Chapter 54 – A Life to Smile For

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From above, Shuyin stared down at the girls – especially Yuna. But to him, he only saw his love. Even a thousand years could not wipe from his memory Lenne. She was engraved into his mind; she was an image he would never let go of. His eyes were frigid, fixated in one narrow path. Yet deep within his gaze was a sense of overwhelming fear. He was afraid of what lay deep within Yuna. She could see this, and she realized why he was afraid. His regret, perhaps, of what he had done for the last ten centuries had collected itself within him. He was ashamed to face her, knowing she would never have approved of what he had done.

A glow began to sparkle around Yuna. She, as well as Rikku and Paine, found herself fitted in her songstress dress. A halo of blue engulfed the pyreflies dancing around her. The sound of a crystalline sparkle rang in their ears. This was the power of the Farplane, the fantasy land of the dead, at its peak. Yuna felt dizzy, her sight and mind became hazed. Shaking her head, she reopened her eyes only to see Shuyin staring right in front of her. She could almost reach out and touch him. Taken aghast, she step backwards, gasping at his sudden appearance before her.

He followed by stepping forward, closing the small distance between them. Paine stammered to attack him, but was stopped by her own force. She braced herself to guard Yuna if necessary, but Shuyin made no attempt to attack her. Instead, his eyes showed nothing but infatuation. He raised his hand to touch Yuna's cheek. Even though he held a menacing expression just moments before, he now was docile. He smiled at her.

"Shuyin..." spoke Yuna, as well as a voice from inside.

"Lenne? Is that truly you my love?"

Yuna bowed her head, her cheeks flush, "T-there's something...something I must tell you."

She squeezed her hands together firmly. The tears formed in her eyes. Not hers, but Lenne's. Just as she had before, she felt Lenne's soul enrapture her own. They became one in all forms of consciousness. Finally, after all this time, she had access to all of Lenne's self – her feelings, her emotions, her heart.

Just as that which was buried in Shuyin's eyes, she felt the same feelings of guilt, remorse, and disappointment. Her heart was broken in dismay by Shuyin's horrid actions. And she knew, from the start, that all of this had occurred. How many hundreds of years did she live with this, Yuna couldn't tell. She understood one thing, Lenne still forgave him. As wretched a creature as he became, she still forgave his sins. These were the words Shuyin wanted to hear, but knew he didn't deserve. It was the split between their two hearts, bleeding a thousand years of pain.

"I...I am grateful for you, Shuyin." Yuna finally continued, the long pause rattling her nerves to the brink, "You came for me...even at the end. You stayed with me, and you loved me..."

"What does it matter!" he screamed suddenly, backing violently away from her, "I couldn't save you! Dammit Lenne, that's all I wanted to do...and I couldn't do it..."

She spoke again, even as the tears poured from both their eyes, "I...I know. But to do wasn't right."

"I-I know...but what else could I do? As I wandered, I had nothing else to me...but you."

"Please, stop grieving now. You're not alone. We – together."

His eyes glowed, large and ready to fade from existence. He lifted up in the air, and left Baralai's body. Paine ran over to take him away. Walking over to Yuna, he extended his hand, ready to embrace his lover. But it was not Lenne that he saw. Coming to his senses, he choked as he saw Yuna, and not Lenne, standing in front of him.

" are not Lenne!"

Yuna stretched out with her hand, "Wait! Shuyin!"

He roared, "Get away from me! aren't Lenne! Damn you for trying to trick me! How could have I..."

His teeth clenched together. His face wrinkled with anger and rage. Lashing out, he bellowed at Yuna. During his fit, he had climbed up on the face of Vegnagun. He drew out a blitzball, one laden with spikes.

"I will let no one ever get in my way! I will destroy Spira!"

With a fierce kick, he launched the ball at Yuna. She spun to avoid its bounce off the ground, leaving a group of puncture marks in the dirt. Paine drew her sword. Rikku threw a blue grenade his way, exploding above him. The burst of water caused him to slip off and fall to the ground. When he got up, his eyes burned with a maddening fury.

Leaving his ball behind, he darted towards the girls. Paine, attempting to get in his path, was slide kicked. His velocity matched his tyranny. From the slide he stood up immediately, even before Paine had hit the ground. Rikku was next in his way, but dismissed with ease. He took her by the arm, and hung her in the air before she realized what was happening. With a fist, he punched her twice in the mouth. He had no more consideration for anything.

Dropping her senselessly to the ground, he shot his eyes to Yuna. She was standing there, her gun pointed at him. An equal fire of emotion swelled within her. This was her last stand, and she wasn't about to back down.

"You imposture! Why would you try to trick me?" he yelled in accusation.

She sighed, closing her eyes, "Don't you understand? Can't you feel the pain in your own soul? Has the centuries left you numb..."

"Numb? How could I ever be numb?" he raged, swinging his fist in the air wildly, "I've felt suffering and loss longer than anyone alive!"

"But is that all you feel? I saw it in your eyes..."

"Saw? Saw what?"

"The guilt. It burns behind your anger."

"What do you know? How could you possibly comprehend what it is to feel pain? What it's like to wallow in the anguish of knowing your love is dead and gone from you forever?"

"More than you know." she stated firmly, a position which surprised Shuyin, "You see...I, too, have lost my love...two years ago. While two years may seem like nothing to your has felt like an eternity. And...I as well will never have him back..."

"Then you should know why I've done what..."

"No I can't!" she shouted above him, "Don't you realize...all the pain you've caused for others?"

"What do I care? They deserve it, they deserve to feel what I have felt."

"You're wrong..."

"Then we will see."

Without another word, Shuyin climbed back to the top of Vegnagun. Standing at the organ, he began playing a contorted melody – one of suffering and condemnation. It pierced the air, and shivered Yuna. By now, Paine had gotten back up, herself recovered from the tackle. Rikku was still on the ground, woozy and bleeding from the nose. Paine hobbled over to help her. They watched and listened to the requiem he was playing.

From within the pits of Vegnagun transformed its weapon, that which would destroy all. It formed an enormous cannon, one so large that it seemed to stretch to the edge of the Farplane. It even dwarfed Vegnagun itself. Shuyin cackled insanely.

"Spira deserves no less than to drown in its own destruction. It sought this monster, and now it will reap what it has sown."

A bright charge of light gathered and swirled around the cannon. The girls had no idea what potential of devastation it could do, and they didn't want to find out. In a daring move, Yuna started to climb up on the barrel, her eyes locked onto Shuyin. He was still playing the keys of his organ, his fingers darting chaotically. The chords of sorrow only furthered the charge.

"I will show Spira the power of the demise they created!"

Yuna clung desperately to the cannon, its vibrations causing her body to shutter. She felt her nerves go numb. Crawling with all her strength, she focused to reach Shuyin. Seeping from her veins was the desire to save him from his own insanity. The love and loss he felt had exploded into a fit of raw chaos. The charge now sparked out of the end of the cannon; it was about to fire. Shuyin let out one last, horrifying laugh. Yuna had almost reached him, but she knew she would be too late.

In a last attempt to save their souls, she pulled out her pistol, whispering to herself, "If only...if only you were here..."

She locked her green eye onto the organ he was playing. She inhaled for one last breath before she fired. As she was pulling her finger back, ready to fire a shot, she heard a fearsome roar come from above. In shock, she looked up to see her savior flying in from the heavens. It was her aeon, Bahamut. He let out another mighty roar as he swooped down towards Yuna. Shuyin's eyes shrank from fear.

"Y-you're here? You're here!" bellowed Yuna, as she smiled at her old guardian.

Connecting with his eyes, she knew to leave the cannon. Yelling for Rikku to catch her, she leaped off the barrel, and into her cousin's arms. Not a second to soon, as Bahamut came crashing down on the cannon. The whole Farplane seemed to shake from his plummet. Sparks flew everywhere as Shuyin evacuated his organ. Falling out of the air, he tumbled on the ground, rolling down to the arena near the girls.

They watched as the aeon thrust his claws into the cannon about to burst. Flapping his wings with all his might, he lifted it up into the air. It fired with such force that it exploded apart. But Bahamut had accomplished what he needed to do, and the blast spiraled harmlessly into the Farplane sky. Yet he was badly singed from the sparks, and crashed to the ground. Yuna ran over to him.

"Bahamut!" she called, her face drenched in worry.

Kneeling down to her aeon, she put her arms around his head. But in his eyes she saw a familiar, burning strength. A cloud of pyreflies blurred form its body, and engulfed where Yuna was kneeling. Inside herself, she heard his voice telling her not to worry – he would be alright. She was to do one last thing. She smiled, and wiped the slight tear forming in her eye. Knowing exactly what he meant, she watched as he finished disappearing into a flock of pyreflies, and faded into the sky. Turning back around, she noticed Shuyin had recovered somewhat, and was now standing before her some distance away. He scoffed harshly at the girls, wiping some blood trickling down his face.

Bouncing up the spiked blitzball with his foot, he kicked it at Yuna. She didn't flinch as it zoomed by her face, one of the spikes nicking her cheek. Even when the blood seeped out, she didn't move. It was if she turned to stone, only fixated on Shuyin. This frustrated him even more. Screaming, he sprinted towards her. He ran right at her, but she stood still. When he was about to strike, she felt his soul stopped in his tracks.

Lenne, from within Yuna's body, had come out. She was grasping him by the wrists, glaring him in the eye just as Yuna had been. Pushing him back, he began to submit to her. He dwindled into a feeble, sobbing man, and eventually fell to his knees. He started to cry, and she buried him in her arms.


She smiled, "Hi there."

Looking up at her, he saw not the angered look of a woman who would scorn him as he believed he would, but the smiling face of his lover of centuries ago. His eyes focused on hers, and she on his. For the first time in over a millennium, they shared a loving embrace. The ancients they were, their love was still as tender as it was one thousands years ago.

"I'm sorry...Lenne." he whimpered, "I lost my mind when I found out you'd left for Zanarkand. And it seems I lost my way trying to get you back. ever forgive me?"

"I can. Shuyin, I've never lost my love for you. Thankfully, there are still a few kind people in this world."

She looked up at Yuna and smiled. She nodded, accepting her thanks. The two were eternally bonded, and both shared the same gratitude for one another. Both of them had opened up a new world to the other. A world, ridden with distraught and pain, but also with undying hope, and the quest for a peace. Lenne had found that peace.

Shuyin, too, was peaceful in her arms, but suddenly realized that they were fading, "N-No...all this time, and this moment is all we get? I..."

"This is enough." she spoke, placing her fingertips on his mouth, "This moment is all we need. It's time for all this to end. Let's us rest together..."

"Can we? After all I've done, can we?"

Although pained by his words at first, she smiled to reconcile the pain, "Yes, we can. That was a thousand years ago. We've a second chance to start anew. Let's go – go to the distant corners of Spira and live together."

He smiled, her words were enough. Holding his hand, the two walked. As they passed Yuna, Lenne let go. Stepping in front of Yuna, she smiled, and hugged her. While she was just a spirit now, Yuna could feel her warm arms embrace her. For one final time, they gazed into each other's eyes, and shared one final emotion. Lenne retook Shuyin's hand, and waved goodbye. She and her lover faded into the mists of the Farplane.

Rikku and Paine stared on ominously, themselves left out from whatever just occurred. They did know one thing, Yuna had saved them. The lovers fated to be apart forever were reunited. On top of that, she had saved Spira again from being destroyed. With the enemies laid to rest, Yuna laughed to herself, then turned around to her friends.

"What do you say we go back home?"

And home they gladly went. They attempted to contact Buddy and Brother, but only received static in reply. With no other course of action, they began climbing their way out of the Farplane. There were no more fiends to cross their path, and they emerged shortly thereafter. Paine poked her head out first. Something immediately seemed out of place to her. Once she pulled Rikku and Yuna out of the hole, Yuna began looking around. She, too, had the same puzzled expression of her face.

"What's wrong guys?" asked Rikku, clueless as to what they were pondering.

Yuna laughed, "Well, it's strange. We went down in Besaid, but seemed to have come up in Djose."

Rikku, thrown off balance by her cousin's deduction, started examining the room. It was indeed the temple at Djose. Faintly she could here the sounds of drills and engines blaring below them. Taking the elevator down, they stood in front of a group of shocked engineers.

"F-Frana't oui lusa vnus? (W-Where'd you come from?)" shouted one of them.

Rikku just laughed, and rubbed the back of her head. Once they explained what had happened, and where they had been, the Al Bhed workers were hospitable. Rikku, immediately after gaining their trust, asked where Gippal was. One of his men told them that he, along with Baralai and Nooj, was making an announcement at Luca to all the peoples of Spira. Not wanting to miss out, the girls rushed off to see what those men were planning.

They arrived early next morning in the wondrous, bustling city. But most of the streets were empty. After a little wandering, they made their way to the stadium. Paine asked one of the guards what was going on.

"The leaders of Spira are making a public speech. They have a message for all of Spira." he explained.

"No kiddin'? And they didn't invite us." tisked Paine.

Rikku joined the complaining, "Sometimes...Gippal just has no manners!"

"When will it start?" asked Yuna, instantly raising the guard's eyebrow.

"Oh, uh, well Lady will start in about an hour."

"I see. Perhaps we could see them beforehand?"

"Of course," he nodded, "right this way."

Leading them downstairs, Yuna remembered that this area was where the Aurochs had their locker room. She wasn't sure why, but a few images of the past came into her mind. Two years ago, she remembered Wakka's big speech, and the team listening to his every word. She laughed to herself, remembering how boisterous Wakka was during a game. However, she was quickly snapped out of her fond memory by another's voice.

"Please hurry to Besaid!" shouted a voice which Yuna was pleased to hear.

"Bahamut! You're ok!"

"Yes, thanks to you, we are all well. But I must tell you to go to Besaid. He will be awaiting you."

"Awaiting me? Who?"

"That which was built from a collective of memories a thousand years ago. Or, in simpler terms, your love."

"What?" she shouted, this time out loud, gaining everyone's attention.

"For you, Lady Yuna, we've brought back Tidus."

She cupped her mouth, but her gasp was still audible. A tear ran down her cheek, as she was overwhelmed with a flurry of emotions. If it was true, then Tidus was back in the world – alive once again. She turned around so hard that she nearly slipped, and darted back down the hallway. The girls were dumbfounded.

"Yunie! Yunie, where are you going?"

"Its Tidus! H-He's coming home!"

Rikku, her face expressing total shock, just stared at Paine. She, confused by Yuna's sporadic action, just scratched her head. Blowing out a quick sigh, she turned back to the guard.

"Guess we gotta go. Just tell them that we had to leave."

The crowd in Luca Stadium was enormous. There was hardly an empty seat, with many people standing in the aisle ways. They were all awaiting one thing – the arrival of their leaders. Even though their were thousands of people there, it was almost silent. Only a low murmur could be heard. That was, until the three men in charge of Spira's future entered the center balcony. The crowd erupted in cheer, but was quickly hushed by the men. They stood firm, but with less than joyous expressions on their faces.

Nooj stepped up to the microphone, a slight whine coming from it, "Once my friends and I dreamed of flying. We would sail a ship with me as its captain. In time, I became that captain. I found a new ship with new friends. My ship was the Youth League."

An immediate cheer rang out from amongst the crowd. Although he had been absent for a while, his followers were still ready to back him. The noise quickly subsided as Baralai approached the microphone.

"Others chose a different captain. Their boat was New Yevon."

Again, Baralai's followers showed their loyalty through vivid applause. They, too, did not waiver during his long hiatus. Finally, the crowd hushed as Gippal walked to the microphone. His body language was confident as he gestured with his arms in the air as he spoke.

"You know, I realize I'm like a lot of you people. We want a captain. And we want a ship to ride, but more important than that...really...we all want to ride together."

A gigantic ovation rumbled from all peoples in the crowd. While he was a brash person, Gippal highlighted everything the people felt with just a few sentences. Baralai stepped up to speak again.

"There are some things you can't do alone. But they become easy with friends beside you." he said, as he pulled Nooj towards him.

"This was the lesson that we learned when we launched those ships." Nooj added.

"It was power...and we misused that power. We turned our friends and followers against each other." The stadium was silent as the men, grouped tightly together, stood speechless before them. The audience waited for them to say something, holding them in a knotting suspense. All of them bowed their heads, with Nooj asking, "Forgive us." The crowd was shocked, not knowing how to react to their leaders openly apologizing to them. Sounds of dissatisfaction echoed throughout the stadium as a barrage of chatter clattered amongst them. The three men all looked around at the faces of those listening to them.

"Somehow we forgot." spoke Baralai, breaking apart the anxious silence, "There's a much larger ship out there. One we've been riding ever since we were born. That ship is Spira"

His short, simple words fed confidence back into the crowd. They cheered once again, relieved that their leaders had not abandoned them, but they weren't finished yet, as Nooj leaned up towards the microphone.

"No one knows just where our voyage will lead us. But we do know one thing," he interrupted himself, exhaling slightly while backing away from the microphone, looking at both his friends, "one way or another, we will get by. We'll go on living. The Calm will continue."

A grand cheer rang out from the peoples of Spira. Out of their seats they applauded. Gippal, with one last thing on his mind, approached the microphone once more.

"Just one more thing - we all owe thanks to a very special lady." These words were enough to indicate to whom he was referring to, as the crowd reacted with another deafening ovation. "Yeah, you all know who I'm talkin' about. We really hoped that she could be here today."

However, she was readying to leave for Besaid. Once the Fayth informed her that a special somebody was coming home, she rushed for the Celsius. Luckily they had radioed ahead of time or she would have had to wait. Parked down by the docks, she sprinted for the ship. She also saw three men standing there, causing her to halt in her tracks.

"H-how'd you guys get here so quickly?" she asked Baralai, Nooj, and Gippal.

They all laughed to each other, with Gippal adding, "Hey, we knew a shortcut."

Baralai nodded, "We had to thank you before you left. We don't know what you're hurrying for, but we won't hold you long."

"No,'s alright. I guess I'm just a little flustered..."

Nooj chuckled, "Quite alright, you've earned to lose your head every once in a while. Please, to where ever you go, good luck and safe passage."

They all nodded in unison, with Gippal giving her a big grin. She, too, smiled, and thanked them for all they did for her. Finally arriving was Rikku and Paine. Gippal, seeing Rikku run up, gave her a flick in the ear.

"Hey, what'cha ya do that for?"

"Heh, you be careful now squirt. I'll come visit you when I get some free time."

The two gazed into each other's eyes. Then Rikku stuck her tongue out at him and scampered away. Before she entered the ship, she turned back around. Flashing a bright smile to Gippal, she blew him a kiss goodbye. Shortly after Gippal finished off their speech, the Celsius' engines began to rumble as they took off.

"See you next time kiddies! Yeehaw!" Brother shouted to the stadium as they flew away from Luca.

The girls were on top of the deck, looking at the wonderful blue sky in front of them. To say Yuna was anxious was an understatement.

"Brother, Faster!" she yelled down to the bridge as loudly as she could. "Rrrrroger!" bellowed Brother as the ship zoomed over the ocean.

Her nerves tingles with anticipation. She had longed to have Tidus back for what seemed like an eternity. There wasn't a day that passed when he didn't evade her thoughts. But those days would quickly cease. Closing her eyes, she pictured he pearly smile, knowing that it would become more than just her memories very soon. She would be reunited. Beneath the waves of the ocean, a few pyreflies began to swirl, entwining with each other. From the dark depths of the sea they formed the son of Jecht, and the guardian who protected Yuna to the end.

From the fetal position, he uncurled and swam up to the surface. Brushing the water off his face, he looked around him. For the first time in a long time, he felt the soothing warm sun radiate upon his face. Turning around, he spotted the first place on Spira which was like home to him. Letting out a whistle, he heard no reply, but didn't care. He continued to bask in the golden sunshine. Then, he began swimming to the beach. He took a few step on the sandy ground. It was as firm as he was.

From above, he heard the sound of engines. Splashing up a tidal wave of water around him, he covered up his face as the airship hovered down next to him. From its open boarding ramp, a familiar woman came leaping down. Nearly into his arms Yuna jumped. It seemed even before she hit the ground did she sprint towards Tidus. For the first time, in her eyes, was him, the real him. The Fayth had truly done it; they had brought him back.

She, with arms wide open, clutched onto him. He embraced her, and the two stood together. Although she was worried at first, she could feel that he was as solid as she was.

She looked up at him, caressing his cheek with her hand, "Are...are you really back?"

He paused for a moment, then smiled, "I am back. Yuna, I am home."

"Home..." her eyes swelled with tears as she buried her teary face into his chest. "Yes, you are home. Oh Tidus I love you! I've missed you so much!"

"I've missed you so much as well. And I love you, too."

Holding her tightly as she cried, not from sadness, but from joy, the both of them wanted nothing else. It had been two years, but their separation was no more. Rikku and Paine peered out from the Celsius at them. Rikku giggled, happy to see her cousin finally getting what she deserved. Paine had to laugh as well.

"Is he really that good?" she asked Rikku.

Rikku shrugged, "Heh, I dunno really. But to her, he's all she needs. So I guess then, he is perfect."

They were not alone, however. A crowd of islanders were now spectating on the two lovebirds. Standing amongst them, was the Fayth. They had went to the island to tell them as well as Yuna. Bahamut, his gift to Yuna finally complete, nodded to himself. With Spira freed from its spiral of death, he could go away free.

"Hey, why don't you two get a room!" shouted Wakka with an enormous grin on his face.

Tidus, looking up at him, waved his hand at him, "Who asked you to come, Wakka?"

With Wakka chuckling to himself, Lulu shook her head. Tidus began leading Yuna back to the crowd, but ended up finding himself being led. Yuna grabbed his hand and pulled him along.

"W-whoa! You've sure changed a bit." he commented, smiling at his love.

"Heh,'ve missed a few things."

"Then you have to tell me everything."

As they came together with the crowd, the day was spent, as well as many to come, reuniting the fated lovers. Those two years she was without him faded instantly. She no longer had to imagine life without him – he was alive again. There was much to tell, but there was the time to tell it in. It wasn't long before the two were married. Set in Bevelle, the people of New Yevon had the entire city decorated for the occasion. While Tidus thought they should have it in Besaid, Lulu knew better.

With all the people who wanted to attend, the tiny island wouldn't have been enough to sustain a wedding of that stature. And many people did attend. The Aurochs, Elma, and Lucil, Maechen, O'aka, Clasko, Rin, Nhadala, Rhala, and Gadrock, the list went on and on. Also in attendance were Dona and Barthello. Yuna was happy to hear that they had reconciled their differences. They were also planning to get married, once things settled down again. Many of the Ronso, including Garik, were there. He formally apologized to Yuna. She was just glad to know he was still alive.

All of the Leblanc Syndicate showed up as well, getting their own section in the crowd. The entertainment was provided by none other than Tolbi and crew. He insisted on creating the festivities and atmosphere for the guests. Barkeep readied the open bar for the reception. Cid was also there, of course along with Buddy, Brother, and Shinra. Brother had planned one hell of a bachelor party for Tidus, but Rikku and Paine kept their watchful eyes over him. And the most auspicious guests were the three leaders of Spira – Nooj, Baralai, and Gippal. They would not miss this event for the world, all of which was being covered by Shelinda.

Even Beclem came to see, as he admired Yuna deeply, even if he would never admit to it. The best man, of course, was Wakka. He felt strange all dressed up. Lulu fixed the collar of his shirt. This was a moment he'd been waiting for secretly for years, ever since he helped Yuna grow up all those years ago. The ceremony was a grand spectacle. Yuna was a little nervous, as she jokingly said that the last time she was getting married in Bevelle, things didn't go so well. But this time, she was with her love.

They walked, they kissed, and they were happily tied together. In the depths of her soul, she could feel the same of Lenne and Shuyin, as she did herself. They were also together somewhere – somewhere they could be together always. Much of Spira shared in her union. The conflict between New Yevon and the Youth League was settled. Baralai and Nooj made sure that each and every one of their members knew exactly what Yuna had done for them. Working together, they built Spira anew, and prospered. The Ronso made peace with the Guado. Seeing how the rest of Spira had laid down their differences, they felt compelled to do the same.

To honor Yuna's amazing accomplishments, they erected a statue among with wispy clouds of the mountain peaks. Standing tall, the statue easily portrayed her strength and courage. Nonetheless, when compared to the real thing, it seemed to overshadow the little summoner. One time, when Yuna visited Mount Gagazet, she had said that she was a little dwarf compared to her stony counterpart. With the Guado no longer in fear of slaughter and war, they slowly came out of the forest.

Both Yuna and the Ronso helped them rebuild their lives in Guadosalam. No longer did they have to drown in their pity amidst the dying trees. They eventually joined themselves with the rest of Spiran society, with Tromell as their leader. Other parts of Spira remained the same, such as Luca. It was still a busy, exciting city of trade and entertainment. Yuna became a symbol of the Aurochs as much as their logo did. However, they lost in the semifinals for the following two years, but did win the championships the year after that. Rin, once he settled his chocobos in Mi'hen, asked Nhadala to marry him. Accepting his proposal, as well as his fancy ring, the two were married.

She eventually handed her digging operation over to Gippal, and went to live in Mi'hen. They had two children, two boys to take over the family business. Rin's Travel Agency remained ever popular, but his Sphere Break flopped awfully. Leblanc continued her syndicate of sphere hunting. Her dreams to live happily forever with Nooj, however, did not come true.

They married a little more than a year after Yuna did, and even had a little boy to raise. But ten years afterwards, Nooj died in an accident to save one of his members. Afterwards, her syndicate broke up, but Logos and Ormi always stayed faithfully together with their boss. On Besaid, Yuna and Tidus, as well as all the islanders, lived pleasantly. Yuna, though, traveled often.

She, with Rikku and Paine, toured around Spira singing and playing music for them. They called themselves "YPR." She stopped when she had her cherished little daughter – Lenne. For the person, besides Tidus, that she held dearest in her heart, she named her child after.

Paine, on the other hand, went to Bevelle to live afterwards. After a few years, she and Baralai married. They never had any children, but did come back to live in Besaid once he retired from being Praetor.

To the children of the island, she told many stories of the past, including her adventures with the Gullwings. Yuna always laughed, saying she was becoming a lot like Maechen. Rikku went off adventuring on her own for a while after Yuna had her child. Since she was younger, she still had a free spirit within her that needed released. She also went around helping those who were less off. In a way, she became as big a charity to Spira as Yuna did, and many people looked up to her as well. She, of course, was joined by Buddy, Brother, and Shinra in her endeavors, as her father wouldn't have her parading around Spira alone.

It was many years after she and Gippal met, far longer than Yuna or Paine thought it would take, but they eventually married. They had two bratsto raise, a little boy and girl. Yuna was amazed at how Rikku matured, a word not typically associated with her, once she had children. She turned into a regular housewife, something she did not find very complementary. Lulu and Wakka continued to raise their son.

Vidina had the godmother Lulu always wanted him to have. He eventually grew up to be a great man, and eventually became leader of the Youth League. He was humble like his old man, whom he almost lost tragically. On return from Luca, his ship wrecked and he almost drowned at sea if it wasn't for Tidus. After that day, Wakka would never go to sea without him again. Staring at the mystical sight before them, Yuna held tightly onto Tidus' arm. Even though her face had wrinkled slightly from age, Tidus saw nothing but the most beautiful sight he'd ever laid eyes on. The pyreflies flied freely in the ruins of Zanarkand. It was enchanting, yet haunting for anyone who held a tie to this place. It was where the world of the living and the world of the dead collided. Be it the present, or a thousand years ago, the memories were everlasting.

"Mother," asked Lenne as she climbed up on to one of the rocks. "Why do you look so sad when you're here?"

She smiled, "It's not that I'm sad, Lenne. I just have a lot of memories from this place."

"Memories? You mean when you fought Sin here?"

Her mother nodded, looking coyly at her husband. He smiled back at her, and they embraced. Both of them shared those same memories. She could still remember the sacrifices that occurred here. However, as she traveled through time in her mind, she at least knew she rectified those sacrifices as best she could.

"Honey, I want you to know that you should always stay true to your heart." she told her daughter, while kneeling on the ground. Lenne walked over to her mother, and sat in her lap,

"What do you mean?"

"She means," explained Tidus, "that you control your own destiny. There will be a lot of hard times in your life. You just have to have the strength to see through them." "So you mean when I have to fight a big terrible monster, I just have to be strong?"

Yuna closed her eyes, smiling brightly, "Yes. All you have to be is brave."

Holding her daughter tightly, she thought back to the Lenne from the past. She didn't know what might lie ahead, she only hoped it would never come to a tragedy like that. Be it two years or a thousand years, she never wanted her daughter to face the adversity that she and Lenne had. Looking up to the sky, though, she knew that they were together somewhere peacefully. As the pyreflies faded into the night sky, the little family left for home. The spirits of Zanarkand rested gently in their slumber. Such was the world that Spira became. For centuries it had been plagued by hardship and despair. No longer was it the spiral of death, as it so was fated to be. Yuna had accomplished what no summoner could ever have. She had stared into the face of adversity, and won. And for it, she could live happily with those she loved. Each time she looked up into the night's sky, she remember all that had happened in her life. In the end, even from all that had occurred, she could still smile.

The End