Naruto slowly opened his eyes and yawned. It was already noon and he had been asleep for almost 24 hours now. He thought back to the events that occurred during the previous day..

Naruto stood there upon the cliff facing Sasuke. The piercing sound of the chidori combined with the humming of raw power produced by the rasengan was almost deafening.

"I thought it wouldn't have to come to this." Naruto said, shooting a glare at Sasuke filled with contempt and sadness.

The sudden change in Naruto's mood didn't go by unnoticed by Sasuke as he hesitated for a brief moment. After all that had been said during their drawn out battle Naruto had completely given up hope on Sasuke and all that remained was to fulfill his promise and bring him back home to Konoha.

"I will do anything it takes to gain the power I need to kill Itachi" stated Sasuke flatly.

Naruto crouched down slightly and hissed out "I promised Sakura that I'd bring you back. I won't let you become like your brother." having slight troubles speaking due to his fangs protruding from the corners of his mouth.

At the mention of his brother Sasuke just snapped. Screaming loudly he charged at Naruto, who did the same.



No longer having any doubts about hurting his former friend, Naruto pumped the rasengan with every ounce of chakra he could muster, slamming it straight into the chidori. It wasn't a match of strength.. The chidori simply dissipated as if it had never existed in the first place. Naruto let go of the rasengan and slammed his fist charged to the limit with chakra straight through Sasuke's shoulder. The last thought on Sasuke's mind before passing out from blood loss was 'How can the dobe be so strong..'

Gasping for air Naruto almost passed out right there from exhaustion. Picking up Sasuke he started the long trek back home.

On the way he met up with the rest of the team that were still conscious; Shikamaru, Kiba, Lee and the sand trio. As they backtracked their way they met up with a team of medic-nins from Konoha that were dispatched to assist them and received information that Chouji and Neji were already being transported back to Konoha for emergency treatment. Slowly making their way home the village gates soon came into view.

Sitting on top of the wall by the gate were two worried kunoichi, waiting for their friends to return. Sakura and Hinata had been sitting there for the past few hours in hopes of seeing the team's return. Sakura slowly stood up and said in a sad voice to Hinata, "I have to go home now or my parents will be worried. I don't think they'll return today". Hinata sighed and nodded then said "I'll stay for a while longer--" then she caught sight of somebody wearing an orange jacket coming out from between the trees with a group of people trailing behind him. "Naruto" Hinata whispered before she leapt off the wall and ran towards the group.

Naruto raised his line of sight and saw through blurred vision that somebody was approaching. 'I must be worse off than I thought.. I can't even see straight any longer'. As she got closer she called out "Naruto-kun!" before coming to a slow stop in front of him. "Hi..Hinata..?" Naruto took a few breaths trying to focus his vision. Naruto suddenly heard another voice speak up "What happened to Sasuke-kun? What have you done to Sasuke, Naruto?" stepping into view was a clearly upset Sakura.

Naruto set Sasuke down on the ground then turned to Sakura, "I kept my promise, Sakura-chan" he gave her a tired smile "I brought him back" only to be greeted with a fierce punch to the jaw from Sakura. "What the hell did you do to him you bastard? Were you trying to kill him?" Sakura screamed, "I hate you!" then she tried to hit him again only to have her fist caught by Naruto.

'Even now she insults me..'

At last his vision cleared and he locked eyes with Sakura, crimson meeting Emerald making her gasp in shock.

"I brought back your precious Sasuke."

Sakura spat at him and said, "Let me go you monster! You tried to kill Sasuke-kun!". The words uttered by Sakura broke Naruto's heart. He couldn't believe that a person that he had trusted for so long would so easily call him a monster. Naruto sent a weak punch connecting with her jaw sending her flying into the wall, knocking her unconscious. Naruto then turned to the chuunin gate guards that were approaching and told them "I suggest you go get Tsunade-sama before the traitor dies of blood loss" before finally letting go of the Kyuubi's chakra and falling down face forward unconscious from exhaustion.

Lying there in his bed he thought about all the events that had transpired over and over in his head until he heard a low growl.

"So you finally woke up, kit."


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