This was started on the REO Boards as a way for me to escape my Neko fics for a little while. I'm not dropping them by any means I just need a little break. So, this will be about 6-9 chapters depending how I split it up. It's not going to be too long. However, I say this right now, if you have any problems with cross-dressing or hints of shouen Ai then don't read it, I do not want flames for something like that. Now if my writing sucks, then by all means tell me so, and critique it.

So, blame this on the one you call Digi Kitty XD It's all her fault. Oh, and Enzan and Netto may or may not end up together at the end of this fic, it all depends on my mood and how many reviews I get.


Someone was going to die.

Netto wasn't sure who, or when, but it would happen; he was sure of that.

Who the hell had come up with the mission anyway? Why on earth should he be subjected to such humiliation? Enzan said that it was bad all around; Netto was convinced he had been given the short end of the stick. The VERY short end of the stick. Granted, he understood why he had to do it, it wasn't a mission for just anyone and he was damn proud of it. But a dress?


Rockman received the message at 7:23 A.M. to go to the Net Savior HQ for a new mission. He really didn't want to wake up Netto-kun but it had to be done. If only his little brother didn't stay up so late playing video games. But who was he to tell Netto to go to bed; he was only his navi and best friend after all. Why should Netto listen to him?

Rockman gave a little grin, maybe waking Netto up might be fun after all.


/……/ Netto's thoughts were empty as Rockman prodded his twin. Sometimes if Rockman was lucky, he could glimpse some of Netto's dreams. Even though, most of his dreams had something or other to do with curry.

"Netto-kun." Rockman said out loud in a firm voice. He really didn't want to wake up mama, even though she might already be up. He figured if she was still in bed then she deserved it.

/Netto-kun, wake up. I'm not going to scream at you today./ Rockman prodded Netto mentally.

Netto turned over in his sleep. "Nhh…."

/NETTO-KUN! Get out of bed now!/ Rockman "yelled" as loudly as he could.

Netto's eyes flew open upon the invasion of the mental attack. He sat up rubbing his head and groaning. "Jeez Rockman, what is it?" he said sleepily.

Rockman sighed. "Get up Netto-kun, we have a new mission."

"Mmmmm?" Netto wasn't even aware that he was sitting up at that point.

Rockman sighed. "Get out of bed, please." He said. Maybe if he said it enough it would register in Netto's brain.


Rockman sighed again. "Yes, bed. You're in the bed, now you need to get out of it."

Netto finally seemed to understand the command and put his feet on the cold floor, which woke him up more than anything else. "Up, right. I got it." He mumbled sleepily. Then he crossed over to the other side of the room and gathered his normal everyday apparel, consisting of a shirt with black elbows, grey shorts with yellow stripes on the sides, a bright orange sleeveless vest and a light blue bandana with the Hikari insignia on it.

He wandered into the bathroom to change and get ready while Rockman waited quietly. When Netto finally emerged pulling his chestnut hair back with his trademark bandana Rockman started to tell him of what was to come, since he knew Netto didn't remember what he had told him in brain-dead mode.

"Okay, Mejin-san just called. You and Enzan are going to be partners in a new mission and he wanted you to be at Net Saviors HQ ummm," Rockman took a quick peek at the internal clock. "Five minutes ago."

"WHAT? Enzan? Why the hell am I… wait, did you say five minutes ago?" he asked.

Rockman nodded. "Yes Netto-kun, you took too long getting out of bed, again."

Netto didn't reply, but instead hissed grabbing his PET off the desk and running downstairs.

"Netto, shhhh. Mama might still be asleep."

Netto reduced the sound of his rampage to a low thumping and ran towards the door. He grabbed his shoes and his roller blades. He quickly put on his shoes and ran out the door shutting it quietly behind him. Once outside he gave a running start and leapt into the air pulling the roller blade wheels onto his shoes.

As he skated as fast as he could towards the HQ he grumbled at Rockman.

"Why didn't you wake me up earlier? Now Enzan's gonna yell at me, again!"

"I did wake you up. You refused to register me waking you up for about 4 minutes after you did actually gain consciousness."

Netto didn't have anything to say to that so he just kept on skating.


"Where is he?" asked Enzan

"He is on 12th street, currently .52 miles away from this location." Said Blues, tapping into Rockman's PET for the coordinates.

"That's not what I meant, but thank you Blues."

Mejin gave a small laugh and hid it behind his hand. Enzan sighed and massaged his temples. 'Please let him get here without hurting anyone.' Enzan thought

"Well, he should be here soon." Said Mejin.

"He should be here in approximately 2 minutes and 21 seconds."

"Uhhh, yes." Said Mejin, not quite sure of what to make with Blues' information.

Enzan leaned against his chair and closed his eyes. After a little while he heard the door whoosh open and Netto's rollerblading come closer.

"Hey kid, take your skates off!"

"Sorry!" Then the sound stopped followed by a crash. Enzan vaguely wondered what had happened.

Five seconds later Netto came into the room flushed and panting. "Sorry… Rockman yelled …. I didn't wake up….."

"I woke you up, you just didn't get out of bed." Said Rockman; crossing his arms over his chest.

"I just said that!" Netto said, waving his arms in the air.

"Did you fall?" asked Enzan

"Huh? Yeah, I fell trying to get my skates off." He said sheepishly.

"Maybe you shouldn't try taking them off when you're standing up." Said Rockman with a hint of a smile.

"Yeah, yeah." Netto brushed his navi's warning off and sat down next to Enzan.

Mejin cleared his throat. "Well, now that all people are present…"

"Yeah, all four of us." Said Netto

"Yes well, you were the one who was late in this scenario. Anyways, I have a new mission for you. You'll have to be partners in this case and you'll have to split off from you navis."

"Wait, we're not needed for cross fusion?" asked Netto

Mejin shook his head. "Not this time, this time I need you because of two things. One, your navi's have the ability to work together and alone, which is not seen anywhere else at this time and two, your age."

"Our age is a disadvantage Mejin-san." Enzan pointed out.

"It normally is, but this time it's needed." Netto opened his mouth. "Hear me out before you say anything. As you know there is a new crime syndicate at large. We have virtually no information on them, however we learned last week that they stole a VERY important chip last week from the Americans. It apparently has intelligence information, although we can't get any more info on what exactly the chip says."

"Hold on, international affairs? Didn't you say our age was an advantage here?" asked Enzan

"I was getting to that. Now, we know that the leader is between 16-18 years of age. He's also throwing a Masquerade Ball; open to anyone with enough money. I want you and Netto to infiltrate it and send Rockman and Blues into the main computer system. There might be information on where the chip is, e-mails, files, Online Blog Journals, anything."

"Ooooh, so we sneak into the house?" asked Netto excitedly.

"Not exactly, I'd like you two to go there as partners."

"What do you mean…" asked Netto cautiously.

Enzan started to shift uncomfortably in his chair. "Does this mean I pay for the tickets and we go to the ball as a couple?" he asked

Mejin nodded.

"HELL NO!" Netto shouted

"Mejin, we're both boys." Enzan said

"Yes well, one of you will have to wear a dress it seems."

Enzan and Netto blanched. "Him." They said quickly pointing at the other.

Mejin sighed.

Blues spoke up. "I think Netto-san would be more suited for the part."

/Rockman if you dare…/

/Sorry Netto-kun, but he's right, you're shorter than Enzan, and you're voice is also not as deep as his yet./

/No, I'm not wearing a dress./

/You dressed up as Aki-chan that one time./

/That was totally different, that was NOT a dress./

/Well, no but it's the same idea./

The long silence puzzled Mejin but Enzan could tell that they were arguing.

"Sorry Netto-kun, but I agree with Enzan and Blues."

"Enzan only said me because he doesn't want to do it!" Netto yelled.

Mejin sighed, he was already getting a migraine.


"Not fair, not fair, not fair, not fair…." Netto was muttering the entire way home and Rockman was starting to get annoyed.

"Come on Netto-kun, it not that bad and you're making it seem like it's the end of the world!" he said after listening for a good five minutes of Netto's complaining.

"A DRESS! Nii-san, I'm gonna wear a dress! What part of that do you not understand?"

"Again, I point you to the Aki-chan contest." Said Rockman; with a hint of annoyance.

"And I say that was completely different!" he yelled back.

Rockman rolled his eyes and looked to the side of his PET. "Not really."

Netto either didn't hear the retort or chose to ignore it as he skated home. Rockman didn't care either way, as long as he was silent.

Netto skated up to the front door of his house and searched for the key. While he looked in his backpack for his key he didn't notice Meiru come up behind him.

"Good morning!" she said brightly.

Netto jumped a foot in the air and spun around to come face to face with his pink haired friend. "G-good morning Meiru."

"Are you okay, Netto?" she asked

"Heh heh, I'm fine!" he said rubbing the back of his head. "Nothing wrong with me!"

"Hmmmm…" Meiru scrutinized her friend, she could tell something was wrong.

Netto finally found the key he was looking for, (in his pocket) and quickly opened the front door. "Sorry Meiru, another mission, really busy, bye!" then Netto went inside.

"Wai…" she saw the door close. "What kind of mission?"

Netto leaned against the door and sunk to the ground giving a long sigh. This really wasn't his day. He proceeded to take off his shoes and called out into the house. "I'm home!"

Netto's mother poked her head out of the kitchen to see her son. "Welcome back! Did you get a new assignment?"

Netto nodded sulkily.

Haruka noticed her son's actions. 'He must be upset, best not to push the matter.' She knew when she should dig for info and when she should just humor her son. For example, when Netto lost a match she knew not to ask for details, however when he came home on report card day, then she needed to get tough.

"I noticed you were gone when I woke up, so I went ahead and made breakfast." She said smiling.

Netto came into the room smelling the wonderful aroma of his mother's cooking. He felt a little better at the prospect of eating a decent breakfast and went over to sit down at the table. His mother set a steaming plate before him and he dug in immediately.

"Mmmmm, this is great mama, thank you!" he said in-between bites.

Haruka just gave a smile and went back to the kitchen. Netto kept on eating and Rockman went upstairs to check any messages that might have come when they were gone. He went into the computer and summoned a screen up to him. He put in the correct password and accessed Netto's e-mail account.

Rockman read the first and only e-mail then went downstairs to tell Netto.

"Netto-kun, you have an e-mail from Enzan-san. He wants you to meet him at his house in half an hour."

Netto swallowed a particularly large bite then washed it down with a glass of milk before replying. "Okay. Tell him I'll be there as soon as I'm done eating."

Rockman nodded and went back upstairs to send the e-mail.

"Uhhhh, hello?" Netto called out into the cavernous hall of Enzan's house. He heard his voice bounce back at him and reverberate through the halls.

"I'm here, please stop playing around." Said a voice behind Netto. Netto spun around to see Enzan standing at the door with his arms crossed. "Are you ready to go?" he asked.

"Go? Go where?"

"Well, we obviously need something to wear to the ball, so I arranged to get them. Now let's go." He said grabbing Netto's wrist and pulling him out the door before he could protest.

"Wha, wait, hold on a second!" Netto stuttered as Enzan pushed him into a car.

As the car started to move Netto threw a glare at Enzan. "So, how long will this take?"

"Shouldn't take more than a few hours." Said Enzan

"A few what?!" Netto yelled. "Nuh, uh. I said I would wear a dress, I never agreed to this!"

Enzan sighed. "Netto please. Act your age and go with it. Oh and you'll need to pretend you're a girl when we get there, so act nice as well."


Rockman felt Netto's anger push through the link. /Netto-kun, calm down./ he pleaded.

/Calm down? I don't want to act like a girl any longer than I have to nii-san./ he hissed mentally.

"Netto, I know it's hard, and if it's any consolation almost all costumes at a Masquerade Ball look like dresses."

"At least you don't have to act like a girl." Muttered Netto, crossing his arms over his chest and slouching down in his seat.

Enzan sighed and looked out the window. Something told him it was going to be a long day.