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Dark: :Glares at Mujyaki: You are not!

Mujyaki: Yes I will!

Krad: :Intrested: when's this gonna happen?

Mujyaki: :evil laugh: Just wait and see my dear Krad, wait and see.









Purple eyes stared out of the window of a train. The youth sighed. It had been just a few months since his mother had died. He was told by his mother to move to Tokyo once she had died. She died of cancer. His father had died when he was three years old in a car accedent. A stray piece of purple hair fell onto his face, he blew it away from his face but it just came back. He was to live with his cousin in Tokyo. Time passed and before he knew it he arrived. Dark left the cart, he was supposed to find the Niwa family but how was he supposed to find them if he had never seen them in his life? A boy with ruby red eyes and flame red hair answered his thoughts.

"Dark Mousy?" the boy asked.

"Hai?" was the answer.

"I'm Daisuke Niwa, I'm here to collect you. The car is just outside."

Dark nodded and followed the smaller boy. Daisuke then spoke, "How was the train ride? It would have been pretty long from Hokkaido."

"It was okay I guess. Um…out of question, did a white rabbit arrive at your place yet?"

"Yep, your rabbit is just fine."

A sigh of relief from Dark was heard. The amethyst-eyed boy would have been devastated if anything had happened to With. With was the only one he had, his mom got the rabbit as a birthday present for Dark when he was ten. Just outside the station stood a woman with brown-blond hair with a man that looked like Daisuke with black hair and black eyes. Both had different hair colors compared to Daisuke.

'How did Daisuke get that hair color?'

His thoughts were cut by a squeal from Mrs. Niwa, "Kyaaa Dark-chan your all grown up! And you're so pretty!" She hugged him.

"I'm only seventeen Emiko-Obasan…" gasped the teen while being hugged tight.

Abruptly he was let go of then Emiko glared at him, "Don't call me Emiko-Obasan. Call me Emiko-san. Wakatta?"

"H-hai, wakari mashita."

Emiko smiled, "Good, now lets get this in the car."

Kosuke came over and loaded Dark's suitcase into the car. All of them entered the car and took their journey home. Dark was staring out of the window; looking at the scenery around him. It was so different to where he lived. Before he knew it they had reached Darks new home. Emiko smiled at Dark, "Welcome to your new home Dark."

Dark smiled, "Thank you." He entered the house. It was big. That was the only thing Dark could think about. Daisuke tapped his shoulder, "Dark, your room is this way."

Dark followed the red haired teen to a room down the corridor. As Daisuke opened the door, a white ball of fluff jumped on Dark. "Kyu" it said.

The purple haired teen laughed, "I missed ya too With."

Ruby red eyes smiled, "Yokatta ne, With was so sad without you. Ah, sou sou, if you need anything just call or knock at my door. My room is opposite yours." He then left Dark with his rabbit in new room.

The amethyst-eyed boy put his rabbit down and started to unpack. A range of clothes he had in his bag, he stopped to look at the pictures he had and gifts he had received from his friends. But one gift stood out from the rest. Though it had been many years ago the violet haired boy had treasured it. It was a black winged pendant on a chain. That black winged pendant also had a partner; a white winged pendant. Dark smiled at the memory of when he had first met the person who had given him the pendant.

: Flash Back:

A five-year-old Dark was sitting down and was crying. He had lost his mom when his mom and we were having a walk. He had let go of his mom's hand while she was talking to a neighbor and went to look at some kittens at a pet store. Once he had finished looking at the kittens' play he noticed that he had walked off without his mom. Tears streamed down the small child's face until a kind angelic voice asked him, "Are you okay?"

Dark looked up to see and angel with shoulder length blond hair and gold eyes. "I lost my mama…" the five year old cried.

The "Angel" smiled, "I'll help you find her."


"Yep, what does she look like?"

Dark thought a bit, "She has the same hair color as me but it's long. She also has red eyes and people say that I look like her."

The angel stood up, "what's your name?"


"I'm Krad."

Dark stood up and held onto Krads hand (a/n: awww….) and the two went off to look for Dark's mom. They had found her and she thanked Krad for his help as well as Dark and he offered to be Krad's friend. The two had become very good friends in easily and were inseparable…until that day.

Krad had to move because of his dad's business. The heart broken Dark kept crying and didn't want to let the older blond go. Krad too was heart broken but he smiled; trying to hold back tears, "Dark, I promise I'll find you."

The violet hair boy sniffed, "How will we know who we are when we're older?"

The golden-eyed boy placed a black winged pendant around the amethyst-eyed boy's neck, " I have the other half of this, and it's a white wing. All you have to do is look for someone who has a white winged pendant."

Dark hugged the older boy one last time. When he let go of Krad, the blond kissed Dark on the forehead and said, "I'll see you again." Good-bye wasn't needed since they would find each other again.

: End Flash back:

Dark put the necklace around his neck and smiled, maybe, just maybe Krad was in Tokyo, if he were, then that's one friend that he would have. Emiko's voice rung through the house saying that dinner was ready. Dark picked up With and headed down stairs.


Dark: You killed my parents??

Mujyaki: They're not you real parents…

Dark: But they're still my parents!

Mujyaki: Do you want to be paired up with Krad or not?

Dark: Uhm…not…

Krad: :Whispers in Mujyaki's ear: How about a lemon Chapter?

Mujyaki: I'll think about it.

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