Netto and Enzan ran through the door way closely followed by the agent and Mejin. Netto looked at his surroundings and groaned. "Man, we just got out of here!" he said.

"Yes, but now we have a general map, thanks to Blues," said Rockman.

"General?" The agent asked in Japanese.

"Unfortunately for us, this place has more security then some of your own government buildings," said Blues. "I can't make a map of more then a general guess at what the building's blueprints are."

"Well that's just… perfect," said Netto.

"I'm afraid I can't offer anything better. At the very least we won't get caught by any more security robots," said Blues.

"Well, that's a relief," said Rockman.

Netto rolled his eyes and looked around at the stark white hall. "Well Blues, point us where they went."

"Go down this hall until you reach the tenth hallway on the right side," he said.

Mejin looked at the agent, "You got that?" he asked in English.

"Ummm, he said ten hallways down the right?" he asked.

Mejin laughed, "Close enough. Enzan, how about you guide us?"

Enzan nodded and took the lead, Netto followed close behind and made sure on his PET that Blues was getting all the right information.

"Wow, those two are quite a pair," the agent said to Mejin in a low tone so that Netto and Enzan couldn't hear.

"Two of our best, but don't tell them that, especially Netto, he tends to let some of this go to his head," Mejin laughed quietly.

"Next directions please?" Rockman asked.

"Go down about three feet, there is a light panel of wood that should be a hidden door," said Blues.

Netto blinked and looked at the wall, he blinked. "I see nothing," he said.

"Hold up the PET towards the wall and let me scan it," said Rockman.

Netto obliged and let the infrared beam wash over the whole wall. Rockman looked at the screen that popped up in front of him and zoomed in on the picture. "Try about five centimeters above the wall paper as far left to the hallway entrance you can get," he said.

"And do… what?" asked Netto.

"How about pushing it," said Enzan, following Rockman directions and pushing where he thought it might be.

He pushed and everyone waited with baited breath. After about a minute of nothing happening Netto clapped, "Wow, great job there Enzan," he said sarcastically.

"Well why don't you try?" asked Enzan.

"Maybe it doesn't work, you tried and nothing happened. What am I supposed to do? Wave my hand in front of it and say open up?" he asked waving at the wall, "Because I'm sure that will…" Before he could finish his rant the wall opened up and Netto stood there speechless.

"I have no idea how you did that, but good work," said Mejin clapping Netto on the shoulder.

"Right…" said Netto, climbing into the hole. "Well, is anyone else coming?" he asked.

Everyone else followed and a light came on as soon as Netto climbed all the way into the hidden hallway. "Now where do we go?" asked the agent.

"Well, this is the tricky part," said Blues.

"Let me guess, this part has no map or direction," said Netto.

"Unfortunately, yes," said Blues.

"So, for all intents and purposes this could be a trap," said Enzan.

"Unfortunately, yes," said Blues.

Netto rolled his eyes, "Well, what are we waiting for?" he asked.

Mejin smiled, "That's the spirit! Let's get moving people," he said going down the brightly lit hallway.

Netto blinked, "Mejin obviously has no prowess in recognizing sarcasm," he said to Enzan.

"I don't think he realized you could be sarcastic," said Enzan.

"Well, I think I could use that to my advantage," Netto said grinning.

"Netto-kun, be nice!" Rockman chided him.


"Okay, now that we've been in here for ten minutes, I think I can safely say we're not in the mansion anymore," said Netto.

"No, really?" asked Enzan, getting a little touchy. "I never would have guessed," he said.

"Geez, is your costume rubbing you the wrong way or something?" Netto asked.

"Actually, yes, so I would like to get this mission over with and go home and sleep in until 8," he said.

Netto looked at him but it was the agent that spoke up, "Geez kid, you're idea of sleeping in is 8 am?"

"Of course, I'm normally up at 6," he said.

"Enzan has no idea how to relax," Netto explained.

Before Enzan could reply, Mejin put his finger to his lips making sure that everyone quieted down.

Ahead they could hear voices and Netto and Enzan recognized the unmistakable drawl of James. "Come on, they can be on our tail at any minute, we're almost out of here," he said.

"Well, I think he's right about at least one thing," Netto whispered.

"Wait, let's wait until they lead us outside before we attack," said Blues. "That way we won't get trapped in here."

"Good idea," said Rockman.

Everyone else nodded and agreed silently and continued to follow the trail of voices out until they couldn't hear them anymore. However they saw the darkness start to lighten up and they felt the cold night air.

"Well, this is it," said Netto.


Netto and Enzan climbed out into the night and came face to face with James, "Hello, friends," he smiled.

Netto glared at him, "Hello," he said tightly.

"Did you really think you could follow me without being detected by my equipment?" he asked.

Netto glared at him and saw Mejin hide in the trees in the corner of his eye. "I thought we might have had a chance," he said.

Enzan watched for the agent, and gave a sigh of relief when he hid in the grove of trees near where Mejin was. The small forest that they came out into was the perfect place to hide a getaway car, and if need be, agents for a trap.

"Well, I'm afraid that you just didn't cut it this time kids," Jason said with a sneer.

Netto smiled, trying not to loose his temper. "Oh really?" he asked.

Enzan elbowed him and Rockman said to him/Not yet Netto-kun, Mejin and his friend need to set up the trap first./

/Rockman, this guy is driving me crazy. Asking me to hold my temper is not and easy thing to do/ he said in return.

/Then just keep on talking to me and ignore him, when Mejin gives the signal, then you can start the trap/ said Rockman.

/Thank god, where is Mejin anyway/ asked Netto.

/I'm not quite sure, maybe he's gone deeper then we think/ replied Rockman.

The entire time Netto and Rockman were having their mental chat, Jason talked. Too full of himself to notice the disappearance of his own two guards, he talked himself deeper and deeper into the trap slowly being set by Mejin and the agent.

"So, are you two quite done with you escape attempts?" he asked in a sweet voice.

Netto looked behind Jason and saw a quick flash of light, followed soon after two others. Netto smiled coyly and said, "I think you're the one who needs to escape," he said.

/That was worse then anything any James Bond movie could cook up, Netto-kun/ said Rockman, sniggering.

/Shut up, Rockman./

Jason looked around for his guards and saw that they had long since been taken out. Then he didn't even talk but turned around and bolted into the forest.

Mejin and the agent came out and stood by Netto and Enzan, "How long do you give him?" asked Enzan.

"I give him 20 yards before he gets caught in the tree net, he'll see the trip rope for sure," said the agent.

Soon after they heard a cry and cursing in English as James was caught in exactly the trap the agent predicted.

Netto went over to where he was hanging from the tree and whistled, "Nice call," he said.


Netto and Enzan watched James get led into the international police car. "Well, that was a whole lot worse then it should have been," said Netto.

"I agree with that," said Enzan. "I'm looking forward to a long bath and the weekend."

"I agree," said Netto.

The agent came over and clapped Netto and Enzan on their shoulders, "You did good work kids. I look forward to seeing what you do in the future."

Netto and Enzan bowed politely, "Thank you," they said simultaneously.

"Bye," he said, giving them a wink and getting into the car that held James.

"I will get you two," hissed James through the cracked window. "No one outsmarts me, especially not a girl."

Netto rolled his eyes, "Okay, one where you going, you won't be getting anyone. Two, I'm a boy," he smiled sweetly at the stunned face of James as the car rolled away.

Enzan chuckled and put a hand on Netto's shoulder, "I bet that felt good to say," he said.

Netto smiled, "You have no idea."


At 3:35 in the morning Netto walked into his silent house more tired then he had been in a long time. He went upstairs being careful to not wake up his mother and walked quietly into his room.

He carefully placed his PET into the slot and set Rockman's program into stasis mode. "Night Rockman," he said.

"Night Netto-kun," Rockman replied right before falling asleep.

Netto struggled out of the death dress and put on his far more comfortable pajamas. Then he disdainfully threw the heap of chiffon and silk into a corner of the room. He glared at it right before he crawled between the sheets of his bed.

He pulled the sheets over his head and fell asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillows. However as he was putting his head down he thought about visiting Enzan the next day.

Why not, it was the weekend after all.


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