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Jess Scefing

All right… Platform 9 ¾ is through the pillar between Nine and Ten… Lily pursed her lips and looked at her parents before walking forward to the pillar. Professor McGonnagal said I can't get on without my ticket, so it's in my back

pocket. She said it also might be easier for me psychologically to run at it… and

the way is clear now so here I go.

The people who had been between her and the pillar moved and she broke into a run shutting, her eyes the second before impact was sure to come and then –and then nothing.

She ran about a yard or so, carried by the momentum of her cart, stopping to blink in the sunlight in front of a scarlet train. She looked around. People everywhere were dressed in mismatched clothes. Well, not everyone, but these people were standing out by the way they were looking at everything wide-eyed. Just like I am. They must be muggle born also.

After gawking at the fact she had just walked though a wall onto a hidden platform (She wondered if it was invisible also; it would nearly have to be for people pulling into the station she was departing from not to notice an odd platform abandoned nearly all of the year.) she pushed the cart over to the train and picked up one side of the trunk to try and maneuver it onto the train.

"Here, let me help." A thin, nearly scrawny boy called out

and grabbed the other end of her trunk. His brown hair was very light in parts, nearly white if the sun shown off of them right and she had the impression that he looked like a friend. He lifted it up easily and helped her get it into the nearest compartment.

"There you go. I'm Remus Lupin by the way; this is my first year at Hogwarts."

He grinned, obviously ecstatic about going. Lily on the other hand was nearly so full of butterflies about going, about being away from her parents (She had cried the night Petunia left for school last year, now she wouldn't even have her mum and dad.) about magic, about all of it.

"Thank you. I'm Lily Evans, and it's my first year too. I'm muggle born." She hadn't got the best idea from McGonagall about how people would take that information but Remus didn't seem to mind. In fact, he seemed excited by it.

"Really? My parent's are magical, so tell me all about it all right? Er- if you'll sit with me of course." He smiled a bit sheepishly, probably about seeming imposing and she grinned back at him.

"Of course! I want you to tell me all about being from a wizarding family too. Is your trunk on the train yet?"

"Yeah," he nodded. "My dad got it on for me before him and my mum left. I was just saying good-bye to them which is why I was off the train." Lily nodded in understanding.

"My parents weren't sure if they would be able to come through, since they don't have tickets or anything. But I saw some parents who looked like they weren't magical here, so I guess I'll have to have my sister and parents come with me next year."

"They should be able to get on all right. But how could you tell who had muggle parents and who didn't?" Remus cocked his head to the side as he asked this, almost like a puppy will when faced with something new and Lily giggled.

"Because their clothes matched!" Remus examined his shirt and jeans as Lily giggled some more. "Your clothes look fine. But that bloke out there," she gestured to a balding man waving at some other window. "You can tell he is a wizard. A jumper and swim trunks just don't match. Now let's get your trunk." She started to move toward the door but Remus raised his hand casually and brought his wand out before stepping only halfway out the door.

"Locomoto trunk." He stepped backwards through the doorway and the trunk followed him obediently and slid under the seat. "As soon as you get on the train you can use spells."

"Then I'm going to try and learn some before we get to Hogwarts. Hey, do you know how they sort us?" she asked as an afterthought. She hadn't been sure about the sorting process and had reckoned it involved doing some spell. Remus shrugged.

"Not exactly. Somehow a hat is supposed to do it. I've no idea how." He grinned at her relief. "What, think they were going to make us perform magic before we even start classes?" He grinned even wider at her startled expression.

"Well I didn't know! Seems a good guess to me since this school is all about magic." She glared at him for a second, something he completely ignored as he pulled out what looked like a deck of cards with a luridly designed case.

"I had thought the same thing 'till my dad told me. Here, you said you would tell me about muggle life. While you are talking we can play Exploding Snap."

"…Exploding… Snap?" Lily raised her eyebrows questionably at him as he grinned again.

"Oh! It's great fun! Here's how you play…"

Four explosions and a lesson on record players later Lily was having her first taste of magical sweets with Drooble's Best Blowing Gum, which was sprouting gigantic bubbles all over the compartment that refused to pop even when jabbed with a quill knife. Bertie Botts Beans were sitting off to the side, sorted by varying degrees nastiness. (Remus could seemingly tell which ones were good by the slightest sniff.) A chocolate frog was happily resting on a cushion when Lily decided she couldn't eat anything that seemed so real. Remus innocently asked her if she liked frog legs (she had mentioned going to France one summer) and her response was shooting sparks at him from her wand.

This, in turn, led them to where they were at now: going through their spell books and trying out different spells on themselves and the things around them. As a spray of confetti shot out at Remus she decided that out of what she had tried so far, Charms seemed the easiest for her just as Mr. Ollivander had predicted. Which made her wonder if it was purely mental. Remus on the other hand was going through Transfiguration with ease and both of them seemed pretty good at curses and such.

"Hey, Lil, check this one out!" She looked over as Remus pushed his transfiguration book aside and grabbed the hopping piece of chocolate and tapped it thrice with his wand. Small white wings sprouted out of its back, and it gave a hop off his hand before rising in the air and out the window where it was whipped quickly out of sight. Remus was already looking back in the book, grumbling about how the wings shouldn't have been white chocolate but feathers but Lily was staring awestruck out the window.

A lake spread out before them, gold reflecting on the dark water from the windows of an enormous castle, rising from the steep rocky hillside that bridged from water to…school. That was where she was going to school. It was "Hogwarts." She whispered to herself.

"Wha-?" Remus said behind her, falling silent before he even got the word completely out. They both sat and watched as they approached the castle, not breaking their gaze away until the Express stopped. It was finally time for them to go inside.