Chapter 8

a/n: I just had to continue, there are just so many issues you can explore with Vegeta, he is just a real complex character, I think that's why we all adore him so much, also because he's such a darn hottie. The smirk, the body, the attitude…let's face it, it only gets better with future Trunks!

Anyway, who feels like seeing someone handing out punches of revenge? Read on…and please R&R!

……….warning:Yamcha bashing imminent……….

Things aren't just simple anymore. I use to be a killing machine, I never felt remorse or regret, killing was what I was made to do, it was my life. My life now, it's too complicated and with doom heading our way I can't say I'm not afraid anymore because, for the first time in my whole life I do feel dear, but not for myself, but for what is now supposed to be my family. Perhaps I am growing soft in my old age, but perhaps it's because I've allowed myself to care so much for other beings. I couldn't give a damn about losing anyone else or losing the planet but I think now I would give up my life for without a doubt. I wonder what my father would be thinking of me right now, would he be proud? Sure, I feel helpless and slightly dopey around her but then my training has succeeded past my own expectations, there feels like there's no limit. How far can I push myself now? Blast these stupid fucking emotions, it's all because of here that I feel them in the first place, but then there is also the boy now…

Vegeta tossed and turned in his sleep, and although his eyes were closed his mind would not settle. Time was going by quickly, he had but a few weeks of peace before the androids were supposed to arrive. His son was still an infant but his energy level was significant, he knew that someday he would be a great fighter. Bulma was awake though, just staring at her restless husband, she had a feeling she knew what he was thinking about and she felt such deep pity for him, it was mostly up to him and Goku for the upcoming battle and they were the ones with the family to lose, it didn't seem fair but that's was the way things would be from now on, two super saiyans fighting for the planet and for their love. She caressed his forehead, stroking it gently.

The next day…

Vegeta was working out in the gravity chamber, he had upped the level to 500g and his muscles were straining from the excessive effort he was putting in and from exhaustion. He was seeing how far he could go before he would need to transform and he felt there was still a lot of work that needed to be done. The trainer bots were zooming around him, blasting laser beams in all directions, the prince tested his speed but under the instructions of Dr Briefs he did not attempt to destroy the little bots again, apparently they were quite expensive to repair. He dodged each bot successfully until, after about six hours or so of training the bots batteries finally died.

Bulma was out the front of the house, playing with baby Trunks, the boy was just beginning to learn how to walk and Mrs Briefs was watching on in admiration of her little grandson.

"Awe! He's so strong!" Mrs Briefs exclaimed.

Vegeta stepped out of the gravity chamber, his chest bear, wearing only small black shorts and a white towel draping over his shoulders, "he's only going to get stronger!"

"Oh please! He's just learning how to walk, not save the world or anything!" Bulma laughed as her son took another three steps towards her. His arms were outstretched and there was a determined look on his face, he was concentrating very hard and Vegeta noticed how his son's energy flared slightly with each step.

"Whatever" Vegeta shrugged and headed towards the house, patting his mate on her bum playfully as he brushed pass her, "I think I might go out for bit, I won't be long."

"Ok, but please tike the Suzuki instead of flying around, that can really freak out the locals if you know what I mean" Bulma warned. Vegeta just grunted in response, Bulma took that as a yes. She thought it was funny how she could work him out sometimes when he barely said anything.

Vegeta showered quickly and looked for some daywear. He liked most of the clothes Bulma had bought him, but others, like the pink Badman shirt were just plain silly and he knew she had given them to him just to piss him off, and most of the time it worked. He found his favorite pair of black jeans, a dirty old white tank top and his Badman black leather jack matching with some seriously hot black biker boots. He stood in front of the full length mirror in the bath room and grinned, he looked like some evil gang member and he thought he looked cool. He didn't bother with a helmet, there was no way any sort of road accident was going to seriously hurt him and if the cops pulled him over he could just fly off somewhere. The prince took one last glimpse of himself before he went downstairs and towards the door that lead to the garage, where he kept his beautiful red 1100cc Suzuki bike. He pressed the automatic door for the garage so he could back out his bike, then he hopped on and sped off, waving to his mate as he passed her by.

He felt he owed someone a visit, someone he hadn't seen in over a year. All of the thoughts that were running through his head last night were still there; there was just something he could not let go. He had indeed fallen for Bulma, and, because of his pride, he just could let her go through all of that pain when he had abandoned her for nothing, she had been to hell and back when he should have been by her side, and although from that moment on he had loved her; he had never sought justice for her. A primal instinct was flowing through his veins; his heat was pounding fast but at a steady rate and he felt his chi flowing through his body, he felt it grow and surge throughout his entire being. His bike was going at full speed heading into Satan City, going at what he thought was a lazy 175km/ph, his legs were gripping the side of the bike as he turned the sharper corners, he could feel the tar road grazing his knee and feel the power of the beast of a machine underneath him.

"You thought you got away. You thought I would never come back. For once I'm happy to cross paths with you again, so that I may end yours!" Vegeta growled under his breath as he soared down the highway.