Ok, so the last chapter ended up being pretty short. This chapter will be a bit longer and have some plot development.


"So you finally woke up, kit."

Naruto froze.

'What the.. Kyuubi?'

He hurriedly scanned his surroundings in hopes of finding the source of the voice.

"That won't do, kit. As much as I'd love to be there and eat you, I'm still in here."

Naruto paused and looked down at the seal on his stomach.

"Then how the hell can I hear you? I must still be asleep or something.."

"Not quite. You see, after channeling my chakra over such an extended period of time, there were some changes in the workings of the Hakke-part of your seal."


"Be quiet mortal and let me enlighten you. To put it simply, your body is starting to grow accustomed to having my chakra run through its coils and since your body now accepts it instead of repelling it the seal changed a bit. I don't expect of you to understand this, but after the fourth and eight tangents of the Hakke re-aligned themselves, we've slowly started fusing. Although I don't like it, there's nothing I can do to stop it."


"I'd suggest you refrain from shouting out my human-given name, I can hear your thoughts just fine. There are some rather.. intriguing side-effects from our initial fusion. I hear your thoughts, I see what you see, I hear what you hear. While you were asleep I noticed some other changes. Some will become apparent right away, while others will be revealed to you in due time."

'Okay.. Now, why are you telling me these things? And what do you mean by human-given name?'

"Simply put. I've decided to start training you. As you might remember, if you die then I die. I can't have that happening. So while I remain in your body, I want that body to be strong enough to be able to survive. And regarding my name, you wouldn't be able to pronounce my true name as it involves several differently pitched growls and two distinct smells released from the glands by the root of the tail."

'Whoa.. that was unexpected.'

"Some of the changes in your body intrigue me, so if you're not going back to sleep I suggest you get your ass out of bed."

'Shut up you bastard, I was about to.'

"Go to your mirror. There's something you need to see. Your muscles will most likely be sore for a while due to your overexposure to my chakra."

'Ramen first. You second.'

"Impudent child.."

Naruto slowly dragged himself out of his bed, his muscles screaming in protest for every inch he attempted to move. After dressing himself he walked over to the cup-board and pulled out some instant ramen and set some water to cook. Sitting there waiting he went over the events again and came to the conclusion that the villagers finally would have to acknowledge him.

"I wouldn't be so sure of that."

Tuning out the Kyuubi's voice he proceeded to slurp down his breakfast and worked his way towards the bathroom. Standing in front of the mirror he shot at the Kyuubi, 'Well, now what?'.

"Channel a small amount of chakra into your eyes."

Naruto did so and gasped in surprise as the eyes of Kyuubi stared back at him.

"This is one of the.. side-effects that I've taken notice of so far. You can utilize my sense of vision if you channel chakra into your eyes. Although it cannot see a great radius and see through objects like the Byakuugan, it holds many properties of the Sharingan. Using these eyes you force your body to release adrenaline, therefore heightening the rate of which your nerves process information."

'Uh.. What does that mean?'

":sigh: You can see things in slow-motion. And just from that question from you, I've decided the first part of your training. Anyway, for normal people, releasing adrenaline for more than just a short period of time would damage their nerves but since you have my healing capabilities that won't be a problem. The other aspects of the eye are that you can copy all forms of jutsu, you can see through genjutsu and there's also a form of Doujutsu available to you that I will teach you later."

'Hey.. this is kind of cool' thought Naruto while waving his hand in front of his face.

"We'll talk more later". Right after the Kyuubi said that there was a knock on Naruto's door making him jump.

'Oi! Stupid fox, don't scare me like that!'

The kyuubi merely chuckled in reply.

Proceeding to open his door Naruto found Iruka on his doorstep.


"Naruto, I see you finally woke up. Tsunade-sama wants you to report in to the administration building. There was something she wanted to talk to you about."

"Alright, I'll be there in a few."


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