Summery: Nobody saw it coming, and nobody ever predicted it. But the very race of human kind is being wiped out, can it be stopped, before its to late?

Rating – PG-13

Disclaimer: Hey if I owned it, would I be writing this..think about it ;)

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They came from above. We had no warning. It just happened. One moment it was a peaceful day. Everything was normal, how it should be. New York city vibrant as ever, the people honking their horns, music blaring from box stereos and kids playing in the park to the beat of it. That all changed. How can one split second everything be so great and not have a care in the world and then your world turned upside down and everything you knew be completely and utterly destroyed?

Its one of those things that you tell yourself over and over as its happening, this can't be, just can't be this only happens to people on movies. For this doesn't exist in my mind or even on my planet. This is some made up story that somebody came up with! A writer who had one to many sniffs on the cocaine powder had thought this up and it's a best seller. Its not actually reality, it didn't actually happen.

Thing was though, it did happen and no matter how angry you got, no matter how prepared you could have been, even if they gotten a warning, it wouldn't have stopped them from coming. How do you go up against something that is beyond your capabilities as a human being?

The fighters that had survived the first assault were trying to take back the planet that was rightfully theirs. Most all felt the same about the situation; they rather die then be taken. To be taken was the worst fate for a human being, and if that fate came upon them, comrades would put a bullet into their friend's brains and into theirs so they wouldn't be taken.

It was an all out fight for their lives and their very existence, and it was only a matter of time when their fate would be handed to them, the very question was running through everybody's mind. Who would win and who would finally take over Earth itself, the humans or the outsiders?


Okay this is really up to you. I've been debating on this story for so long, it's hard to imagine. I just wasn't sure if Third Watch fans would like a story like this, so it's up to you really guys, tell me what you think and if you are interested in seeing more. ;) thanks! P.S. Sorry its so short!