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"He should be here anytime soon…"

Ding Dong

"Ah! That should be him!" Emiko smiled and went to answer the door.

"Good evening." Dark's partner greeted.

Amethyst eyes widened. "You…"

A smirk formed on the face of the new comer. Golden eyes had a glint of mischief as they gazed into purple and took in the delicious image in front of him. "Nice to meet you again…Dark. Or should I say, Phantom Thief Black Wings (1)?"

The woman smiled warmly at the teen at the door. "Good evening Shinya. It's great to have you here." The said teen nodded in response, smiling back at the kind woman. "How did you two meet?" she asked the newcomer. Shinya was wearing a long sleeved turtleneck top, black pants, gloves, back shoes and a beanie on his head. All the black had brought out his gold eyes; more was the main feature on his face.

Dark was stunned, everything was just so surreal, Emiko being in that part of his family, Shinya being his partner…what's next? Daisuke is actually a girl? He shook his head at that thought after giving a mental shudder. /That was just stepping over the line…/

Emiko smiled and practically pushed the boys out of the house. "Okay, okay go now or you might get late!"

"Oh, I see. Well, let's get working. We don't want the legendary Phantom Thief Black Wings to get late, ne?" The brown haired woman pushed the two towards a secret exit. "Hai, Ittekimasu.(2)" Dark put the mask on. His pet had turned into a larger black form of itself with wings(3). The black creature grabbed the material on Dark's back and took off into the night.

Before Shinya was able to walk out of the door, Emiko stopped him. "Take care of Dark." The golden-eyed teen grinned. "You know I would." Then with a blink of an eye, he disappeared into the shadows of the night


At the museum, the longhaired blonde stood in front of the painting. His cat-like golden eyes stared at the painting, studying each brush stroke, each detail. As he gazed at the master piece, he noticed the angel in the painting looked very familiar. He knew the face very well but couldn't put his finger on who it was.

The angel had long silken purple hair, sparkling amethyst eyes, porcelain fair skin that looked so soft to touch. The figure also had a small amount of blush on its cheeks that brought out the purple orbs more. However, unlike a normal angel, this angel had raven black wings. This had brought a bit of confusion to Krad. Why would a Hikari paint a black-winged angel?

Krad was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard an officer tell him the status. "Sir, everything is set." The blonde nodded. "Good, now go get ready for the arrival of Black Wings." The officer obeyed and went to his post.

"Sa…let's see if you can get past me…Black Wings…" Krad smirked then hid into the shadows of the museum.


"Okay, got it?"

"Hai, hai…" Dark sighed, he wasn't stupid; he knew what he was doing. After all, he had enough experience and proof of this.

"Dark, I mean it, you need to take precautions. And if you screw this up, Emiko-san would have my head for this." Shinya warned, he knew the wrath of Mrs. Niwa and he did NOT want to be experiencing it first hand.

"Yeah, I heard you the first time!" Was the stubborn response before Dark slipped into the museum.

Shaking his head, Shinya decided to follow along the outside, keeping a steady eye on his partner through the large windows.

As the thief slipped in, he noticed a guard by a corner and smirked, if he played his cards right, this maneuver would be so easy to tackle. Creeping up behind the guard, he knocked the man unconscious and dragged the poor man into a closet. Not a moment later, he came back in the uniform and grinned before blowing the whistle; alerting all officers, "Thief Black Wings when to the west!" He called, watching the stampede of blue uniformed police leave the premises and end up going outside.


Golden eyes blinked as he watched the officers leave their posts, "What's happening?" he asked one officer.

"Sir!" The police saluted the commander in chief, "There have been reports that the thief has went to the west end, sir!"

Krad's eyes widened in realization before he nodded, "Alright, dismissed." He smirked as he watched the police leave before walking back to his own post.

As Dark strolled along the empty hall way of the museum, his trained amethyst eyes scanned at all the works, paintings and sculptures alike. He admired all the art works until he stopped at his destination. He looked up at the painting and gapped, it certainly was the most beautiful in the museum and a sense of familiarity to it. A soft tap at the window made Dark turn to find his partner who was obviously not too happy that his partner was inside taking a long time while he was outside, shivering in the cold of the night and waiting Shinya motioned for Dark to hurry up, and he didn't want to wait outside any longer. Heaving a sigh, the disguised thief leaned out to take the painting. But as soon as his fingers touched the frame, a voice echoed in the room.

"Why Good evening Thief Black Wings…"

Dark turned swiftly to find the source of the smooth voice and found a figure in the shadows, "Who's there?" he asked keeping his guard in case the mysterious male would attack.

As the stranger revealed himself, Dark's eyes widened behind his cloth mask, it was Krad!

The blonde seemed to notice the look of shock in the thief's expressions and smirked. He took this situation as an advantage and swiftly stepped up to Dark, entwining his hand with Black Wings' and the other slipping around the thief's waist. It was only when he heard a soft metal click was when he snapped out of his state of shock, "Got you…" The officer snickered. He found the body stiffening in his arms rather amusing.

Dark mentally slapped himself, how could he get caught up so easily? He tried to struggle from the strong hold but found he was indeed handcuffed. Would this be the end of him? Would he be finally in jail for all the other steals he made as well?

A loud crash of breaking glass got the attention of both thief and officer and turned to find a large black nine tailed fox, glaring at the blonde commander-in-chief with raging crimson eyes. With a swift swipe, it leaped, snatching both Dark and the painting. Within seconds, the two were gone, vanished into the night.

"What was…?" Krad stared at the space where the thief and the fox had been before composing himself, he smirked, "I see the war has only begun…" Turning, his mind started to form ideas. He wasn't stupid, it was impossible to miss that mop of purple locks that only belonged to one person, "Well…I'll see you tomorrow…Dark Mousy…"


Omake 1:

Person at door: Good evening

Dark: (eyes widen) You…

Pizza boy: (blink) Uh…yeah, so it's $20

Dark: Oh, right, here you go (pays, takes the pizza and closes the door) So…what was happening again?

Everyone else: (sweatdrop)

Omake 2:

Dark: (knocks guy out and drags him into a closet)

(moment of silence)

Voice 1: Oh yes! Yes! Harder, faster…oh fuck me good!

Voice 2: Yeah, you like that baby, c'mon, take it!

(scream and groan)

Dark: (comes out sweaty and in the police uniform and a slight ache in the ass) There…FINALLY he's unconscious…(limps away)


Mujy: AHAHAH…(sweatdrop) Okay…the omakes are lacking…and the last one was perverted…but I can't help it! (Has arrow to head saying that I'm a perv) Anyways, I hope you like the actual chapter. And am really sorry for the wait, hopefully the next chapters will be better.

Yes…well…err…I needed another name for the Legendary Thief so…yesh, used what he has, Black wings! XD;;

Hai, Ittekimasu "Yes, I'm going" In Japan, they have a saying when they leave the house, "Ittekimasu" (I'm leaving) is said by the person going out and "Itterashai" is said by the person who is still home. Really has no direct translation but it can be close to, "Have a safe trip"

Uhm yeah, just taking the image out from the manga where With does become a bigger blacker version. I couldn't help it, he was just sooo cute in the manga