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Chapter 3: Friends?

"I have too many of those," Jenna mumbled to herself as she counted all the bugs that she had collected onto big flat leaves. Walking back to where the three friends still slept, Jenna placed the sixth leaf in its place next to the other five. Smiling, the young lioness scampered off in order to get more leaves and fill them with all kinds of bugs.

"Three for each," Jenna said aloud as she knew how much Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa loved the crawling flying creatures.



The bright colors of the African sun had barely made it past the trees when Jenna came back with her ninth and final leaf. From a distance away, Jenna sat back and admired her handiwork. All the leaves were lined up in a perfect straight line, with all the bugs surprisingly staying on there assigned leaf.

"Perfect," Jenna breathed as she closed her eyes and fell in to a deep sleep.


"Oh, wow!"

Timon's yell of delight woke up a sleeping Simba and Pumbaa from there slumber.

"Timon, not so loud in the morning," Simba yawned as he stretched and Pumbaa copied his friend.

"What is it?"

The warthog asked, following Timon's gaze over to where all the bugs were lined up.

"Oh wow, I've never seen anything like it! It's a smorgasbord of bugs! I wonder who did this?"

Timon jumped up and down as he was exclaiming about the bugs;

"I think I know who," Simba said as he walked over to a still sleeping Jenna. However, Timon didn't seem to notice as he looked at Pumbaa, "Awe, thanks Pumbaa! What a surprise…"

"It wasn't me Timon, I think it was Jenna."

"Jenna? Ha, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard…! Wait, maybe it could be Jenna?"

"Jenna, did you do this?"

Simba looked in amazement at all the bugs; then his gaze traveled to where Timon and Pumbaa had already begun to consume the insects.

"I made three for each," Jenna replied as the meerkat raised his head and looked at the lioness.

"You mean, you made the smorgasbord of bugs?"


"You didn't have to," Simba said.

"Yes she… oi!"

Pumbaa had nudged Timon in the side with his hoof thus making him scowl at the warthog and rub his sore side.

"I really felt bad for yesterday," Jenna said as she sat down on the ground and looked at the lion, "Go and eat Simba."

"Thank you so much!"

Pumbaa said as he belched and dove in to his third and his final leaf of creepy-crawly insects.

"Yeah," Timon mumbled as Simba swiped at his head.

"Timon, didn't your mom teach you better than that?"

Simba inquired a playful but firm tone to his voice;

"Thanks," Timon mumbled, but he had looked at Jenna when he said it.

"You're welcome," Jenna replied as she grinned at her three new friends.

The lioness stood up and nodded at the three animals, "I'm going to go to the river," she announced as Simba and Pumbaa nodded to show that they understood.

"Ok," Pumbaa exclaimed, "Have fun, and thanks again for the bugs! We love them!"

Jenna smiled at the warthog as she turned from them and began her stroll to the river that she had awakened by the day before. Sighing as she laid down near the bank, Jenna allowed her mind to travel back to before her Hakuna Matata lifestyle. It wasn't until now that Jenna had begun to regret her decision to leave her pride; after all, although she wasn't accepted by mostly everyone, there was one lion that had always been kind to her.

"Hey," the lioness jumped as she turned to see Timon behind her.

"Hi," Jenna replied, not wanting to hear anymore of Timon's bashing.

"You know the bugs, well they were really good," Timon said, sitting a little ways off from Jenna.

"I mean, how did you ever find that type of spider? I can never find those," Timon said as the awkward silence stretched on for a time. After a moment, Jenna broke out in to a huge smile.

"I used my nose to let them crawl on it; then I put them on the leaf. Have you ever had a bug up your nose before?"

Jenna and Timon laughed at the humorous incident before the meerkat cleared his throat.

"I'm sorry about how I acted earlier," Timon said.

"It's alright," Jenna replied as she looked down at the tiny creature, "Do you want me to show you that spider trick?"

"Sure," Timon answered as Jenna smiled at him.


The lioness stuck out her paw; as Timon hesitated before speaking, "I'd say we're acquaintances."

"Ummm, ok," Jenna said as she lowered her head, "Do you want a ride acquaintance?"

"Alright; but only cause Pumbaa isn't around," Timon replied as he climbed on Jenna's head and she trotted off to find the spiders.

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