Note 1: This is PG 13 on the safe side

Title: Tablua Rasa's Children

Summary: What if Willow's spell in Tablua Rasa had done more then a forgetting spell, Dawn is the only one unaffected and she must turn seven particular six year olds back into their old selves before hell literally breaks, And Dawn is hit by something but what?

"Tablua Rasa, Tablua Rasa" Willow said as she threw a small flower like thing into the fire place. Willow smiled, the spell that would help Buffy and Tara forget would take place soon. Willow walked out and went to the magic box.

"Thanks for the jacket, it was really cold out their" Willow replied as Xander and herself walked into the Magic Box where the others were.

The group got into a discussion about Giles leaving and Willow waited patiently for Buffy and Tara to forget.

"I just," Buffy was going to say but she stopped instead she fell to the floor. Willow and Xander were next and fell together, Spike rested on the counter while Giles and Anya slept in chairs, together. Dawn was leaning near a shelf and had fallen asleep. Tara put her head against the table and fell into a deep slumber.

When Dawn had come to, everyone else was still sleeping, the young girl stood up, but something felt weird, she touched her body to see that it wasn't hers. Her breasts were larger and she was thinner. Her hair was now a brown color with streaks of gold. Shocked Dawn went to a nearby mirror and looked through it to see a 30 something year old woman.

"Holy.. what happened?" Dawn asked herself she looked around and stared in dismay.

She looked over to Tara who had her thumb in her mouth, she was still sleeping and Dawn thought it was cute, Willow was also doing the same thing while Spike was tossing about. The four others were sleeping quietly.

"Buffy?" Dawn called over to her sister, she was surprised at the voice that sounded so grown.

"I don't wanna get up mommy" Buffy said.

"Buffy?, you have to get up something weird is going on" Dawn said going over to her and shaking her.

Buffy woke up and her eyes widen when she looked at Dawn.

"Now Buffy, its okay its just me Dawn, we all fell asleep for some reason and I woke up like this" Dawn replied calmly.

"Mommy!" Buffy called crawling away from Dawn into a corner and wrapped her arms around her knees.

"Buffy, its me" Dawn said with a confused face, a whimper came from the table, Dawn looked up and saw Tara huddled in her chair.

"Tara? What wrong" Dawn asked.

"I-I-I" Tara stuttered. Dawn was confused she thought Tara had gotten over that ages ago.

"M-M-M-Mu-ummy" Tara cried as she didn't know where she was and strangers were sleeping near her.

"Tara?, why are you crying?" Dawn asked.

'Willow, Giles wake up!" Dawn said loudly, hoping the two who could knock some sense in the two blondes would wake up. Instead Anya got woken up.

"What is it, Sex?" Anya asked.

"Yes Anya, everything has to do with sex" Dawn said, Anya looked at her and cowered in her seat.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"Its me Dawn, somehow I am an older version of me" Dawn replied.

"I don't know a Dawn, what is this place, its weird" Anya replied noticing the place.

"In Sunnydale" Dawn said but Anya had a blank expression, Tara was still crying which had awakening the two sleeping on the floor.

"AHHH!" Willow screamed as she noticed herself next to a guy, also waking the last two up.

"What!" Xander said getting up.

"God, Father where are you?" Giles asked getting up from his seat and bumping Anya.

"I am scared" Willow said, Tara tears had slowed down by this rate but she still looked hell scared.

"Where am I, I was supposed to be reading for the Watcher academy" Giles said.

"Demons" Spike said from the counter, Dawn looked at him.

"What, where did you bring me" Spike growled.

"Wait, everyone, how old are you?" Dawn asked

"Six!" they all said.

"Sick?" Dawn asked

"No, Six years old" Giles replied for all of them.

"Wait, you are six years old stuck in an adult body and I am 30 years old, how?" Dawn asked but none of them, being so young did not have an answer.

'I have to escape" Spike said, he dashed for the door,

"Spike! No!' Dawn said trying to grab him but Spike got out.

"Great, I got a runaway vampires and seven people who think they are six" Dawn muttered.

Tara walked over to Dawn.

"Ca-n-n you t-t-a-ke me h-ome" Tara said stuttering on the words.

"You are home Tara, you with me, and Willow, and Buffy and god I need adults" Dawn said, Tara looked at her blankly.

'I know what to do!" Dawn said getting a thought in her head, she walked to the phone and picked up as Spike ran through the door smashing into Tara. The two fell down and started to cry, Spike was crying and saying Big Shiny Demons.

"Hello?" Dawn asked on the phone over the crying, Willow and Buffy started to cry also, and none of them knew yet they were in grown up bodies not children bodies.

"Angel, its me Dawn, I have a problem" Dawn said.

"What?, and why is your voice different" Angel asked

"See that the point" Dawn said.

"Uh-hu, and the crying?" Angel asked.

"Well that would be Tara, Buffy, Willow and Spike, all of them including Anya, Giles and Xander think they are six years old" Dawn replied.

"Six, hmm that pretty hard" Angel said.

"Oh yeah and now I am a thirty- year old girl with seven kids that are still in their adults bodies" Dawn replied.

"Well, I get Wesley over there to help you okay?" Angel said, Dawn agreed and they said their goodbyes.

"Okay, now to deal with the children" Dawn said, she helped the two who fell and got them to a seat. Tara was still scared of her and Spike was becoming protective.

"Leave Tara Bell alone" Spike growled at her. Dawn backed off, thought Spike was now six, and he could still have older Spike vampire powers since he in the body.

"If they are here, then where are the older selves?" Dawn wondered.

By this time everyone had stopped crying but they were getting hungry and their wasn't food in the Magic shop.

"Me want food, Me want it now!" Anya said slamming her palms on the table scaring Tara, Spike put his arms around her.

Willow and Buffy decided to join and slammed their palms on the table.

Giles and Xander stood by, Xander was snickering and poking his nose around at the potions, Dawn had to several times stop him from drinking something dangerous, Giles just had his nose in a book, of course Dawn made sure it didn't have any spells or anything.

"Wesley, hurry up" Dawn muttered as she waited for the Angel friend to come, she knew it would be a couple of hours, 2 at least but she wasn't sure how longer she would handle this.

"Come on guys, hey you want to play a game" she asked but none of them replied, Spike and Tara moved over to the counter away from Buffy, Willow and Anya.

Dawn gave up and moved on to the two blondes.

"Spike, do you remember me at all, remember anything?" Dawn asked.

'I know what a condom is" Spike replied which made Dawn laugh.

"Tara, what my name?" Dawn asked Tara, the girl was huddled behind Spike and had a finger in her mouth and a scared but curious look which Dawn thought was totally cute.

"I-I-I- D-Don't" Tara started to say but stopped.

"Its okay, I figure it out" Dawn replied. But she didn't know how, with a watcher, a vampire, two witches, a slayer, a demon and a carpenter that were all adults but they couldn't help now because they had the brains of six year olds.

"I want candy!" Anya cried, Willow and Buffy also agreed.

"Look I am big!" Xander replied looking into a mirror.

"I am a big boy!" Xander cheered.

'Yes you are" Dawn said

"We all are!" Willow agreed, a big grin appeared on her face, that when it hit Dawn.

Willow and Tara were fighting the night before and Willow had thought Buffy's pain was her fault. And today Willow said it was going to be okay, but how? Unless if this was Willow's doing. She also remembers Willow stay behind for some reason, supposedly not ready.

"Willow used magic on us, but why?" Dawn asked, Spike and Tara looked at Dawn questioning.

'I like you" Spike told Tara, she blushed as Spike gave her a small kiss on the cheek.

"Tara, and Buffy she must of used a spell on them which went wrong and affected them, but doesn't explain why I am an adult" Dawn said loudly.

"Dawn Summers?" A man said from the door, Dawn turned to see him.

"Wesley!" Dawn said excited and going to the older man.

"Hey Dawnie, I come to help you, thought I am not sure what to do" Wesley said looking around.

"You brought food, Good Aleast now Anya, Willow and Buffy can stop complaining about food" Dawn said noticing a bag in his hand.

"Yes, I figure you might need it" Wesley replied. The two got the children settled and started to research. The children in the adult's bodies fell asleep very quickly after Wesley gave them some food. Willow, Buffy and Anya refused to sleep near the boys and slept near the counter, Giles and Xander were the same and slept on the other side of the table Wesley and Dawn was sitting at. Tara and Spike were the only two that actually didn't care what they were and slept together on the floor near the low steps.

Dawn shook her head when she looked at the two, she never knew Spike could be that sweet.

"Dawnie?, can you think of anything that might of caused this?" Wesley asked.

"Um, actually yeah, I think Willow could be behind this" Dawn said gesturing towards the cute sleeping Willow. Her red hair falling down her face.

"Willow? Why would she want them to be children? Including herself?" Wesley said.

"Wes, I let you on some things, you know Buffy was dead and she was brought back, but um Buffy was in Heaven and we didn't know until a few days ago and Willow had put a mind spell on Tara to make her forget this fight they had" Dawn explained.

"Oh?, and Willow wanted Buffy to forget she was ever in Heaven?, I think I am understand… Willow's gay?" Wesley asked all sudden.

"You didn't know? Well yeah she is and Tara is her girlfriend" Dawn replied.

"Okay, her spell must of gone wrong somehow when she made them forget, but.. urm what about you/" Wesley said looking at her breasts. Dawn noticed him looking and grabbed them "Hey!, eyes off" Dawn said.

"Right, Fred's the one I want, not you" Wesley said getting out of his trance.

"The thing is, Wesley I think something big is coming, I can sense it and without these guys, we are possible, well doomed" Dawn replied.

"I know what you say saying, when I came into Sunnydale I felt some dark energies and it defiantly wasn't the Hellmouth, whatever it is, its new" Wesley said.

"Help!, Mommy Help!" Tara started to cry. Dawn and Wesley immediately got up and woke up the poor girl, Tara sobbed in Dawn's chest while Wesley made sure Spike was okay when Tara was tossing.

"Shh, Its okay Tara bear, it was just a dream" Dawn whispered quietly to her.

"The monster tried to eat me" Tara cried.

"Its okay, the monster is gone" Dawn said to her. Spike reached over to Tara and hugged her too.

"I am scared Aunty?" Tara stopped when she didn't know Dawn's name.

'Dawn, and this is Wesley" Dawn said pointing to the older man.

"Heh, Aunty Dawn and Uncle Wesley" Tara said.

"Yes, you can call me Uncle Wesley" Wesley replied smiling.

"What about me!" Spike asked.

"You can be.. Spikey" Dawn said.

"Yay!" Spike cheered, the others were still asleep than god but Tara couldn't go back to sleep and Spike didn't want to go to sleep without Tara.

"Wow, I never known Spike to be this sweet" Dawn said, "Even when he protected me during the summer when Buffy was dead.

Wesley looked at the older Dawn, he strokes her hair, he knew Dawn went through a lot and now more then ever she needed an adult figure.

"You been through a lot haven't you?" Wesley asked, Dawn nodded her head.

"I can't say that it's any easier down back at Angel Inc either" Wesley replied.

"Its hard, everyone keeps on leaving, and they don't come back" Dawn said quietly.

"Miss Summers?" Wesley guessed.

"Yeah, ever since mum died, its like everyone else wants to follow, Riley, Mum, Buffy, Even thought I was only alive for a year, Angel, Cordelia" Dawn said.

"I wish I could say it gets better but it doesn't" Wesley replied.

"I just hope we get everyone back, I can't handle without them, Buffy and Anya may be a pain, Giles may be a pain, But Willow, Xander and Tara make them all alright" Dawn replied.

"I remember when I first came I found Buffy a bit too, well I don't know words to explain it but Giles, well I found him to be really bossy, but protective because they were like his children" Wesley replied.

"Well we better get researching again" Wesley replied.

"Yeah" Dawn replied, she handed the full grown but yet child Tara to Spike and got up with Wesley.

"Dawn, you know you will be okay, you just need encouragement" Wesley replied lifting her chin and looking into her eyes.

"Yeah, I know thanks Wes" Dawn replied.

The two went back to the table and sat down just as an Earthquake hit the Magic Box.

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