Chapter 1: Sorry Hojo (Updated)

The day was bright and sunny, the sun shinning through the window as Kagome and her classmates sat in their class listening to the last words their teacher had to say to them before they went on a two week break before graduation. "Alright class, remember to be here at noon next Saturday so we may discuss graduation. Don't forget," said the teacher as the bell rang and the students began filing out of the classroom.

"Ah I can't wait till we graduate," said Kagome as she stretched her arms over her head.

"Yeah I know. I'm surprised you even made it to senior year Kagome," said Eri.

"Yeah I'm a little surprised myself what with all the days I was absent for," said Kagome. "Guess it's a really good thing I'm great at studying and doing homework." The girl giggled and picked up her back pack.

"So what are you going to be doing for the break?" asked Eri. "Going to spend time with Inuyasha?"

"Speaking of Inuyasha, how are you two doing anyway?" said Yuka.

"Yeah how is your relationship going?" said Ayami as they made their way out of the school.

"Things between Inuyasha and I have gotten better over these past couple years. He's really come along way and opened up to me more and I love that he is always protecting me," said Kagome.

"Is he still two timing you with that other girl?" said Yuka.

"What? Inuyasha was never two timing me," Kagome replied, "things were just complicated that's all. Plus he hasn't seen Kikyo in two years. She disappeared one day and we haven't seen her since. To be honest I think it's a good thing because he's better off without her. Things were just bad whenever she was around."

"I see and speaking of guys here comes Hojo. When are you going to tell him about Inuyasha?" said Eri.

Kagome looked over at the brunet as he rode over to them on his bike. "Guess I should tell him now shouldn't I?" No matter what she tried Hojo never did give up on trying to get her to go out with him. She might as well tell him the truth.

"Hey Kagome, girls," he said.

"Hey Hojo," said the girls. They backed up a bit to give Hojo and Kagome some space.

"Hey Kagome would you like to go to the fair with me this Saturday. I have two tickets. You know since you cancel out on me all the time. So how about it?" said Hojo.

"Um Hojo, look, there's something I need to tell you," said Kagome.

"What is is?" said Hojo with confusion clearly written on his face.

"Hojo you a great guy and everything and I appriciate all that you're doing it just that... well... I just can't go out with you," said Kagome. "I never really knew how to tell you before but the reason I cancel on you all the time is well one I'm really busy and two because... I'm... well..." She closed her eyes and sighed to calm her nerves before looking at him. "I'm in love with someone else. I'm really sorry Hojo but I'd still like to be friends with you?"

The smile on Hojo's face started to fall but was quickly replaced with a new one. "It's alright Kagome, I understand and staying friends would be nice," replied Hojo. "I really appreciate you being honest with me and to be honest I kind of figure you might be but that didn't stop me from at least trying. I take it it's with that white haired guy you're always spending so much time around. Anyway, I should get going. I'll see you around Kagome." And with that he rode off down the street. Kagome saw the hurt look on his face and couldn't help but feel a bit guilty.

"You did the right thing Kagome," said Eri as she patted her friend's shoulder.

"Yeah but that doesn't make me feel better for hurting Hojo's feelings," replied Kagome as she looked at her friends. Silence fell amongst the girls as they watched Hojo ride his bike into the distance.

"Anyway," said Yuka as she broke the silence, "shouldn't you get home? I'm sure Inuyaha is waiting for you."

"Ehh, that's right," said Kagome as she panicked a little. "I promised him I'd be home early today. I'll see you girls in two weeks." The young priestess waved to her friends as she grabbed her bike and quickly headed home, hoping Inuyasha wasn't going to be mad at her for getting delayed.