Chapter Three--When Everything was Wonderful

"I had...I had the same dream...Almost...the Heartless weren't in it but you kept telling me they were back, and that he was coming for you... who is coming for you Ryaen?" Ryaen looked at her hands. She didn't want to let him go. Didn't want to tell anyone about what had happened. And byZeus, by Neptune and by all the paegan gods,she wouldn't.

"No one. No one is coming for me. All I know is that Heartless is coming." Riku could see through her lie but didn't press her. It wasn't his business.

"But...why would Sora and someone we don't know warn us about an enemy we know nothing about?" Riku asked and Ryaen thought a moment.

"What the best defence you have against an enemy?" Riku frowned.

"Advanced preperation and good training." Ryaen's eyes lit triumphantly.

"Exactly. Their giving us time to train and prepare for the arrival...of ...Heartless. That is...if this whole thing isn't exactly what it was...a dream." Riku cosidered her words. She had a point. There were only three people left who could help them with this...mission.

"We're going to need help then...if we're going to take this seriously." Ryaen thought back to the image of him and his pale blue eyes looking at her so pleadingly for help. That was no fluke.

"We should. So, who are we going to meet?" Ryaen asked. Riku frowned. He didn't really want to bring her along...but she had had the dream too and it was someone she was close too...

"First we shower. I'm not going anywhere like this." After coming back to his senses, Riku had once again returned to his previous state of sterling perfection. Thank god. Ryaen agreed with this and the two jogged back and took quick showers. Riku found he had finished first and waited in her apartment. Unfortunately, Ryaen decided to come out in nothing but her towel and rummaged around in her drawers trying to find underwear. She succed and turned around, triumphantly holding her pair of lacy, crimson undies. However silver eyes met aquamarine and she shrieked, dropping her towel around her ankels. Riku's eyes went wide and he turned around quickly.

"Riku! That's called breaking and entering!I'll kill you., ok? I will kill you!" She grumbled, hastily pulling on denium capri's and a purple tank top. Ryaen walked past him and smacked the back of his head smartly.

"You pervert, sneaking up on a girl like that. I can't believe you!"Ryaen continued her rant well into the bathroom, pulling long raven locks into a ponytail.

"Let's go you hentai." Riku rolled his eyes. Ryaen glared at him with a look that clearly told him ' Don't-roll-your-eyes-at-me-mister-I'll-kick-you-so-hard-in-the-balls-your-kids-will-be-born-dizzy.' Riku averted his gaze properly chastized, though the image of Ryaen's startled eyes and less then modest figure stayed fixed in his mind.


"OPEN UP! POLICE!" The brunnette inside grabbed the blade that sat by the door and looked out the makeshift peephole. Throwing open the door, he growled.

"RIKU! How many times have told you not to do that!" Riku smirked at the gunblader and Ryaen followed the to men inside.

"Who's she?" Leon asked. Ryaen gave him a glare colder then his own and, inwardly, he flinched.

"My name is Ryaen." Leon nodded and looked to Riku for an explanation of the fiesty brunnette in his room.

"We've gotten...word of a new threat to the Worlds... they're called Heartless...we don't know who or what they are...all we know is that they coming...and since Sora's gone...we knew your help." Leon was the next best keyblade master in the Worlds. Leon nodded.

"Fine...but we're going to have to start from scratch with her and it'll take a while. How long?" Ryaen ignored the conversation and looked for Leon's blade. Once found, she picked it up, twirling it expertly in her experienced hands, silencing the two men.

"Where'd you learn that." Leon's statement was not a question...more like a demand of an answer.

"My brother. He and I were Mystery Isle's best gunbladers...before it was destroyed." Leon nodded and held out his hand for his weapon.

"So I take it you don't need further training. You need allies." Riku nodded.

"I'll see what their up to."

"Thank you Leon." Riku shook the older males hand. Leon left them to call up old friends.


A blonde. A red head. A very nearly albino. Ryaen studied them carefully. The blonde had insane spikes that went in all directions and defied gravity itself. The red-head had similar spikes, only facing away from his face. The other, more dangerous looking man had long silver hair and piercing green eyes. She knew those eyes.

"Sephiroth!" He turned to face her and he smiled. Very slightly. She ran and jumped into his arms.

"I missed you Uncle." He smoothed hair down and shushed her, holding her tightly.

"It's alright my little one. Where is your brother?" Ryaen hung her head sadly.

"He...died." Sephiroth caught the look in her eyes and simply nodded.

"Cloud, Leon? May I ask why we were all summoned here?" Riku stepped forward.

"We're facing a new threat this time around Sephiroth. Their called Heartless."

"Heartless..." Cloud repeated and Sephiroth froze. Not again.

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