Chapter One---The Reason

The world was still, as if someone had put it in slow motion. The doctor walked towards Riku, his eyes and body unreadable. In the end, that's what frightened Riku most. The uncertainty of the outcome. In all his 19 years he had never been afraid of anything. Until now.

"Mr. Loire?" Riku nodded. His entire body felt so heavy and yet at the same time he felt as though he wasn't in it.

"I'm sorry...he didn't make it." Riku's aquas closed and the downfall of tears caught even the doctor offgaurd. Riku slammed his fist into the wall repeatedly, never once feeling the pain. If he did, it was much less in comparrison to the pain in his heart. His brother... his baby brother was dead and he couldn't change it.

", no, no, no, no, no!!!!!" He screamed and strong arms wrapped around him to contain the fury that he was letting loose. Squall was holding him tightly, his own blue eyes teary. Kairi's wails could be heard as though from a distance in Riku's ears.

The thought of Kairi only brought on more tears. Sora and kair had recently gotten married. They'd been in love since they were 10 and they'd finally gotten their happy ending. Riku knew that Kairi's pain would be like a thousand knives twisting in her chest. She was going to have Sora's child. And that baby's father was dead now. The victim of someone's twisted mind and it's sick pleasure of the kill.

" Shall I make the arrangements?" Riku nodded, not really listening to the doctor. How could this have happened? Why Sora? Why Riku's only family?


It didn't matter. It was over.

--Three Months Later--

"Riku? You've got a vistitor. She wants to rent the apartment." Kairi told him. He was looking over police files and coroner's examinations-anything to help him solve this mystery of who-done-it.

"Ok, just a minute."Riku got up and stretched. He opened the door only to get a tap on the nose. The girl's eyes went wide and a small hand covered her mouth.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean--" Riku smiled a bit.

"It's alright. You're the one who wanted to rent the apartment?" She nodded, silver eyes sparkling. The smile on her face remind him of how Sora had looked when Kairi told him he was going to be a father.


"This way." Riku led her down the hall to a small apartment just across from the gym. He unlocked the door and let her look around. The window on the far end over looked a small pond and the hills beyond. The kitchen was small but sufficent for two. Two bed rooms, one bath and the living room. She looked around and turned to him smiling.

"I love it! I'll take it." Riku raised a brow.

"The rent's $750 a month." She shrugged.

"That's alright. I'm going to like it here. Oh! I forgot. I'm Ryaen." She stuck out her hand to shake his and he eyed her curiously. Ryaen's shake was surprisingly firm.

"Ryaen? I'm Riku." She laughed, a sweet bell-like sound.

"Well...that's what everyone calls me. It's short for O'Ryaen and I like it better then Aliriael." Riku nodded, her silver eyes catching him offguard again.

"Um...can I ask a question?" Riku nodded looking around, for some reason suddenly disoriented.

"Is your girlfriend pregnant?" Riku stared at her with wide eyes.

"She's not my girlfriend. And yes she is."

"Is she your wife then?" Riku shook his head. The room whirled around him.

"She was my brother's wife."

"What do you mean was? Are they divorced?" Riku shook his head again. So many questions. Why was the room spining so?

"No. He died three months ago. This was his apartment." She gave a small 'oh' and looked around. It was cheerful and Ryaen resovled to keep it that way.

A sudden wet sound and a solid thump made her turn back to find that Riku had not only passed out but he had vomited on the way down. Egh.

"Um...excuse me, miss!" Ryaen called into the other apartment. The red head smiled at her and let her in.

" just passed out in my apartment." The woman sighed. Not again.

"Um...let's just keep him in there...I'll bring over some bleach and a mop." Ryaen nodded and went to prop the poor man out of his vomit.

It was an hour or so before Ryaen and Kairi got Riku all cleaned up and the tile too. Kairi told her where he kept his clothes and Ryaen ran to get them. Along the dresser she noticed pictures of Riku, his brother and sister-in-law. They looked so happy.

But the air in the room was depressed and kind of rank, like he hadn't taken a shower in a few weeks. Or done laundry. Or anything from the looks of it. Ryaen grabbed a shirt and told Kairi that she would clean up the apartment for him since he wasn't well. Kairi was most greatful.

" least the other apartments are clean. Why care how he keeps his own?" Ryaen looked around and decided to do the dishes first, finding the cupboards bare and the counter and sink full. It took a lot of hot water, soap and some presistence with the wire brush and a fork. Alright so a wire brush wasn't meant for dishes but it got the lasagna off right? Or was that chili?

The counters once washed, were bright and shiny. The fridge was emptied of rotting food and half empty beer bottles. The floor was swept and the windows washed. Ryaen looked at the contents of the table. Young boy found stabbed later dies...Local millionaire dies in Heartsvale Hospital...Young wife mourns Husbands early death...Ryaen read a few and then noticed that police reports were in the table along with rather gruesome pictures. She decided that it was best if she left the table alone for now.

Instead she moved on to the living room. It was almost disheartening to find that the living room was much worse then the kitchen and looked as if several natural disasters came through. All the paper plates and beer cans needed to go so into the trash bag they went.

"What in Heartless is that stench?" She plugged her noise and consequently found the dirty clothes pile came to her waist and was in the corner of the living room.Egh. Well then.

The magazines and books were stacked in a nice order beneath the coffe table and the blankets strewn about were folded and put in the closet. More beer cans and take-out boxes went into the garbage. Ryaen found it easier to just pile all the junk onto the couch and the smaller tables that were about and get the vacuuming out the way. All the trash bags were placed by the open door. At least fresh air was coming in. The pillows were placed on the couch correctly and those nasty clothes were put into the washer. Correctly color cordinated of course. She felt better.

"Oh my god! Ryaen you are my heroe! Look, leave this pen for a bit while I go get us some lunch. Do you mind watching Riku while I'm out? He's still zonked!" Ryaen laughed with her new friend and went down the hall. True enough, Riku still lay against the wall, his chin touching his chest.

Ryaen figured that he would be more comfortable if he could lay down on his own couch. Then she thought of all the cleaning she'd done and still had yet to do, and decided that she didn't want to clean puke off carpet. Tile was much easier.

"What have you been doing to yourself? Huh?" She aked. The silverhaired boy didn't answer.

"What am I going to do with you?"

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