Title: One last time

Disclaimer: Don't own them, never have, never will.

Notes: I was going through my tapes when I came upon this episode, "One more time" and what can I say, I got an idea. This is the episode where the team is caught, but are sent to find General Ludlum in Borneo. Near the end, I just couldn't help but wonder what if... so I thought I would write one.

What really happened in "One more time?" : The Team is caught, but is hired by the government, and are sent to rescue a general and his daughter from guerrillas in Borneo. Amy finds out about the "capture" and tells Murdock, they join forces and go to Borneo and help save the day.

This first chapter is just to remind people about the episode, plus get my part of the story going.

Warning: Shooting, explosions, pain, fear... you know me, I love to torture them!

o o o

Chapter one

o o o

"Come on! Now we've only got an hour… because Rashum is putting us in front of a firing squad. Now, I've got a plan. If it's gonna work, I've gotta get shot first," Hannibal said with his famous grin.

BA nodded in agreement as he quickly began to work, knowing that time was short.

"Get up!" BA snarled as he tried to take the mattress from beneath Ludlum.

BA could have started working on the other bunk, but he had a score with Ludlum. Ludlum had been one of his commanding officer during Vietnam. He didn't really mind that, but he did mind the fact that Ludlum had sent him to the brig. So what if he punched Ludlum in the nose? It's not like he didn't deserve it. Ludlum had called him a liar, and no one called BA Baracus a liar!

"What are you going to do?" Ludlum asked as he painfully stood up.

"What the pentagon is paying us for! To be creative," Hannibal said with a smile.

BA examined the bed frame, and smiled.

"It'll do,"

Hannibal smiled, he just loved it when a plan came together. To bad it didn't work out earlier. When they first arrived, everything was going to plan. They had managed to overpower some guards, and went straight into the room where the General and his daughter were supposed to be held. To bad the governments so called intelligence got it wrong. Instead of the cell, they landed up in the kitchen.

But, in the end, they were now in the cell with the General and his daughter, and now they were improvising. Plus, and added bonus, he got to irritate the lunatic Rashum. He just had to smile when Rashum came in, ordering them to sign confessions that they were a guerrilla force that came illegally. Rashum really thought he could use them as a international incident, not like it would have worked anyway, seeing that they were 'wanted' in their own country.

Hannibal looked around the small cell, then back outside. At first he thought he could use the chopper, but BA immediately dismissed the idea, and without anything to drug BA, that plan wouldn't work out. Also, they didn't have a pilot. Lucky for them, BA spotted a bunch of gasoline drums, which so happened to be next to an ammo dump. Which was somewhat disappointing, but gave Hannibal an idea out.

"Well, lets get started!" Hannibal said.

Soon everyone was busy helping, knowing that they didn't have much time before Rashum would be back.

o o o

Meanwhile a mile away from the compound...

Armed with only a flare gun and some smokes, two figures silently made their way through the jungle.

"Murdock?" a woman asked.

"Yeah Amy?" Murdock answered silently.

"What do you think the guys are doing here? I mean, they were captured, then they fly halfway around the world and bail out over Borneo?" Amy asked.

To be honest, Murdock feared that the government had sent them here to die. He looked at Amy and knew that she was worried, so he smiled.

"Bail out over Borneo! It's Tracey and Hepburn, right? 1942. REO studios! Nominated for best musical in the jungle,"

Amy smiled, she knew that Murdock just said that to make her feel better. It worked.

"Let's go and get the guys," Amy answered with a smile.

"Okay," Murdock replied happily.

Murdock just prayed that they wouldn't arrive too late.

o o o

Inside a cell in the compound...

Everyone had been working hard on the giant sling shot when Hannibal heard heavy footsteps coming.

"Here he comes!" Hannibal called out a warning.

BA and Face quickly hid everything, while Ludlum and his daughter took up their usual positions.

They watched as the door slammed open, revealing Rashum.

"Are you ready to confess?" Rashum asked curiously.

Hannibal smiled. It was time.

"I already gave you my answer, We're Americans. We have nothing to confess," Hannibal replied happily.

"Then you're ready to die," Rashum said evilly.

Hannibal couldn't help but smile. Everything was wrong to plan.

"Well, nobody's ever really ready, but it comes with the territory..."

Hannibal stop talking as he placed a cigar in his mouth, quickly lighting it, just in case. Once it was lit, he smiled as he stared in Rashum's heartless cold eyes.

"Let's go!" Hannibal concluded.

Rashum didn't like the smug look on Hannibal's face, it was ruining his fun. He always enjoyed watching the fear in the person's eyes before he killed them. Hannibal was ruining it for him.

Rashum looked around at everyone, a sly smile formed on his face as he found his new prey.

"You," He ordered as he pointed to Face.

All blood drained from Templeton's face as he saw the finger pointing to him. It wasn't in the plan. Hannibal was supposed to be taken first. Fear took over as the fight for survival instinct kicked in.

"Me?" Face asked in fear.

Hannibal's heart skipped a beat when he saw Rashum point to Face. He was supposed to go. It was the plan. He would be sent out, and just before he would be shot, BA would make a leak in the gasoline drums, and he would spilt out his cigar, which would light the gasoline which would cause an explosion. Giving them time to escape.

"Hey! Listen, dirtball. I'm in command here! Keep with the military tradition. I get to go first!" Hannibal shouted.

Rashum smiled.

"Take him away," He ordered to his men before turning to Hannibal, "Your turn will come later," he replied with an evil grin.

"Wait!...wait, wait guys...Lets talk about this!" Face pleaded with the men as he was being dragged.

Hannibal and BA could only watch as the Face was being pulled out by the guards. Hannibal saw the fear in Face's eyes, as he was pulled out the room.

As soon as the door closed, Hannibal turned to BA.

"Get going BA!" Hannibal ordered.

BA didn't even need the order. He knew that they had just run out of time, and Face would be the one to pay the price.

o o o

to be continued..