Links of Love

I'm trapped and I can't get away from you

I know you can hear my plea

But you don't love me quite enough

To let go and set me free

You say you're always here for me

But I guess it's not sincere

Because I'm asking you to free me now,

And you act like you can't hear

I thought those words were just a show

That you wouldn't be immature today

But this time your intentions were clear

And my freedom slipped away

That left me feeling empty-hearted

As I now begin to see

That the girl I thought was caring

Is just as selfish as can be

But now I have someone better

She's closer than you think

With her love I've come to realize

That she's my missing link

Now she's chained my heart to hers

But this time, I wasn't forced

Compared to my taijya Sango-

Kagome, you're the worst!

AN: This is an InuSan fic!