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Chapter 1: Gill's Revenge

"Great practice, team," Kim said after they finished the cheer.

"Yeah! Way to be, KP," Ron shouted, "You too, Bon-Bon!"

Bonnie glared at Ron, but Tara jest giggled. Ron only called her "Bon-Bon" because he knew that it annoyed her. It was his way of getting back at her for all the times she insulted him. Tara found Ron to be quite annoying when he tried (and many times when he didn't).

"What do you say we hit Bueno Nacho, Ron?" Kim asked.

"Booyah!" Ron said while going to get his backpack.

Now's your chance, Tara, she thought, Kim is rarely away from Ron. She's not going to like this.

"Uh, K…P," she said nervously.

"Only Ron can call me that, TARA," Kim said angrily.

"Sorry," Tara said, Great. You haven't even told her yet, and she's mad at you. "Promise you won't get mad about what I'm about to tell you, please."


Tara looked to make sure no one else was within earshot and said, "Josh has been flirting with me. I haven't done anything! He jest started dropping hints that he…likes me."

To her surprise Kim said, "Great."

"What? Your boyfriend has been hitting on me, and you're okay with it?"

"Josh and I grow apart. So not the drama. It was time to move on," Kim said, taking a glance at Ron.

Tara put two and two together and playfully said, "And what might you be moving on to?"

"What are you talking about, Tara?" Kim replied.

And I thought Ron was dense. Tara opened her mouth to point out the obvious but never got the chance. A semi-truck had jest hopped the curb and was careening across the football field at Kim and Tara.

Tara pushed Kim out of the way then jumped out of the way herself. They ducked under the tank the truck was hulling, missing the back wheels by less than an inch.

"KP!" she heard Ron scream.

"I'm fine, Ron," Kim replied as Ron grabbed a hold of her arms to help her stand, "I'm just a little dazed."

Before Kim could recover, the driver of the truck kicked the door open and jumped out. The driver was a guy that gave Tara every nightmare she had for the past two years. He was dripping with hideous green muck.

"Remember me," Gill said.

"You aren't an easy person to forget," Tara answered, "Believe me. I've tried."

"Very funny, Blondie," Gill said, "Just for that, I'll turn you into one of my mutant minions!"

"What a shock," Tara said sarcastically.

"I've come back for my revenge!"

"Again, with the "revenge" thing," Ron said, releasing his grip on Kim, "That's getting so old, double "l"."

"Eat muck, squeeb!"

Tara dodged Gill's muck without trouble. Ron escaped because Kim pushed him out of the way, but Kim herself was trapped in the slime. Tara grabbed Ron and pulled him underneath the bleachers, so that they could formulate a plan.

"Kim! I gotta save Kim," Ron said.

Tara grabbed his arm and put her free hand over his mouth to shut him up and explained, "First, we need a plan. I'll distract Gill so that you can get to Kim."

"Sure you can do it?"

"No," she said, but went anyway.

"Hey, ugly! Yeah, I'm talkin' to you, swamp-thing!" Tara taunted.

Gill replied by spitting muck at Tara. She dodged it.

"Whoa! Watch those supper-looggies, will ya?"

Gill gave three more shots. All of them missed.

"So," Tara continued taunting, "when are going to turn me into your mutant minion?"

That made him mad. He fired so many shots, that Tara lost count at six. They came fast, but she was a little bit faster.

"Will…you…hold…STILL," Gill bit out.

"Thanks, but no thanks," Tara replied.

Gill then noticed that Ron was freeing Kim, so he jumped to the bleachers, where the other cheerleaders were hiding. He tore up the benches and grabbed the nearest cheerleader, Crystal. He jumped on top of the semi's tank and ripped out an opening.

"Did I tell you that this tank holds a mutigenic formula," he said, holding Crystal over the hole he made, "So you'd better-ouff"

Tara jumped up and kicked him in the small of his back. Crystal fell well clear of the hole, but Gill fell strait in. He was immune to the formula, of course; but, when he got out, he was majorly P.O.ed.

"WHY…YOU…LITTLE…" Gill shouted, while grabbing Tara and shaking her. Little did both of them know, several drops of the formula splashed onto Tara and would soon take effect.

"Set her down, Gill," Ron said, "Your beef is with me."

After Gill threw Tara aside, Ron shouted, "Hey! I meant gentle-like."

"Shut up, squeeb."

"Stop calling him that you freak!" Kim shouted with rage Tara had never seen in her before.

Kim kicked Gill square in the chest, fallowed by a series of harsh punches in the face.

After giving him the beating of his life, Kim angrily said, "Gill, you know his name is "Ron". I don't want to hear you call him anything else. GOT IT!"

"Yes! Yes! I give."

"Whoa! Where'd that come from?" Ron asked.

"I got sick of people cutting you down, Ron. Why do you let people walk all over you?"

"I've just gotten used to it."


Tara got up; feeling a little dazed herself.

"Thanks for the help, Tara," Ron said, "You look beat. Want me to walk you home?"

Tara would have liked that, but the jealous look she saw in Kim's eyes changed her mind.

"No. I...I'll be fine," she lied.

"O…kay. Thanks again," he replied.

Tara walked away, not feeling well at all. She walked about three blocks when she fell on her hand and knees. That's when she noticed it. Her hands and knees weren't there. Nothing was there. Her body was gone. She placed her hands on her chest. No. Her body was still there, but it was invisible. Tara looked at a window where her reflection should have been, but it wasn't. The reflection of the surrounding environment was there, but not Tara's. Not even her clothes. Tara concentrated on making herself (and her clothing) visible again. Slowly, but surely, she came back to the land of the seen.

Okay, she thought, this is definitely the weirdest thing that ever happened to me.

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