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Title: Tablua Rasa's Children

Summary: What if Willow's spell in Tablua Rasa had done more then a forgetting spell, Dawn is the only one unaffected and she must turn seven particular six year olds back into their old selves before hell literally breaks, And Dawn is hit by something but what?

Wesley grabbed hold of Dawn as the Earth shattered only for a few moments.

"Dawn, you okay?" Wesley asked as the room stopped shaking, only a few things had broken, the young Scooby gang had awoken from the Earthquake and were crying.

"Yeah I think I am, what about the others?" Dawn asked. Wesley looked around, Xander and Giles looked fine, a small totem broke near Giles's head but other then that the boys were fine. Willow had backed into a corner scared, Anya and Buffy were just crying but they were okay.

"Uh, Wesley where are Tara and Spike?" Dawn asked noticing the two blondes were longer there.

"Oh god, Spike can't ran outside, he could burn!" Dawn said starting to panic. Wesley took one more look around the room but there were no piles of anything that could have Tara and Spike trapped, well their were the books but other then that, it seem okay.

"Spike could be ashes, and Tara, she only six, she could be scared out of her wits" Dawn started to cry.

'Dawn listen to me!" Wesley said grabbing the full grown Dawn.

"If what I think is correct, if Spike went outside he shouldn't perish.. He was not vampire when he was young" Wesley replied.

"How?" Dawn asked.

"I don't know… I don't even know if it was true.. he a six year old stuck in his older version body that a vampire, obviously something changed and all of the older versions are somewhere out there" Wesley replied.

"Uncle Wesley?, Aunty Dawn?" two scared but familiar called from the training room.

"Tara!, Spike!" Wesley and Dawn said at the same time making a dash for the training room, basement of the Magic shop.

"The door, its jammed" Dawn said as they tried to open the door.

Wesley franticly tried to kick the door down but it was stuck.

Dawn started to throw her body at the door.

"Buffy!" Dawn said getting an idea.

"Wesley, you said Spike could still be a vampire right, because he not in his young body, well the younger Buffy should have the older Buffy's Slayers powers" Dawn suggested.

"It's the best chance" Wesley replied looking over at the curious children, one of then being Buffy.

"Buffy, come here for a second, please" Wesley asked. The blonde six-year-old slayer walked to them slowly.

"Yes Uncle Wesley?" Buffy asked, it was the first time one of the other five had called them Uncle and Aunty.

"Listen Buffy, Spike and Tara are trapped down the basement and are stuck, we need you to break the door" Wesley asked.

"But how?, I am six" Buffy reminded them

"Buffy, hard as this sounds, you are a slayer, someone who has very special powers that can kick this door down without a hassle" Dawn replied.

'Really? I am strong?" Buffy asked, her face brighten up, Dawn and Wesley nodded their heads.

"Then lemme at it!" Buffy said. Dawn and Wesley moved out of the way.

"Help!, there a strange man in here!" Tara screamed.

"Oh god, Buffy hurry!" Dawn said. Buffy charged at the door with body force but got knocked on the ground.

"Great I have a sister who doesn't know how to break doors" Dawn said sighing.

"Stay back Dawn" Wesley replied getting ready to bust it open. Dawn quickly got a crying Buffy who scraped her knee out of the way.

Wesley ran at the door and at the last minute turned around and with full force blasted the door wide opened with his leg.

'Now that wasn't hard was it?, you guys stay here" Wesley ordered.

"Wes, when you go down there should be an axe near the door to kill the vampire with" Dawn replied. Wesley nodded his head and went down.

The vampire was leaning over a cowered Tara and a knocked out Spike. Wesley looked on the right wall and saw an small axe, he grabbed it and lifted above his head.

'Hey fang boy!" Wesley shouted, the vampire looked over at him just as Spike was awaking up. Instead of crying he put his arms around Tara and hissed at the vampire.

'Willow no!" Wesley could hear Dawn cry, Willow came down

"Tara!" Willow yelled.

'Stay back Red!" Wesley said as he threw the axe at the distracted vampire.

"Ah!" the vampire cried as he turned into dust.

Spike got Tara up and went to Wesley.

"Its okay guys, the bad man is gone" Wesley said.

"I like Tara too" Willow grumbled.

Wesley looked over at her "Looks like powers aren't the only thing stuck in your bodies" Wesley sighed. Wesley guided the three young ones upstairs where Dawn got the others settled by reading non-spells books. Tara and Spike went to sit in a corner of the floor, which wasn't damaged by the earthquake. Willow followed them and gazed at Tara.

Wesley went over to Dawn who was by the counter.

"You okay?" Wesley asked.

"Yeah I am okay, its.. just I need Buffy back, and Tara, and Willow, Wesley what does this mean?, the Earthquake?, the vampire, Buffy told me about the last two Earthquake lead to the near end of world" Dawn replied.

"You are really scared aren't you?" Wesley asked.

"I am only 16, I shouldn't have to look after six year olds and look like a 30 year old soccer mum" Dawn said.

"I am here, and we will figure out what went wrong, but I think we should look for the older Willow so we can see if she behind this" Wesley replied kissing her on the top of her head.

"So, where do we look?" Dawn asked.

"I don't know, I will call Angel and get him and the rest of the gang to research as well. Wesley went for the phone and dialed Angel's phone.

Dawn walked over to the group, she smiled it was really weird seeing, Giles, Anya, Xander, Buffy, Willow, Spike and Tara all acting like six year olds. Thought Spike was acting like a 10 year old lovelorn kid.

"Okay thanks, bye" Wesley said finishing his conversation with Angel.

"They are going to start researching now, we just have to make sure these guys will be alright" Wesley replied.

"The house!, one of us need to go back to Buffy's house, whatever it is it gotta be there" Dawn said.

"Right, I will go" Wesley replied, he headed down the basement, Dawn was confused.

"But I don't know if I be safe here" Dawn replied. Wesley appeared again with a sword, axe, knife, stake and a crossbow. He put them on the glass counter.

"You will, just make sure the young ones don't touch the weapons" Wesley replied, he put a stake of his own in his jacket. He went over Dawn and kissed her again on her head.

"I try not to be long" Wesley replied, he went outside.

"Where Uncle Wesley going?" Tara asked.

"Out to do something, he will be back" dawn replied, as she said this Wesley returned.

"Um, where's the house?" Wesley asked.

Wesley arrived at the Summer's home in fifteen minutes after Dawn had told him where to go.

Wesley had no problem getting in as Dawn has her own key.

"Hello?" Wesley called making sure no one was home, he walked into the living room when a smell attracted his attention. Wesley looked for it and saw some charred pieces near the fireplace. Wesley walked over to it and saw the charred was some sort of flower.

"Willow" Wesley said. Obviously the young Wicca was the reason for it. Wesley went into the kitchen to look for a small plastic bag, he found one and put the charred flowers into it and went back to the Magic shop.

"Magic potions, Spells for the undead, a spell to, I don't even want to know, A forgetting spell? I think we have just found our clue" Dawn said sitting next to Spike and Tara. Dawn looked at Willow who looked back with innocent eyes.

"I think we are about crack your spell" She said to the red head but she didn't know what Dawn was talking about of course.

"The spell consist of a flower that makes them forget?, but it is know to have another use which is unknown" Dawn read.

"Typical" Dawn said.

"Dawn/" Wesley called coming in, Dawn stood up

'Wes, I found something" Dawn said going to him.

"So did I, recognize this?" Wesley asked showing her the flowers.

"Yeah, the book said it used for a forgetting spell and another spell which is unknown, Hey, there is eight flowers there?" Dawn said noticing how many burned ones they are.

"True, Lets see, Anya, Giles, Spike, Xander, Tara, Willow and Buffy?, that seven" Wesley replied.

"Um Wes, the eighth one is only partly burned" Dawn replied. Wesley reached in and took it our, only a bit of it was burned, obviously it was for Dawn.

"I thought it was only meant to be Tara and Buffy?, and why would Willow make her forget or a child or whatever" Dawn asked.

"She didn't, these were out of the fireplace, these two were meant for them" Wesley replied taking two flowers which was burned very badly.

"Uncle Wesley!, look I found a treasure in my pocket!" Willow said trying them a black crystal with a green glowing light in the middle.

"It was Willow, and it was for Tara and Buffy" Dawn declared.

"I understand the situation for Buffy, being in Heaven must be hard when you are pulled out, but I don't think I understand why she put a hex on Tara?" Wesley asked.

"I think Willow was afraid she would lose her, because Tara wanted some alone time, but Willow promised Tara she wouldn't do any magic for a week" Dawn said sadly.

"Looks like when we get them back, trouble heading for Willow" Wesley replied.

"I don't want Willow and Tara to break up.. Whoa!" Dawn said noticing Spike just as he kissed Tara on the lips. Willow formed a scowl.

"A big Whoa, they are six, where did Spike learn that at a young age" Wesley asked. Tara and Spike were blushing.

"Tara got the cooties!" Anya shouted.

"Yeah Cooties!" Buffy joined in.

"What are cooties?" Xander wondered.

"But I like Tara!" Willow said in an angry voice.

'But I liked her first!" Spike said childish back to her.

"Uh Wesley, you don't think Spike will vamp into his well you know, and Willow's magic?" Dawn asked

"We will just have to stop it before it happens" Wesley replied. They both knew if Willow and Spike show their true forms the others won't actually be keen to be near them.

"I want Tara!" Willow said getting into a fit.

'No she's mine!" Spike said vamping into his action mode.

"Oh crap"

"AHH!" Tara, Anya, Giles, Buffy and Xander screamed.

Willow eyes suddenly went black and her hair whipped behind her.

"Ran!" Buffy screamed, before Dawn and Wesley could stop them four out of the five ran out of the magic shop.

"Wesley!" Dawn said panicking.

"Spike?, Blondie bear?" Tara asked, still scared and shaky in the corner. Spike face was the same when he sat back down with her.

"Your face?" Tara asked sobbing.

"Willow, bad Willow!" Dawn scolded Willow, her eyes turned back to normal.

"Aunty Dawn?, why you yelling?" Willow said, tears going down her cheeks, she backed up on a wall and sided down.

"Dawn you stay here, I make sure the others are okay" Wesley said racing out the door. Spike face returned to normal making Tara sob into Spike's chest.

"What's wrong, what happened?" Spike asked. Dawn suddenly had a thought, if six year old Spike was stuck in the human form of Spike, what about the demon still inside him?, William the bloody.

"Spike, can you do me a favor and turn back into th.." Dawn stopped, this was a six year old she was talking to and it had scared Tara once already.

"Buffy!, Rupert!, Anya!, Xander!" Wesley called out each name.

"Uncle Wesley? A ruff but yet innocent voice came from the alley way of the magic shop. Wesley went down and saw a huddled Giles.

"Mr Giles, are you okay?" Wesley asked.

'Why did you call me Mr?" Giles asked.

"Sorry, sometimes make a habit of it" Wesley replied.

"Is the scary man gone?" Giles asked. Wesley was amazed how childish their voices were, like real innocents inner child… Suddenly it hit Wesley, what if they are still in them, what if their inner child at six years took over them.

"Listen Giles, we have to go back okay, Spike won't hurt you, he couldn't if he tried" Wesley replied. Giles thought for a moment then nodded his head, Wesley led him to the Magic shop and then left to look for the others after Giles went in.

It didn't take him long to find Anya and Xander who were only down the street but looking for Buffy was harder.

"Buffy!" Wesley called, he was very aware the fact that the sun was setting.

"Buffy!" Wesley yelled.

'Uncle!" a small innocent female voice cried. Wesley ran down the street to see Buffy been attacked by a vampire.

"Hey!" Wesley said attracting the vampire attention. He grabbed the vampire and tossed him to the ground.

"We got to get back to the magic shop!" Wesley said grabbing Buffy, they both ran but some more vampires blocked there away.

"Not a good idea, looks like the world could be ending after all" Wesley said he turned and four more vamps were in the way.

"Uncle, I am scared" Buffy said trying to make herself invisible in Wesley's jacket.

'Come on Slayer, thought you and your watcher had some guts" one vampire said.

"She doesn't right now, so I make you a deal, let Buffy go and you can have me" Wesley said.

"I think we take both of you down gramps" a second vampire said.

"I am young enough thank you" Wesley said insulted. A third vampire looked behind him as two headlights appeared but they weren't slowing down, Wesley could see it belonged to a convertible, black and exactly like Angel's car to be exact.

The car plowed right through the vamps, swerved to the right onto the footpath then went straight down the road again.

"What a crazy maniac" one of the vampires said behind Wesley. A loud screech of tires was heard and Wesley could see the same pair of headlights coming again.

'Hang on Buffy" Wesley said holding Buffy tightly. Wesley saw the top go down and saw the driver.

"Holy" the third vamp was about to say but the car went through the group and stopped abrubtly in front of Wesley.

"Wes, I thought you knew better to make sure you have a weapon" Angel taunted him. Wesley smiled as he put Buffy in the backseat and went into the front.

'We better get going the vamps are recovering" Wesley said.

'Where to?" Angel asked.

"The Magic shop" Wesley replied, Angel stepped on the gas and sped through the street.

When the three arrived Dawn was standing near the door with a crossbow.

'Don't move!" Dawn called out as she pointed the crossbow at them.

"Its okay Dawnie, just us" Wesley replied. Dawn put down her weapon.

"Angel!, you decided to come" Dawn said hugging the vampire.

"Uncle Wesley and this strange man saved me" Buffy said, she looked around and saw Spike.

"That man is still here" Buffy said fearfully.

"No Buffy, Spike's is a good guy, he helps me and the older Spike would of ripped my head of for saying that" Dawn said laughing a little.

"So how's the others?" Wesley asked.

"Well, Anya, Xander and Giles don't want to be near Spike because they are scared, Willow keeps trying to steal Tara around from Spike but since she's scared of him too she isn't really successful" Dawn replied.

"How's Tara?" Wesley asked.

"She's okay, she scared of Willow thought and won't let her touch her or Spike" Dawn said.

"Listen, Fred said she might have a way to get them back to normal" Angel replied.

"Okay, what will we have to do?" Wesley asked.

"But it risky" Angel said slowly

"We will take it, who knows how long before the word goes out that the Slayer is a scared little girl" Wesley replied.

"What about me?, do we know why I am an adult?" Dawn asked but the two older men had no answer.

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