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Hermione had had a crush on Harry since she met him. To this day, they are still friends in seventh year and Harry is dating Ginny. Hermione remembered exactly how it happened. He fell for her second year. He felt sorry for her. And just two days ago, he revealed his feelings and they became a couple. But Hermione loved Harry, and tonight, she was going to tell Ron.

She walked into the empty common room from her head-girls dormitory in the middle of the night. She sat herself on the couch and she began to drink some hot chocolate.

She had had a horrible dream that Harry left Hermione at the altar and ran off to get married to Ginny. She was sweating when she woke up, and now her feet were trembling, and her hips were aching. She usually would have this feeling right after something almost caused her to die. But, there was nothing in the dream of her dying, or almost dying, but what if she would have slept on? Would she have died of sadness, and in tears? Maybe. But she woke up early. And now she couldn't sleep. She missed having the chance to talk with Ron yesterday, so she would now.

"RON! RON! ROOOONNN!" She yelled, shaking him from side to side.

"What?" He yawned. "I can't see anything… What the- WAIT A MINUTE, ITS DARK OUTSIDE!!! HERMIONE!!!" After what seemed like furious yelping, he laid back down in bed, with his head slowly tilted up. Hermione grabbed her wand.

"Lumos!" She whispered, and Ron covered his face with his hands.

"That's better." He snarled, and he pushed the sheets toward the floor.

"What do you want?" He asked, still looking blinded because pf the light.

"I had a dream." She began.

"Oh, that's what you woke me up for? OK, I drank a hot chocolate yesterday." He stated dumbly.

"Seriously Ron! I really like Harry. And the dream was how he left me at the altar and ran off with-" She couldn't finish her sentence. She was sobbing by now.

"Ginny?" Asked Ron as she tilted her head on his shoulder.

"I really- Sob - like him. Sniff Hermione was so sad. But then she wanted to kill Harry since he never realized her. She gave one last sniff. But she couldn't kill Harry. If Voldermort couldn't kill Harry, then she had no chance. She was happy Ron was here. She wouldn't want anything to do with him, but he was very friendly and reasonably about her problems. And when he didn't know the answer, he would ask his girlfriend; Luna Lovegood. Hermione went back to bed with her problem unsolved. She hated when Ron couldn't give her advice straight from his mouth. And so now she had to wait. She had problems with Harry and her before that she liked him and how he didn't she talked about with Ron. But now it seemed much more severe. Much more filling. Much more to worry about. Like she now knew she actually loved him.