Hello! Baby

a/n: Just a quick fiction about the facts of life - lol, except it's based in the wonderful world of dbz!

Storm clouds were gathering outside in a dark mass of fury and thunder rolling in the distance. It was loud and it sounded as though the heavens were to wreak havoc onto the planet earth, or maybe that was just what it sounded like when you had a hangover. Nulma rolled off the side of the bed and realised she had thrown up there are few hours before she had crawled into her bed. The cold vomit on her face made her heave so she rushed to the bathroom andleaned over the toilet, she felt like she was going to be sick again. She held her stomach as she threw up.

She noticed out of the corner of her there was movement in her bed beneath the sheets. Quickly she grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned her mouth of any possible mess. She looked at herself in the mirror and she gasped, her make-up looked traigcally smudged and her hair look as though she had been electricuted several times. She combed it back down with her fingers and desperately tried to rub off the mascara that had begun to run down her face. Whoever was in her bed, she had to make sure she looked impressive.

Tip-toeing across the floor she whipped the sheets off the stranger and shrieked in dispair, her hands covering her gaping mouth. Vegeta rolled over and gazed up at her, he did not look so shocked, in fact with that smug look on his face he seemed to be rather pleased of himself. His eyes are on her, going up and down. Bulma looked down and realised she completely naked, her womanhood and her plump supple breasts exposed and she dashed back to the bathroom and slammed the door shut. With her back pressed firmly against the door, her chest heaving rapidly as she tried to grasp the concept of what hat happened last night. It all seemed blank, but the more she thought about it blurry images came back to her mind and suddenly she remembered sitting at the bar down the road after something bad happened and then at some point resting her hand on his crotch. Then it came back to her.

"Yamcha...dumped...me..." Bulma wailed and fell onto the floor. Her guts hurt from all the vomiting although she felt as though she was going to throw up again. Yamcha had left her for another younger woman at the bar so she had called up Vegeta who had reluctantly accepted the invitation for a few drinks.

She heard foot steps in the bedroom, Vegeta was getting up and heading towards her direction. She felt panicked and stressed and crawled over to the toilet basin again as she felt as though there somthing was awfully wrong with her body. Vegeta opened the bathroom door, he could feel her ki was weakening and he knew this was a sure sign she was sick.

"Bulma?" Vegeta's voice was husky from last nights drinking session. He had to admit, Bulma was a fun girl and he didn't understand why an idiot like Yamcha didn't realise what a great girl he had but after all, he was an idiot. He heard a thump then he rushed to the toilet where Bulma's body was laying on the floor, limp and seemingly lifeless. He scooped her up in his arms and took her over to the bed and rested her body gently onto the mattress.Her face was pale and her ki was diminishing. He placed his hand over her stomach and he feel the sickness inside of her but then, it didn't really feel like a sickness of any kind that he was familiar with. He rubbed her stomach again in circular motions and then he felt it. His eyes nearly popped out of his head and he jumped back and away from her.

Bulma's eyes open slightly and she stared at him, "what's wrong?" Vegeta blinked, what was he going to do? He couldn't accept this. Last night was just a load of hazey drunken memories of wild, unbridled sexual moments...in the taxi...on the front porch...in the shower...on the couch and then in the bed...it was incredible. He looked at her, though she was sickly looking now her body was still appealing, slender and after what had happened last night, it was also strong and quite flexible in the most pleasurable way.

"I feel so horrible...my head hurts and last night..." Bulma coughed, her stomach was churning and the painwas so intense.

"Last night was, as it appears to be our destiny...you're a princess you know...after spending the night with a saiyan prince" he smiled and then he sat by her side, stroking her head affectionately. What had come over him? He felt drawn to her now, like a magnet. There was something about her scent, it had changed from last night. There was something to do with the mating that had taken place, his body was now beginning to bond with her body, he felt strange needs to hold her and touch her and kiss her. He leaned forward and nibbled her on her ear lobe and then down her neck he traced her warm flesh with his tongue.

Bulma gasped in response and the feeling of sickness lifted, "princess?" He cupped her face with his strong palm and looked into her eyes.

"You're not sick, there is a small ki in your stomach, gathered by a few cells blending together and growing..." he smiled, the thought of such a successful mating seemed like a dream.

"If you're saying what i think you're saying then i definately want to get the hell out of here" Bulma leaned forward and tried to get up but everything hurt and she fell back, though the prince caught her gently in his arms and helped to lift her up.

"Would it be so bad?" He asked as she hobbled over to the door to leave the room ,sill clutching her stomach.

"I can't do this Vegeta, last night i was drunk...i can't be a mother...my body...my life" Bulma began to cry as she opened the door. Vegeta was quiet for a few minutes, his eyes fixated upon her body, something inside him was telling him to not let her go anywhere, she was carrying his offspring, she had accepted his body last night which sealed the bond between them, he had to speak up.

"You would be beautiful mother, and i would be loyal to someone as beautiful as you. I'm not an idiot like you know who and there's something about you know which makes me want to run over there and kiss you and i'm trying to hold back and it hurts, it really does.." Vegeta stood up, it did hurt and it looked as though she was begining to see that. She glared at him, her eyes first clouded by anger but it looked as the those clouds were begining to lift.

The rain outside was beating down onto the roof and Bulma's head had ceased it's thumping and she felt Vegeta's ki soaring through her body, "what's happening?"

"Our love is sealed from last night and now my ki flows through your body to ease your pain because i do not want any harm to come to my mate" Vegeta explained, almost amazed that he himself knew what was happening. It was a starnge feeling being connected to her like this now but at the same time it was a satisfying feeling and he was curious what it feel like next time they made love, he would feel their pleasure combined. Bulma was silent for a moment.

"I'm going to have your baby..." her eyes are teary but then she found solid arms folded around her body, his hands resting gently on her belly. He nibbled her ear again and purred.

"Our baby, our son..." he whispered. She spun around and she looked into his eyes. He would certainly be loyal and he obviously cared for her if he was sharing his ki to ease her pain, he was offering her a better life than what Yamcha had offered plus a whole lot more, she had remembered their several outrageous acts last night and each experience forced her to reach and extreme pleasureable height like she had never felt before and he could sense the sex of their unborn child.

"Damn!" She gurmbled.

"What now woman?" Vegeta grunted.

"I'm in love with..." She leaned for and kissed him on his cheek then nuzzled her face deep into his chest which felt unbelievably good, as though her body really was bonded to his. She kissed his naked chest and closed her eyes as he carried her back to bed and began to draw her a nice hot bath.

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