mind. The first is my conversation with our new Captain. He said that Cardassians are like wolves, and must establish dominice in any social situation. I believe that he has that same need. The other conversation is the one I had with Will. He said Jelico seemed very sure of himself, and I told Will that he wasn't.

I think these conversations have given me the answer to the tension between Will and Jelico. It's not just that they have different personalities and command styles.

Jelico isn't sure of himself. He's arrogant, but uses that to hide the fact that he's not confident in himself. Will is very confident, and it is a genuine confidence, not an act. Jelico can see that, and I believe he envies it, envies Will.

The problem is only compounded by Jelico's need to establish that he is in control. He knows that if it came down to a choice, the crew would side with Will, not him. He's tried to prove otherwise, to Will, and to himself. He's making the crew change everything. Not so much to be ready for war, but to prove that he can. To try and reassure himself that he is the one in command of this ship. So far it's worked, but only because Will hasn't given orders that contradict Jelico's. If Will did the crew would follow Will, no question, no hesitation. Jelico knows this and dislikes Will because of it.

I talked to the Ciaro's ship counselor. He said that Jelico ran a tight ship, but had the crew's respect. He also said that the first officer was not one to question the captain, and that Jelico likes that in a first officer. Will is one to question the captain, and that is yet another source of tension between Will and Jelico.

"Jelico to Troi."

"Troi here," I respond automatically.

"Report to the Bridge."

"On my way, Sir," I tell him as I stand up and walk towards the door of my quarters.