Author's Notes: I felt I needed a change of pace, so here I am writing fanfics for a different show than my usual and in an approach I haven't tried before. I'm a big fan of fantasy stories with a world-that-never-was feel. Take for example some of Miyazaki's films such as Castle in the Sky. Thought I'd give it a try while still keeping a sense of Tolkkien and Robert Jordan integrated in, as both are influential to me. The result is a fantasy world much different from our own, but maintaining the ambience of co-existent magic, science, and spirituality present in many of Myazaki's films.

Bear in mind, that this is just the prologue. Things will get swinging when I... actually to be honest, whenever the hell I feel like it. I won't lie to you people, I'm lazy and have the attention span of a gnat.

Temple of the Black Sun

Prologue- The Call is Made

Tamaran. The jewel of civilization, the greatest empire to have ever existed. Spanning a continent and tracing its lineage back through many dynasties. It was during the V'ar Dynasty that Tamaran entered a new period in its storied history that scholars would remember fondly for eons. It was an era of prosperity and learning. It was an age of peace and enlightenment. It was the Age of the Golden Sun, prophesized for centuries as a turning point for all civilization.

There were many, many stories to tell from this Age. Stories of heroism and villainy, of love and tragedy, genius and madness, redemption and retribution. As many stories as there were stars in the sky. But the story most important to this Age, and the one you shall now hear, is one of many things. It is a story of adventure, bravery, valor, true love, deception, betrayal, atonement, hubris, miracles, and magic. But most of all it is the story of how even the most unlikely heroes can make a difference to others, to history, and to each other.

It began in the year of fourteen hundred and sixty-one by the Tamaranian calendar. It was in the late winter when the Emperor received notice that royal sailors had discovered a new chain of islands off the southern coast. There were traces of a past civilization, but scouts were able to find no evidence that the island had been inhabited in centuries. This was of course fantastic news. The Emperor met with his counsel to discuss the possibilities. It was decided that the islands would be colonized and the remains of the previous inhabitants studied carefully. Deliberating on the best way to accomplish this, the Emperor came to his decision.

A week later, a proclamation was issued throughout Tamaran. The Emperor announced the discovery of the new islands and called on brave souls with the skills and will to survive to pave the way for colonists. Mercenaries, vagabonds, scouts, huntsmen, and all other types came to the Stone Coast, so named because of the cities built into the cliffs overlooking the sea. In droves they came, all in hope of being selected to be on one of the two ships bound for the new islands. Some were risking everything for this opportunity. Others had nothing to lose and wanted to start anew. From all over the empire, the would-be colonists flocked. From the towers and spires of Gotham, the oasis cities in the Sea of Fire, the clockwork cities of Jump, the harsh Shadowlands, the sylvan glens of Verdania, and even the capitol of Tamaran itself where the old blood was still passed on. The streets were filled with the most unusual group of travelers one had ever seen.

Amongst these travelers were six young people with disparate backgrounds and motivations. They would all be chosen. They would all be going to the islands. And each and every one of them would have a part to play in the adventure, though none of them yet knew it.

The call was made... and the heroes answered.


Author's Notes: I never really felt very good about writing something so short. I guess I console myself with the fact that my chapters tend to average between 2,000-4,000 words each. Oh well...