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Title: It All Falls Down

Chapter: Purge

Rating: T (…just for the hell of it, really)

By: Singe


So much time has passed. So many futile, worthless lives are gone. They all move from day to day, claiming to live for me or by my word…but I don't know why. Few of them actually believe. And besides, none of them have ever met me, have never seen me, and have never been able to actually hear my words. But I suppose to every generalization there is an exception, because every so often an angel and mortal couple, and another "Savior" is produced. Usually the angels kill it before I can reach the chosen, thinking such a murder is my will. Or, on occasion, the godchild becomes a meal for some hungry demon. In either case, I am left alone with no one to know, no one to care for. And in turn, there is no one there to listen.

Until she came along. How her existence managed to escape the hunters of the fallen and the seekers of angel-flesh…no one can really know for certain, myself included. Especially me. Perhaps it was pure dumb luck, or even some faulty chance that the one who discovered her first was the lord of the Underworld. In any case, Michael hid his child well enough for her to at least survive for more than a few measly, wretched human years.

I wonder…where are you now, oh great Archangel? In what palace do you wander while your half-breed daughter loses everything? You took such pains to protect her once upon a time, but where are you and your power now? Hiding behind some pearly gates, perhaps? But I suppose it really shouldn't matter anymore. After all, you selfish fool, this is not the first time you abandoned her.

I tried to save her. And then I tried to save him so she wouldn't be alone, so she would be happy and loved, so she would still want to live, as well as be able to move on beyond this whole mess. But in the end, I guess that I'm as useless as Michael, Ororon, and the rest of them were. Or perhaps…yes, I'm sure of it. I was worse than all of them combined. They at least could fight and speak and struggle. They could live or they could die, win or fail. I…I only drift somewhere between spirit and hallucination, even perhaps only in the mind of one small human child with the blood of an Archangel running through her veins. And when the sea of war raging around her finally drowns the flame of her human soul…I doubt there will be anyone else left able to imagine a being such as myself actually exists.

If only I had more time. If only Michael realized what was happening and was brave enough to face the events he had managed to unknowingly instigate. If only Ororon hadn't allowed himself to run from his position in Hell. If only he had ended up on some other street on that day. If only he hadn't listened to Chiaki and allowed himself to grow weak, injured. If only we could have washed our hands of both of them, could have looked away from the obvious incoming disaster.

Chiaki…forgive me. I acted to slow, to selfishly for it to really mean anything. So in the end…I am useless. Without a body, a form, a true existence…I am nothing.


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What you're really after: The intended character list.

One: Ororon
Two: Ororon (or Othello works as well…)
Three: Othello
Four: Sheila (this is still my favorite chapter)
Five: Shiro
Six: God

Once again, all are open to interpretation.