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Title: It All Falls Down
Chapter: And Then…
Rating: PG-13 (too be on the safe side)
By: Singe

I remember flashes of light. White. Red-hot. Intermingling with the waves of the darkest blue-grey, pounding down over and over again. I remember the foam and the filth that was exposed by its putrid color, by the lack of breath.

You whispered something. It was lost in the too-clear sky.

Falling, falling, floating forever. Sinking, rising, one of the two, all the while. I remember that gentle smile, lost forever as I was swept away by the tide. Screaming with nothing of myself, I tried so hard to reach you, to pull us together once more. But you just smiled that same, simple, empty, beautiful smile, even as you cried once again.

I hate it when you cry. It's even worse when I know as I so often do, that you cry for me, because of me, and for them. For those that would kill us both if given the chance, the heartbeat that I have no choice but to refuse them.

And I remember the end, the black fog descending over the world. No, that's not right…it was only falling on me. Where does that leave me? Where can Satan go when He dies? Where did God run too once the mortals learned of His existence, where did He flee to at death?

I loved you.

Does that change anything? Did you love me? Do I still love you now, after all that's happened? I just don't know anymore. Everything is over, said and done, and all-too perfectly clear. There was never any hope. Not for you or me, not for all of our enemies and our few allies. There was never really much of anything.

"I love you."

Your whisper finally reaches me, carried on a cold, rust-scented wind, a wind as tainted as any of us, but not you. You could never become as dirty as I have always been, no matter what I wanted to believe. But it doesn't matter now. Nothing matters now. I am alone just as it was always before, just as it has almost always been. Just as it should be.


Before, I never thought that at this point anything would matter.

And yet…

I already miss you.