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Chapter Three


Suddenly, it seemed like the entire world exploded. An enormous explosion erupted from the side and the ground started shaking violently as Face was thrown onto the ground from the force.

His mind barely acknowledging what was happening as he hit the ground. Pain erupted as he landed on the hard ground.

The air was thick and stale which made it even harder to breathe. His ears were ringing which made his head hurt even more. His whole body hurt, he couldn't tell which part of him didn't hurt. He knew the fall had cracked a few ribs, but that didn't explain the agonizing burning sharp pain in his shoulder, nor the tingling feeling which could be felt all over his body.

He tried to open his eyes but all he saw was darkness; but at that moment, he was thankful. As he slowly began to lose consciousness he vaguely wondered why there was warm liquid on his face…


Hannibal climbed fully into the helicopter as they got further away from the compound. There were still a few stray bullets, but the heavy fire had stopped.

Hannibal sat heavy on the seat next to the general; the weight of the world weighing heavily on his shoulders.

"It's never easy to leave a man behind," Ludlum spoke as he looked at Hannibal.

"I'm going back for him as soon as we hand you over," Hannibal promised.

Ludlum nodded his head, understanding what it meant to never leave a man behind.

"Thank you for rescuing me and my father, Is there anyway we can help?" Kathy Ludlum asked.

"No, right now, just relax. We still have a while to go," Hannibal answered softly.

"How are you going to rescue your man?" Kathy asked.

Hannibal didn't answer, he couldn't answer. He just did not know.

0 o 0

Rashum moaned as he opened his eyes. He looked around to see a smoky fog that surrounded the area.

As he slowly stumbled onto his feet his hand touched his face where Hannibal had struck him.

"I under estimated you, I shall not to that again American," Rashum promised as he looked towards the skies.

"Rashum! Sir,"

Rashum turned to see his second-in-command henchman, Navarsa, coming towards him.

"Did they escape?" Rashum growled.

"All but one; however we can send out forces to follow the chopper," Navarsa reported.

Rashum looked at Navarsa with interest as he tilted his head to the side, a sly smile formed on his face.

"Which one?"

Narvarsa unconsciously shivered as he saw the madness in Rashum's cold eyes.

"The one we were going to execute, Sir," Narvarsa answered nervously.

"The frightened one? Excellent, is he still alive?" Rashum asked.

"Yes, sir, but he's badly hurt,"

Rashum stared at Narvarsa. Seconds went by without anything happening. Narvarsa was beginning to panic; he knew that if Rashum was angry he would be killed on the spot.

"Take him to the prison. I'll see him when I've made the proper arrangements," Rashum ordered.

Narvarsa nodded in relief, thankful that he was still alive. He knew it would be better just to follow orders and not ask questions, but curiosity got the better of him.


Rashum smiled as he stared into Narvarsa's eyes.

"That Americans shall be back for the frightened one. Next time I shall not lose!" Rashum replied in anger.

Narvarsa nodded, deliberately breaking eye contact from the madness that he could see. He knew Rashum was a powerful leader that was known as a devil. He had seen the evil that Rashum could do. But today, today he saw the true demon inside the human form. Today, he was truly frightened.

"Take the prisoner to the cell, we do not need him now," Rashum ordered.

"Yes sir," Narvarsa saluted before leaving Rashum alone.

0 0 0

The helicopter jolted as it began to lower closer to the ground.

"Murdock, what's happening?" Hannibal asked as he felt another jolt.

"Looks like we were hit; the bird's going down!" Murdock answered as he tried to stabilize the helicopter.

"WHAT?" Amy yelled in surprise.

"We're going down!" Murdock yelled as he lost control.

Hannibal looked down, there was no place to land and they were too high to jump.

Murdock gritted his teeth as he slowly brought the helicopter down. With no where to land, he knew that their only chance was to try softening the blow by trying to control the landing.

"Everyone, hold on tightly," Hannibal ordered as he looked at the fast approaching trees.

Amy closed her eyes as she screamed as they crashed landed.

Their bodies were forced in every direction as they were thrown from side to side as the helicopter crashed into the trees below…

0 o 0

Narvarsa looked down on the ground where the blond American lay. He could see the damage clearly and wondered how much longer the kid would survive.

Face lay on half on his back, half on his side. Blood ran from his forehead, his blond hair now covered in dirt. Half his body was black, covered in soot. A clear injury was on his right shoulder where the blood was flowing from the gunshot wound.

Narvarsa knelt down, before slowly picking Face up in a fireman's position.

He knew he was second-in-command, but he couldn't help but feel something. He didn't know why, but he actually felt bad for this prisoner.

"It would be best to die, my friend, before Rashum comes," Narvarsa said softly.

To be continued