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Jess Scefing

"Mum! Look! There's an owl at the window!" Lily Evans yelled through her house, staring wide eyed at the large bird peering in. A rush of movement elsewhere in the house and the door to her room flew open as her sister Petunia ran in and gasped, soon followed by her mum and dad.

They all stood in silence for a bit before Petunia pointed out "It's holding a


"We see that. Dear, should we let it in?" Their mother snapped before turning to their father. He said nothing for a few seconds and then moved decisively to the window. The owl winged in and released the letter from its grip, letting momentum carry it straight to Lily before circling out of the room through the window. Her father just raised his eyebrow.

"Well, that was different. Lil, give it here." Lily obligingly handed the letter to her father, who sat down on her bed and broke the seal. He didn't read aloud, as Lily was hoping he would. Instead he just looked a bit puzzled and handed the letter to his wife whose eyes opened in shock for a moment then was replaced with a severe expression.

"What does i-" Petunia started to speak before her mother shot her a look that quickly silenced her.

"Nothing." She snapped. "Merely a childish prank. Here's your letter dear," her voice softening as she turned to Lily "read it if you wish, but the rubbish bin is clearly where it belongs." She turned and left the room. Her father stood and walked out giving them both a faint smile and Petunia a pat on the shoulder. As soon as they both left Lily shut her door and the sisters sat down on the bed to read the letter.

"Mum! Dad! It's here! My letter! I've got it!" James tore down the stairwell, slipping on the rug at the bottom when he abruptly changed course. He caught himself on his hands while his feet seemed to keep running without the rest of him moving until they found purchase on the hardwood floor. He sprinted off to the garden where his parents were outside drinking tea.

"I've got my letter from Hogwarts! It's right here!" He jumped into one of the chairs and held the letter out to them, his father taking it and skimming it as his mother hugged him. His dad reached over and ruffled his hair, not that it messed it up.

"That's me boy!" His dad grinned widely to him. "I was wondering when it would come. Change of plans then, we're off to Diagon to get your supplies."

"Yes! Hey, can I get a present to while we're there?" James smiled at his mom who was wiping her eyes a bit.

"Certainly Jimmy dear. Now, go brush your hair and we'll leave."

"I like it like this mum."

"Oh, all right. Let's go then."

"Dad… is this one of those Hogwarts letters?" Peter Pettigrew handed his father an unopened letter written in green ink.

Obvious from it's arrival it was a wizarding letter, something never before addressed specifically to him. The only letters he had received before were from his mother's parents, both muggles like herself. His father looked a bit surprised for a second before turning it over and seeing the wax seal binding it shut and grinned.

"Yes son, it is! Open it!" He handed it back to him as Peter took it almost reverently, taking a butter knife from the drawer to loosen the seal without breaking it, then slowly unfolding the letter. With sweaty hands he took a breath and slid the parchment letter out, carefully flattening out the letter on the kitchen table. With a shaky inhalation he started to read it aloud.

"Dear Mr. Pettigrew"…

"Mum, dad, you've got an owl." Remus looked up from his bacon and let the owl in through the window above the sink. He expected it to head off to whichever of his parents it was looking for, but instead it landed on the edge of the counter holding its burden out expectantly toward him.

"Remus? Who's it from?" His mother came in with his father.

"I'm not sure. I guess it's for me though…" He took the letter and turned it over, eyes widening at the seal and face growing pale. Without hesitation he ripped it open and unfolded the letter. "I-it's from…" He paused and looked up at his parents, eyes confused but hopeful. "Hogwarts. They… they say I'm accepted to Hogwarts." He swallowed hard and squinched his eyes shut or a second. "But don't they know I'm…?"

His father had meanwhile taken the envelope from him and had pulled out another letter enclosed. "Yes. They do." He looked over the top of it at Remus who was between looking excited and crestfallen. "Dumbledore says he is accepting you, and that he needs to meet with us to make arrangements for the time of the full moon. And that the only way you aren't going is that if you choose not to."

His mother burst into tears and pulled him into a hug while his dad put his hand on his shoulder. "You are going to Hogwart's Remy."

Too happy to be embarrassed he started crying and hugged his father also.

"Hey Siri, you got an owl!" Regulus handed the letter to Sirius and looked at him expectantly.


"Well aren't you going to open it?" Sirius grinned and went back to throwing paper wads at Kreacher, one of the family's house elves.

"Maybe later…" He laughed when one went in the little house elf's large ear as it bent to pick up one that had previously bounced off its nose. Regulus scowled and kicked the young elf on its loincloth covered rear as it bent to pick up another sending it sprawling face first.

"Get out of here, you little filth!" He growled out at it as Sirius frowned.

"That probably wasn't necessary Reg. I can tell it is a Hogwart's letter anyway. Bell was here when hers arrived and it looked the same."

"Well, I want to see what it says! It is still two years till I get mine." He said impatiently, shrugging of the veiled disapproval about his treatment of the house elf.

"And you can wait until you get yours. If you want to read it so bad take it to mom. She might show it to you. I have no business with it." Sirius pushed himself off the couch and headed towards his room, grabbing a book from the shelf before running up the stairs.