Lady Macbeth even through death felt guilt. Any person who saw her feeling guilty, she would kill or threaten to kill. The guilt got to her so much that her spirit cursed itself to walk the earth until she was redeemed to feel her guilt and the guilt of the world. She curses every performance of Macbeth that she hears about in time. She does not look for posters to find the show but listens to the actors. If it is too late to curse the show when she arrives she takes her role through the actress taking all her lines as she said them in life. She relives the pain as she takes that role but some how forgets before she pops into the next show. When in the real world she kills almost all who cross her path. She can be found near the Lockerine River. She will constantly be trying to clean herself and her clothes of all the blood she has spilt. She can only redeem herself by saving as many lives as she has taken.