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Now, as to the photos in Harry's wallet, the one of Harry, Ron and Hermione is a Polaroid(c) and the one of Lily and James was frozen by a spell so that Harry could keep it in his wallet. After all, he wouldn't want to open it up to get cash out and have someone notice the moving pictures. There will be more on that in this Act of the story.


Act II

Sara and Greg took on the physical evidence; the carpet swatches, the crime scene photos, the two victims' clothing, wands and effects, and Potter's cloak and trunk.

X-rays of the two wands revealed that they were hollow, and each had something inside of it. Potter's contained a feather of some kind. Phantom's held a fibrous strand. Sara looked closely at the film. "It looks like animal tendon."

Greg agreed, then showed her his own findings. "I found a pattern in the discolorations from the fire fight." Sara followed the other field tech. He had laid out all of the photos and swatches on the light table and had drawn a diagram of the corridor on the dry erase board. "There were three different kinds of marks, all of which had a directional signature, just like a ricochet mark."

"Right. The greater impact occurs last, so it's furthest away from the shooter. Good to know that physics still applies to some of this stuff."

"Uh huh. Now, I've classified the marks by how destructive they were. The minor ones, labeled Level Three Events, only changed the color of whatever they hit. Level Two Events actually changed the composition of the impact site, like this one that changed the carpet fibers into salt crystals or the green one that caused it to sprout moss. And Level Ones left impact craters and char, and they were always bigger than the other two types.

"Now, on the board, I marked each Event and the direction it was coming from. Potter and Phantom were running in this direction." He picked up a green marker and drew an arrow from right to left across the bottom of the diagram. "Notice anything?"

Sara studied the diagram closely, then figured out what Greg was hinting at and raised an eyebrow. "Phantom was the only one firing Level Ones."

"Exactly. And I'll bet that they're lethal."

"Makes sense. So, Potter's on the defensive, but he's not using lethal force, even though Phantom obviously wants him dead. Question is, why?"

Nick and Warrick had all of the video evidence. They followed Potter's movements from his check in to the fire fight. There were no cameras in the rooms, of course, but all public and employee areas were under constant surveilance. With the kind of money that was flowing through the hotel/casino, it was absolutely necessary. The CSIs wanted to know if someone might have been following Potter or paying him any special attention.

During the first half of the day, between the time he checked in, put down his cash and got his chips and noon, Potter played all different kinds of games and he did fairly average, losing about a million to his high-stakes betting. Then he went to lunch in the hotel's four-star restaurant. Nothing special happened at all until he got back on the floor.

The second half of the day went quite differently. He went to the one craps table that had payed out for him that morning and stayed on it, betting high and rolling big. He didn't lose a single toss the whole evening, but there was nothing to indicate that he was cheating, save for the sheer number of favorable tosses.

And then, before taking dinner in the hotel restaurant again, he dropped every bit of his winnings in a collection box for local teen charities.

Nick shook his head. "He doesn't need the money, I guess. If he's cheating, he's just doing it for kicks."

Warrick nodded absently, his eyes following a suspicious character who was staring at Potter as he walked off the casino floor. The man was dressed all in black; a buttoned down shirt, tie, slacks and leather shoes set off his pale skin and blonde hair. Glinting silver on his right hand was probably a ring. But most interesting of all was just how much he looked like Phantom. "Bingo." He pointed to the man on the screen and started isolating a close up of the man. "Dead ringer for our Phantom. He's got to be the third man."

Nick looked at the enhansed head shot. "Yeah. So what's Phantom Jr.s motive?"

Warrick shrugged. "Got to figure out who these people are before we can know that."

Grissom and Catherine had tried and failed to find out anything about either of their two victims. They sent finger prints to the nearest Brittish Consulate, but neither was very hopeful that there would be a return on that investment of time.

Meanwhile, Greg had tackled the puzzle of the trunk. "There's got to be a way to get into this thing. Otherwise, what's the point?"

Grissom, who had just gotten back from checking on Potter at the hospital, said, "Right. Every security system has a solution. It has to, of the person using it is also locked out."

"The key wasn't on his key ring or in his pockets, so maybe it's hidden in something else."

Sara said, "Wasn't there a wallet?"

And her hunch proved to be correct. Taped to the back of the photo of Potter and his friends was an old-style brass key that had matching scrollwork to the trunk.

Gloving up, everyone got ready to delve into the trunk's contents. With the direction the case was going in, there was no telling what they might find there, but they knew that they trunk was heavy and therefore full, so they would all be needed to help catalog the contents.

Greg inserted the key, automatically tensing for the strange shock that had met every other key and lock pick, but it didn't come. He looked around at the rest of the team, then turned the key in the lock. It clicked and released, and Greg lifted the lid out of place.

They had suspected clothes, jewels, weapons, even drugs. After all, it would have given them a motive. They found clothes, normal every-day clothes and one suit with glistening dress shoes. But they also found robes, and garments resembling something out of the sixteenth century. They were dark blues and greens with metalic trims, gold, silver and copper, and they were made from silks and fine cottons. They had beautiful embroidery on them, while remaining simple and elegant, rather than poufy or showy.

And there was a little jewelery, a gold class ring with a ruby set in it, the words "Gryffindor Seeker" wrapped around the stone, and a gold locket. It opened to reveal two more pictures of Potter's parents. The photos were themselves, extremely interesting because they moved and even seemed aware! Both figures seemed surprised and worried to see anyone but their son looking at them.

And they found weapons. There was a beautiful silver sword with rubies the size of eggs set in the hilt. Beneath the gems was a name, "Godric Gryffindor". There was old blood on the hilt and grip, but the blade had been meticulously cleaned and oiled. There was also a dagger enscribed with the words, "To my godson, from Sirius Black. Sometimes Muggle tricks are the best tricks." And finally there was a .9mm Glock, fully loaded, with a Brittish consealed-carry permit together in a little box.

There were books of spells and potions next to books on military strategy, quills, parchment and bottled ink next to spiral notebooks and cheep ballpoint pens. There was a photo album with more moving pictures and there was a Polaroid(c) camera. A small leather bag proved to be full of gold coins the size of quarters. And finally, there was a business card that said, "United States Post Owl Department, Las Vegas, Nevada". It gave a street adress that would have put it just outside of town. No one remembered anything being there, but at this point, it was a lead worth checking out.

Catherine flipped through the photo album. The first few pages were all of Potter's parents and himself as an infant. But there were no older pictures of those parents. There was, however, a newspaper clipping from November 1, 1981, that stated the Potters had been killed, and that somehow fifteen-month-old Harry had survived, with only the lightning-bolt scar to tell the tale. Other photos of Potter as a twelve and thirteen-year-old were present, and then some later ones in what looked like a graduation cap with a witch's hat punched up through the middle.

The glock didn't have a history that Greg could find, other than the purchase reciept and two reciepts from a firing range in Glasgo, Scotland. The licence also had Glasgo on it. All of the reciepts and the licence had dates spanning a two week period just one month ago, so the gun hadn't likely been used outside the range.

Most interesting were the books. Potions For Aurors; A History of Magical Law; Civil and Criminal Laws For Magical Persons, Beings and Creatures; The History of Magic, A Condensed History for Muggle Parents of Hogwarts Students. Grissom decided he should read all of them. Maybe they would give him some answers.

Grissom sat next to Potter's bed in an uncomfortable hospital chair wondering if the young Auror would ever wake up.

Once he'd known what to do from reading through all of Potter's books, he had taken the wizard's wand out and tapped theinside of his wallet three times, which caused Potter's badge to reveal itself. "Auror 2nd Class, Great Brittain" and "Special Tasks Division" were engraved on the badge, and it had a very recent wizard photo of Potter. The kid was a wizard and a cop. The question was, what should he, Grissom, do about that?

The notes in the margins of Potter's lawbooks told of a civil war going on in the wizarding community of Brittain. A terrorist group called the Death Eaters had a lot of political and financial support and they were trying to take over Brittain, enslave the Muggles and kill all the wizards who had been born from Muggle families. The most common epithet was "Mudblood". The Special Tasks Division were a group of Aurors who were mandated to stop this threat.

The problem was that, apparently, corruption was rank throughout the Brittish Ministry of Magic, and that includid the Auror Department. He thought that Potter's superior, Kingsley Shacklebolt, might be his best bet, because there was a letter poked inside the Potions book from him that told Potter, "If you don't take a vacation with those tickets you got for your birthday, I'm going to throw your arse in a cell so even you can't get out of it! You're overworked and your reaction time is going to suffer. This is an order, Harry. Don't make me fire you." The man sounded like a good commander, concerned for the well being of his people. But what if it was a trap, and Potter had been sent to Vegas for the purpose of getting him killed?

Grissom stood and walked out of the hospital, heading for the exit. It was time to check out the Post Owlery. Maybe he would get som answers from them, as they were the only wizards he had any chance of getting into contact with.

Back in the hospital room, Harry's eyelids fluttered briefly. His EKG showed a brief alteration in his brainwave patterns, just before the machine shorted out. Panicked doctors and nurses couldn't get into the room as the door had been somehow locked. By the time that the officer guarding the door had xhot the lock off, however, Harry had lost his tenuous hold on consciousness and the EKG was ticking away once more.

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