A Blood Sucking Titan

By: Azuna

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Chapter Five

Mall Trips and Midnight Hours

5:00 am

Raven's eyes fluttered opened as she slowly returned herself to the world of the

conscious. All of a sudden her eyes widen in panic and her hand flashes up and meets her neck, feeling the area where she had been cut and supposedly bitten. Feeling no new puncture wounds other then the one already there Raven let out a slight sigh of relief as she got up and got ready for the day, dressing in her usual leotard and cloak. 'That is the last time I let the titan's talk me into heading into battle on my day off'


-Raven was sitting on the couch in the Titan's living room reading her current book: Blood Legacy. Cyborg and BeastBoy were playing video games and Starfire was making another pudding of sorts. Robin was presumed to be training or looking for information or clues on one of his many rivals. All of sudden the lights started to flash red and robin burst through the doors and ran to the main computer. After typing for a few minutes he said "Titans there's been a robbery in one of the museums down town. We don't know who the culprit is but we're going to find out! Titans! MOVE OUT!"

Starfire, Cyborg and Beast boy quickly dropped what they were doing and ran/ flew out the door, ready for battle. Robin was about to do the same when he had noticed that Raven had yet to even move an inch from when even the lights started to flash. " Raven lets go! The city needs us" Yelled Robin from his position on the steps. "No." said Raven simply " This is my day off and I'm sure that you guys can take care of yourselves" "That's not the point Raven! We don't know who this person is! He could be a SLADE for all we know!" said Robin while waving his hands around like a 5-year-olds for emphasis. "Urg! FINE! But I expect to have a FULL day off same day NEXT week!" Raven yelled and slammed her book closed. She then got o and walked to her room to change into her battle gear. After that both she and Robin left the tower and headed toward the museum.

End Flashback

'I gave up too quickly' thought Raven as she remembered her dream and decided to go meditate. Raven used her powers to get herself onto the roof and saw that it was still dark. 'Good. Meditation during a sunrise or sunset always helps me more so then usual.' Getting into her usual position sitting down Raven closed her eyes and started her well known chant

"Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos"

Raven repeated these words over and over agin in her usual mono-toned voice. Soon, about 45 minutes had already passed by and Raven had yet to bring her mind at the state of ease needed to meditate. Every time she closed her eyes her dream flashed through her mind and soon she found herself mentally staring into the red eyes of Alexander.

'URG! This is pointless! I am getting more flustered and aggravated by trying to meditate then actually resolving it. Perhaps reading a book will help.' And with that Raven stood from her place on top of the tower, staying to watch the last few moments of the sunrise then heading inside.

Reaching her room and getting in using her powers Raven made her way to her large bookcase and picked up a novel by Anne Rice. The life of the vampire Lestat filled her head as she read her novel. She had almost forgotten about the dream and Alexander all together when a scene came up that had to involve Lestat was being turned into a vampire and his blood was sucked from him as he became the victim of the game he was going to play among millions of others.

Raven grasped her neck as she read the passage. The feelings described in the story were close to that of what she felt in her dream, ad the after effect was also similar to that of which she had underwent after the battle with Red X. 'But that was just a dream. And how did I come to experience these things after the battle with Red X? He is nothing but a clever thief. Isn't he? Sure I had noticed that he had tried to conceal his life energy rather well. I had always suspected that, that was because of his sly ways. Could it be something else though? How could Red X be connected with these events that had started to take place around me?' Raven let out a long sigh as she re-focused her thoughts. 'Thinking thoughts like this will do me no good. The others should be up by now maybe some food and watch Cyborg and Beastboy fight over breakfast will clear my mind better then this book did.' And with that Raven left her room to go to the den of Titan's Tower.

7:30 am

When Raven had entered the room she was immediately encountered with the yelling and crashing that had become the familiar noise to accompany the den. Raven ignored the food flying around as she went to make herself some tea. After pouring the steaming liquid into her special blend Raven took her cup and sat next to Starfire at the table. Robin sat across from us reading the paper looking for clues as to where Red X has gone to or weather or not anything has appeared about other criminals.

Raven sipped her tea quietly, letting it's calming effects take over her mind and wash away the effects of the dream and soon te dream itself seemed to be so far from her. After finishing her tea Raven was about ready to leave when Starfire spoke to her. "Friend Raven, I would like it very much if you will accompany to the mall of shopping. Where we could go to the topic of hot and perhaps also the too of limited(am I the only one who pictures Starfire going into limited too(shudders from the mere sound of the dreadfully sweet and pink store) I think I might gag here...either that or die from the peppiness.) And mabe afterwards we can go get some lunch" Starefire looked up at Raven with her innocent eyes.

Raven inwardly and outwardly sighed. Looking at Starfire Raven just hoped to whoever god that was listening that Starfire didn't want to restyle her hair or lighten her mood with lighter colors or anything else that would want to maker her kill Starfire in some sort of way, shape, or form.

Nodding her head glumly "let me just get my wallet" Raven said in her usual mono-toned voice. She then swiftly walked through the doors on her way to her room before Starfire got the chance to give her a joyous hug of sorts.

Other side of Town

Red X, now known as Alexander was found lying down on his bed shirtless with his eyes closed. The sun to beat down on his skin, few hundred years ago this would have been impossible and he would have died from mere contact with the radiation of the large star above him.

'So... they're going to the mall. Perfect.' thought Alexander as he got out of bed and looked around the room with his crimson eyes. He headed toward the shower, intent on washing away the dirt from the day before. He got out of the shower wearing just a towel tied loosely around his waist, his hands taking another towel and drying his hair with it. Turning on the tv to MTV and silently thanked who ever was listening that it was playing a rock video instead of something like rap or pop. (A/N: Sorry to all that are fans but that stuff is like the Satan to my God (I'm atheist so don't try looking under every religion to see what the hell I'm talking about. I already vowed that the only religion I would ever go under is either wicca or Sanzo-ism ( a religion based completely on the show Saiyuki with everyone's favorite corrupted priest leading us all into hell lol)))

Getting out his cloths Alexander half-heartedly listened to the pounding music as he prepared himself for the day ahead. Looking into a near-by mirror Alexander stared with a bored-like expression on his face as he looked on at the ensemble he had chosen for the day.

As the mirror reflected his image Alexander studied the picture shown to him to see if it met his liking. He was wearing black trench coat with a crimson trim, a tight but loose black t-shirt, black jeans with fake (or real) bullets secured onto it (A/N like the one in HotTopic that was sooooooo awesome ' yeah ...I'm weird I know...) Along with combat boots and dark sunglasses to top it off. Grabbing a pair of cigarettes and his wallet and headed out the door. Already planning an 'unexpected' meeting for the lone girl in Titan's Tower.

Titan's Tower

Entering her room Raven went straight to her bed-side dresser and picked up her wallet and while pausing to think of where to put it a flicker caught her eye. Turning her line on vision to the bed raven spotted a deep red, almost black stone laying neatly by her pillows.

Raven reached for the stone and as she touched it a wave of tranquillity washed over her and before she knew what she was doing she lifted the stone to her lips ad lightly bit into it. The stone seemed to melt in her mouth as a smooth liquid replaced the hard exterior where she had bitten into. Instantly, as the liquid touched her lips the unheaded craving she had been experiencing as of late vanished as if it was never there in the first place. A surge on energy and power over-came her senses as she drank.

And she would have continued to drink had not a knock sounded from the door. Raven jerked her head asked what is it in a semi harsh/worn out tone of voice. "Friend Raven, I came to ask if you are all right and if you still wish to accompany me to the mall of shopping" Starfire asked in a sincere, almost sad voice. I couldn't have been here too long why is she worried? Raven thought as she cast a glance over at her bed-side clock. Sure enough 35 minutes hd already passed since she had entered the room. The hell? How did I end up here for about half an hour? I only came here for my wallet and... Raven's thoughts trailed off as she gazed down at the stone and watched as it slowly refilled it's inner waters and the hard exterior. Raven was once again driven from her thought by Starfire's voice through her door. "Friend Raven...?"

Snapping back to reality Raven replaced the stone by her pillows and quickly clipped the wallet onto to down ward part on her belt Raven bristly walked to her door temporally frightening StarFire. " Sorry" Raven began, " I was...distracted. Lets go" as she said this Starfire shrieked with joy and almost tore Raven's arm off as she flew the two of them out the door of Titan's Tower.

8:20 am


The two girls landed at the entrance on of the mall. Raven managing to get free of the alien girl's tight grasp a little after they left. As they entered Starfire let out a girlish giggle as she look at all things she could buy.

Raven mainly kept quiet though most of the trip so far making comments only when necessary. Raven had refused to go into Limited Too so she and Starfire had gone separate ways for a while as Raven went to the food court and went straight to a café there. Ordering a cup of Tea Raven sat down at a small two-seat table all the way in the back.

Before even taking a whiff of the steaming liquid Raven cringed inwardly as a male's voice flowed to her. " Hello Raven, nice to see you here" Raven didn't even bother looking up, she already knew who it was. "Go. Away. Alexander" Raven stated in an icy tone. "Awww, don't be that way babe" Alexander said as he pulled out a seat opposite of her and lit up. After a few still moment Alexander broke the silence. "So, what are you doing here" Raven, still not looking at him, responded. "The same as you most likely, shopping." After she had said that Alexander gave a low chuckle. "What's so funny?" " You don't strike me as someone who goes to the mall on weekends for fun" "I'm here with a friend" "oh, so should I assume that she or he is the shop-a-holic?" "yeah".

Continuing on drinking her tea Raven Failed to notice as Alexander snook a peak into her mind.

Raven's Mind

Walking calmly down the stone path Alexander took in his surroundings. As usual the place was vast and dark. It was well organized mind.

Walking down the stone made path Alexander made sure to not run into any of her emotions, after all what ever they know she knows and he didn't want her to know he was making unknown trips into her mind.

The place looked a lot redder then it did in previous visits no doubt thanks to that stone. Also, the surroundings seem to be a bit more gothic then the last time he visited an a small red stream was to the left of him. Hmm the thirst for blood has begun. That thing practically ruled our life. If it dries up we die and if it overflows the hunger takes over and we lose our sanity, or, whatever's left of it.

Deciding that the change was definitely underway Alexander slowly left Raven's mind and re-awakened himself to the real word in front of him.

Real World: Raven's POV

For a moment the man in front of me seemed to lose himself in thought as his head tilted downward slightlyand his eyes became half lidded. I didn't mind though. Every time he looked at me a shiver runs up my spin as I inwardly fight to forget the dream I had just last night. I have to keep my emotions in check.

I feel a slight prob in the back of my mind but shook it off. My paranoia has been getting the better of me lately. I can't show any weakness in front of him. Finishing off my tea, my mind not a bit clearer then when I began to dink, I set the cup aside and got up to leave.

I wasn't even able to make a single step before his hand reached out and grabbed my arm in a firm yet gentle grip. " You weren't planning on leaving all by my lonesome while I daydreamed did you?" he asked this in a sort of husky, yet amused tone of voice, as if mocking me in some way. " Seemed like a good idea" I responded, the slightest bit of emotion escaping through my voice. I only pray that he didn't catch onto it.

He chuckled for a moment before standing up also and whispered into my ear. "I know you have the stone, I can practically smell it's aroma coming off you. Meet me in the forest were we first met tonight at midnight. I know you have questions about the stone but remember: for every question that you ask, you will owe me something in return. And don't think of trying to find all the answers you seek in those books of yours. You won't find any, all the answers were to never be written down for just ANYONE to read. Remember life's an eternal balance, you have to learn to give something up to be able to get something you want."

With that he let go of my arm and when I turned around to argue with him all I came in face with was some dispersing smoke in the area where he once was.


Slightly chocked about what just happened raven decided to leave the matter for another time and place. She exited the café and decided to actually shop, in hopes that mabe THAT would take her mind off current events.

11:50 pm

Raven sat alone in her room, contemplating weather or not to meet Alexander at the lake in the woods. After about an hour of shopping, and nowhere near closer to a clearer mind, she had re-met with Starfire and they went home shortly afterwards. After arriving home Raven immediately left to go to her room and do a quick scan of all her books to see if Alexander was right about the secrets being hidden. He was. So now she is faced with the dilemma of meeting or not meeting him in th woods.

If she met him and asked him questions, then that meant she owed him in some sort of way, shape, or form. Raven wasn't too big on the idea of owing someone. But then again if new... 'changes' get out of control then she could end up killing someone on accident. Damn, it was a hard decision. Pride, or life? What to do, what to do.

By now several minutes had gone by any it was now one minutes till midnight Raven decided to swallow her pride and teleported herself to the said location.

12:00 am

Raven re-appeared in front of the lake starting her search for the elusive vampire named

Alexander. She had walked no more then ten yards when she suddenly felt a pair of arms surround her waist and a head nuzzle into the crook of her neck.

She was about to call Upon her powers when his voice rang out to her. " I'm glad you made it, and not a minute late, I'm impressed" he purred and continued nuzzling her neck, hearing her heart beat and the blood pulsing through her veins. " I'm not here to please or impress you. I'm here to get answers. Now. Let. Go." Raven stated then vanished only to re-appear a few yards away.

"Raven, Raven, Raven your should know by know that you don't have to do anything to please me, especially in that outfit your wearing." "PERVERT!" screamed Raven as she uplifted a nearby boulder and through it straight at him. Alexander jumped up into the air dodging it and landing a short distance behind her.

Raven spun around quickly only to be put into shock as his arms wrapped themselves around her small frame and his lips deafly descended upon her own. And for some strange reason Raven couldn't pull away. Their lips got into a battle of superiority. Raven wrapped her arms around his neck and he tightened his hold on his waist.

Soon though, reason itself came back to Raven as she shoved him away from her, humiliated that she let him get to her in such a way as this.

Raven POV

My breaths come in short and I can feel the heat in my cheeks as I silently curse myself

for letting him do what he did to begin with. I despise that smirk that he wears as he to strugglers with breath from what we had just previously experienced.

I came here to get answers but only got more questions as thoughts buzz through my mind. I now yearn to continue the kiss and let him do all he wants to me but as quickly as that thought came, it passed as I came into grips of who I am.

I am Raven. I am a member of the Teen Titans. I am the daughter of Trigon. I am half human, half vampire, and I now realize just how must the vampire in me is taking over.


Alexander POV

I continued to smirk at the obvious effect that I had on her, only wishing that I had kept a tighter grip on her so that we would be continuing what had been done. Getting a hold of myself first I straightened his posture and regulated hmy breathing pattern. After calming himself down I looked to see how she had faired.

Her face was still tinted slightly with color and her breath came almost unnoticeable faster. But other then that she was fine again. That icy expression back on her face and her cloak once again left her body out of view. Her eyes, emotionless.

"Anyway" she began, her voice ringing out in the emptiness that surrounds us. "As I was saying, I'm here simply to ask questions and to get answers and to pay off the dept as quickly as possible. Once that is done, I will go home and you will leave me alone" her voice was harsh and hurt me somewhat.

Oh well, by the end of the night she will be singing a very different tune.


"Okay, first question, what exactly is happening to me?" Raven asked in a determined voice. I can't show him any weakness she thought as she stared determined at him.

"Well, that's easy and you probable know the answer as well. The demon half on you is taking over. What had happened on your birthday should be proof enough. The human side of you is to weak to stand up to the big bad demon side of you. And so that side is dispersing while the other side of you is growing.

What you probable don't know is that your father knows this, thus the vision he had sent you. He wants you to be weak and ready to give up easily by making you believe you are nothing but a tool. He wants the power that you alone hold. He wants that vision to become a reality. And he knows he can't do so without you thinking that there is no other way around it."

Raven stood there for a moment, soaking all the information in. Truth be told, she didn't think he'd be this brutally honest. "Okay, next question: You said you knew about the stone, tell me how you knew I had it and what you know about it."

"I knew you had it because you had a part of it's aura surround you. That stone has a unique aura that whenever someone feeds on it that person will have bits and pieces of it's aura mingle with that of the person's. It was easy to find out you had it by sensing it's presence within you and your aura.

And as for what I know about the stone. I know the stone is almost as old as time itself. I know that the stone's blood is supposedly sweeter then that of a humans, which is why vampires are usually after it. I know it never runs out of this blood . I know it could also help you resist your father further when the time comes."

"Next question. Why can you walk in daylight? Have you somehow eliminated that weakness, have you done it to all weaknesses?"

"I can walk around in the sun because of this" Alexander stated pulling up his arm to show her the black markings. "They cover my entire body from the neck down. You have these markings as well, that is why you feel no different in the sun. And as for the other weaknesses I suppose that besides eating garlic I am immune to them all. But I only fear eating garlic. The markings can't protect up from what goes inside us. And yes vampires can eat human food, well our races anyway."

"Okay, last question: why are you here"

Alexander stood still for a moment, trying to see what she was getting at. In the end he decided to tell her the truth like he did everything else. "I came here with the ultimate goal of putting a wrench in your father's plans. He had wronged me a long time ago. So now I have found the key to the vengeance I seek, what he has done I cannot tell you at the moment. But know this, I plan on making sure you will be able to resist him and everything he throws at you in attempts to get you on his side. That is why I am here."

Raven stared at him for a moment, trying to tell if he was lying. From what she could gather, he was telling her the truth. "What do you want me to do in return for this information" Raven asked next knowing that she probable owed him a great deal. She just hoped it wouldn't be to terrible a thing he would make her do.

"That, my dear Raven, is simple. I want to drink your blood and for you to drink mine. This will complete the bridge between our minds and we can reach each other over any distance if we so wished." Alexander said calmly staring straight into her eyes. " 'Complete'? Since when was it started?" Alexander chuckled slightly. He should of known she would have asked him that question. Quickly thinking something up Alexander responded smoothly. "I thought you knew! We both have vampire blood running in us. Therefore we are able to since each other's presence a lot easier because there is always a sort of rift between the minds of vampires." he paused "oh and don't worry we can only hear the thoughts projected to each other, other then that we don't hear a thing."

Raven stood still, staring into his eyes, looking for some hidden meaning. She found none. Deciding that it would do her a great deal of help if she complied she stepped toward him, ready to get the ceremony started. Grabbing her hand he made them both vanish to the top of the boulder in the center of the lake, that is were the ceremony began.


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