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Chapter 12: Letting Go...

It wasn't looking good for Aurora. The blue guy was smashing consoles left and right. He had her pegged on strength, but she had agility on her side. He obviously had more stamina, so she had to find a way to end this quick. As the muscle-bond brute gave a lower right swing, Aurora jumped onto his arm. She was only there for a second, but that was long enough. She gave a jump kick in one of the man's pressure points. He fell with the force of a train wreck.

"You all right?" Drakken asked.

"And...you actually care?" Aurora teased, "What's the deal with the jamming?"

"Lynn set up her own equipment and just hooked it to the radio towers system."

Drakken pointed at a set of pipes that were shaped like a cube. Well, more like a rectangular prism.

"What's with that design?" she asked.

"Magnetic poles," he said, pointing to the edges, "Keeping them the right distance away from each other makes a vast jamming system. I should know. I developed it."

"How do we shut it off?"

Drakken hesitated, "I thought of that..."


Drakken gave her a weird look and said, "Give me your staff and stand back. That divice is set to send that computer kid his orders the instant the jamming drops. Right?"

"Yes," Aurora said, handing him her staff.

After she stepped back, Drakken said, "Please just bring Shego back to the way she was...and tell her...that I love her."

Aurora suddenly realized what Drakken was doing. He gave out a loud battle cry and jammed the staff into the jamming box diagonally. Electricity ran through him. His blue skin began to burn. He gave one last cry and fell to the floor.

"No," Aurora whispered.

Beep beep beep-beep

Beep beep beep-beep

Beep beep beep-beep

"Wade," Aurora managed as she answered.

"Hey, Kim, I've..." Wade trailed off, "Who are you?"

"Doesn't matter," Aurora said, "Kim's fine. For now. But I need you to follow the orders you've been sent. Got it?"

Wade apparently got her serious tone and said, "On it. GJ will be there in ten minutes."

"Thanks, Wade," Aurora said, shutting off the kimunicator and setting it down, "Time...to...make...Gill...PAY."

She dashed to the roof. She'd had it with him. She wasn't going to let him get off scot-free this time. No way. When she retched the roof, she saw Lynn and Gill watching Kim fight Shego. They didn't even see her coming.

As Aurora grabbed Lynn, she shouted, "Here, let me ruin that pretty face of yours!"

She punched Lynn hard. She heard a crack. Whether it was Lynn's nose or Aurora's fingers, she didn't know. But she didn't care. She turned to face the mutant. To face her arch foe. To face her nightmare.

"You becoming a real pest," Gill said.

"That's what they all say."

"Back down and you won't get hurt, little girl."

"Little girl?...Back down?" Aurora fought to keep her composure, "Every time something is going good in my life, some jerk has to come by and ruin it! You made me a freak! You turned my boyfriend against me! And now...you're trying to take my friends! I'll tell you what! You're never, EVER going to take them from me! I'm taking you down! Here and now!"

Aurora made a jump kick at Gill's head. He dodged it and made a slash at her back. She cried out in pain, but fought it. She sent another kick into his left leg. Gill hit the ground. Aurora toke her chance and slammed her foot into his gut. But Gill wasn't finished with her yet. He sent both his feet into her face. She hit the ground just in time to be kicked by Gill. He hit her again. And again. She just couldn't find the strength to move on. Then she remembered Drakken. Drakken spent his entire life trying to take over the world, and ironically he died saving it. His death would not be in vain. Aurora somehow found the strength she needed to make Gill back off.

At this moment, the sky was filled with hover-jets. GJ made good time. The agents came down and started demutating Gill's minions. The best part was...it gave Aurora an opening. An opening that she took.

"NO! Not after all I–YOU!" Gill shouted.

For once, Gill wasn't seeing Aurora the Mercenary. He wasn't seeing the Ignitor of Daybreak. He saw the girl behind the mask. It was still firmly wrapped around her head, but somehow he knew. He made a mistake crossing Tara Leeane Fiske. Tara's right foot connected with Gill's chest. He fell off the tower. It wasn't too high. Not high enough for the fall to kill him.

Aurora jumped down after he fell. Her rocket-boots, however, slowed her fall. She saw GJ agents crowd around her.

"This is the culprit," Aurora said, "His accomplis is on the roof. There is also wounded man and a man who needs the anti-mutagin in there."

As five agents went into the building, one handed her a weapon containing the antidote. It was crescent-shaped (somewhat) so that her hand could fit into the empty space in the weapon. It was quite comfortable. But she didn't have time to focus on that. She didn't even have time to thank the patch-eyed woman.


For a moment, Tara's heart stopped. It started up again when a GJ agent caught Ron.

"Yes," she said as she ran to her friend.

"Thanks, Will," Ron said, "I owe you one."

"Don't mention it," Will replied.

"WILL," Kim shouted as she dashed towards Ron, "I could kiss you!"

Will cocked an eyebrow at that.

"Kim, I don't' think that you're boyfriend would appreciate that," Aurora said.

"Yes," Ron added, "He most certainly would not."

"Boyfriend?" Will said, "If I'm not mistaken, Joshua Wendell Mankey is in jail...for certain things concerning you, Kimberly."

(Ha ha..."Wendell")

Aurora looked at him and said, "You really don't know...? That's sad."

Kim smiled slyly and gave Ron a big kiss on the lips. Will was totally aw-struck.

"Get a room," Aurora said, then she noticed Shego and she was moving, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a promise to keep."

–Some time latter at Go Cities hospital–

Drakken opened his eyes to a white room. (You actually thought that he was dead, didn't you?) As his eyes adjusted, he noticed something green in the room next to him.

"Dr. D?" a familiar voice called, "Drakken? Drew?"

Drakken searched his memory for the owner of the voice. It started with an "S"...


"You're all right!" Shego shouted as she squeezed the life out of him, "I mean...big deal. Like I care."

"You can stop with the act, Shego," Drakken said, "I know that you do."

"...Yeah," she said reluctantly, then she kissed him.

"Hey, Shego," another familiar voice called, "I thought you might be hungry, so I–AHHHHH–AH–YIIIAHHH!"

The two pulled apart and blushed ferociously.

"Um...well," Stoppable said, "It's nice to see that you're...okay, Dr. D."

A left a Bueno Nacho bag on the nearest table and said, "Yeah, K...P's waiting for me...so...I think I'll go...and pretend I didn't see anything." I think I may be scarred for life.

When he left, Drakken and Shego laughed. It wasn't their usual evil laughs, though. They were letting go of that. They weren't going to be villains any more. Sure, it would take time, but they really wanted to make a difference now. These words ran through their heads:

I am dawn for the fallen,

I am light for those in darkness,

I am the Igniter of Daybreak,

I am Aurora the Mercenary!

The End

Okay, it's not really the end. I'm going to write a sequel: Bigger, Better, Badder Ron.

Here's some things I think you should know about it:

1: Ron will have a new, cool look...that won't be going to his head.

2: Tara and Felix will be getting tobether.

3: Ron will be seriously kicking butt!

4: Ron will get a new sidekick, Dominic Ines Buchkowski. (hee hee...Ines)

5: Monique will be playing a bigger role.

6: We'll find out what the deal is with Tara and her brother.

May be a while before it comes, but good things come to those who wait. See you next time.