When A Broken Wing Mends

This is a story written by Dustin for Raven Soule, A great friend and my one and only love.

I Don't Own Teen Titans, But I do own Tetrix and The ideas relating to this story, Flame me all you like I tend to not listen very much…Built in Instinct I suppose

Raven sat silently on the roof of the Titans Tower as her lavender hair fluttered in the wind. She was deep in thought, mostly thinking of Robin and Starfire, but her thoughts drifted today. 'Stop playing games with yourself Raven your jealous' her brow quirked as she heard her mind speak to her "I…I know…" Raven brought her knees to her face and buried it in its warm embrace. "Raven?" Beastboy stood at the door leading to the Towers roof "Raven are you alright? We haven't seen you all day." Raven brought her face up to stare at the boy in the doorway " I'm fine just…" She thought about Robin and Starfire "…pondering" This last part was hard for Beastboy to hear, not like it mattered he was already downstairs at "Just" Raven stood up and walked to the door, she turned and looked at the sunset, Her hair still bellowed in the wind. She sighed then closed her eyes 'Robin…' She opened her eyes just in time to catch the vibrant colors of the sun falling under the waves of the ocean. She smiled a little on the inside…on the outside, only cold features filled her face. She turned and walked down the steps leading to the living room. She felt extremely groggy after seeing the sunset, so she walked to the couch and decided to lay down. She laid down for only a few seconds before her eyes shut and she was fast asleep.

Dream Sequence Start

Raven was in a dark room filled with just a t.v. and a bookcase. The t.v's clock blinked 12:00. She squinted to see a figure in the corner of the room. As she toke a step, the shadows got darker and darker. She felt comfort in the shadows but something about this darkness didn't feel right to her. She put her hand out trying to free herself from the shadows. A hand grabbed hers. The only thing she remembered from that hand was a spiked wristband.

Dream Sequence End

Raven awoke with a start and was dripping with cold beads of sweat. She looked at the hand then looked around to see if anyone was there. Nothing was on her hand and no one was there. She laid back down with a sigh of relief then sat back up and looked at the clock on the wall. It was 4 in the morning. She sighed 'Great…Well I'm not going to be able to get back to sleep…Might as well get cleaned up' She got up from the couch and walked to her room. She entered the room and shut the door locking it behind her. She removed her cape and then her boots. She grabbed a towel and removed her leotard wrapping the towel around herself. She walked into the bathroom connected to her room and removed the towel. The cold floor of the bathroom was soothing to her feet after being locked up in those boots. A few steps and she was at the shower, she turned the knobs and waited for the water to heat up. As she waited she stared into the mirror and smiled at herself. She rubbed a hand down her figure. She turned to check the water. The water was heated to perfection, just the way Raven liked it. She stepped into the shower and almost fell asleep from the warmth it provided. She finished up her shower and stepped out of its comforting warmth almost sighing. A knock on the door outside snapped her out of this trance as she walked to the door towel already wrapped around her slender figure. "Who is it?" She asked as she reached the door not opening it just yet "It is me Raven…Starfire….I wish to speak with you" Raven sighed 'Geez she is just like a little kid!' "Ok Starfire, ill be a sec I just got out of the shower" Raven turned towards her dresser and pulled out a pair of sweat pants and a hooded sweatshirt. She threw these on as she walked to the door.

She opened the door revealing a very satisfied Starfire. in?" Raven had a confused look on her face. Starfire nearly flew straight onto Ravens bed "The Most wonderful, joyous, completely happy event has happened my dear friend!" Ravens face showed little happiness but something inside of her was saying 'COME ON COME ON COME ON COME ON TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME' "Ummm…Ok Star what is it?" Starfires smile widened and she nearly blurted it out in one word "Robin has asked me to go with him to the movies! Isnt it wonderful, absolutely wonderful!" Ravens face became sickening pale 'It…It cant be…I was…to late…' "That's…great star that's really great now if you don't mind…" Starfire was being pushed out the door almost immediately and Raven bursted into tears just after her exit. She ran into the bathroom and turned on the water to drown out the crying. "Why Starfire? I mean come on she is like a little kid!" Ravens mourning of her heart was short lived as she remembered she had somewhere to be. "Well…I cant cry like this forever I promised I would help with that new bookstore downtown" She grabbed her boots and made for the door. She entered the garage where Cyborg was fixing his car up. "Hey Cyborg… I need a ride somewhere…" Cyborg looked up from the engine work he was doing "You been crying Rae?" Raven threw her hood on "No…" Cyborg didn't bother asking anything else "Alright Rae Ill give you a lift to wherever you need to go" Raven smiled a bit under her hood, Atleast Cyborg was a bit more mature than the others.

Raven arrived at the bookstore at about 2 "Mister Koja! Im here to help you open!" An old man with an apron came out from behind a bookshelf "Ah Raven my dear, I thought you had forgotten about an old man like me…" Raven smiled, Dear old Mister Koja was the nicest old man Raven had ever met. "Now Mister Koja, you know I wouldn't forget about an old geezer like you." This caused the old man to chuckle "Of course Of course Well alright, I need those books in those boxes put up on the shelves" Raven nodded then moved over to the box opening it up, she coughed as dust blew into her face "Geez Mister Koja did you forget to dust before setting up shop or what? " Mister Koja didn't answer as he was deep in thought planning tonight's poetry night. Raven began to work without halt, then something happened that was one of the best things to happen to her. A boy, About Ravens age, Came out of the back. He had on an apron just like Mister Koja, His hair was pointed forward like a baseball caps little flap and was dark red. Under the apron he had on a black Chinese fighting uniform along with a pair of black boots. He was holding a box of books and carried them over to Raven "Hi there, you must be Raven, Mister Koja talks about you all the time." Raven blushed then threw on her hood " Ummm…That's good…" Raven smiled under the hood but it couldn't be seen "My names Tetrix" he held his hand out "Nice to meet ya" Raven looked down at the hand and toke it within her own. Her eyes shot very, very wide when she noticed the spiked wristband on his arm "I…I have to go tell Mister Koja im sorry" She rushed out of the store and onto the downtown streets. She walked with her head down not really knowing or caring where she was going. She turned into a dark alley and didn't know it until she heard voices. "Hey there little lady" A bald man stood staring at her with perverted eyes "Lookin for a good time there sweetie?" Came another this one from a small man with an eye patch over one eye and a large Mohawk. "We can show you a real good time there cutie" This voice came from a middle sized man with glasses and a rather large scar on his left cheek. Raven backed into a corner scared for her life. "That would not be a wise thing to do gentlemen" A familiar voice said "Who the hell has the nerve!" The large bald man turned only to be greeted by a two finger smash into his chest sending him sprawling backwards into a trash can "Like I said…Wouldn't be wise" There in the shadows of the alley stood Tetrix, His hands cocked ready to fight to save Raven.

"Hehe your right…Its gonna be your funeral little boy!" The Mohawk man came at Tetrix with a knife but was stunned when his arm was caught and the blade was now far behind Tetrix. Tetrix pulled the man close "Now now, did you really have to pull a knife on me?" Tetrix squirmed to the side snapping the mans arm and then struck a strong two fingered blow to his back causing him to go limp and fall to the ground. He brought his hand up and stroked his red hair then with the free hand taunted the middle sized man to attack. "Come at me…I promise I wont kill you" The man rushed Tetrix letting fly a blow towards the face. Tetrix easily side stepped out of the way and grabbed hold of the mans shoulder. "Very nice…My turn" He squeezed hard, and within seconds the man was on the floor like the rest "You alright Raven?" He put a hand out to pick Raven off the floor of the alley. This was it…This was her dream…He wasn't a bad guy…He was…He was trying to protect her

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