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Author's note: Sequel to: A visit to love

"Harry, be home soon." Hermione squealed.

"Why would I miss Christmas with my you, Hermione?" Smiled Harry. "No really, I'll be home." He smiled. He walked out the door. Hermione washed into tears. He wouldn't be home for Christmas. She looked down at her shoes. She sat down at the couch. It would take him too long. She watched as a tear dripped on her jeans. She fell asleep right there. In sobs and worries.

"Oh, Harry." She mumbled. And the next thing she knew, she was in her bed. Wide-awake. It was 11:59. He wouldn't make it home. She sobbed. She looked at an old piece of paper next to her.

"Portus!" And the paper was a portkey. She inched her hand closer and closer to it. And finally, with her eyes closed, she touched it, spun and spun and spun, till she landed. With Harry. She thumped right into his lap while he was driving.

"AAHH!" She heard him scream. "Hermione?" He gasped.

"Harry?" She smiled. It was Christmas. 12:00 midnight.

"Yes, Hermione?" He snickered.

"Yes, Harry?" Hermione chuckled.

"Merry Christmas." They both said. And they were home. Harry handed her a small gift and a large bag. While Hermione gave Harry a big gift and a smaller gift.

"Hermione!" He stared down at the huge gift, neatly unwrapped. "A Firebolt 2009!" He squealed. She handed him the next gift.

"Fantastic beasts and where to find them and Quidditch through the ages, and Hogwarts, a history!" He opened the book, and found a tiny pocket inside. He opened the pocket, and happy to the snitch, inside for him. "Hermione!" He hugged her tightly and smiled broadly.

Hermione opened her package, messily wrapped with Christmas wrapping paper.

A wizard necklace! It tells you when you're in danger! And the diamonds on it!" Hermione opened the next gift, where she found a wizard clock like the Weasleys once. It tells a person when they're traveling, or at home, work or at school.

"It'll add a picture and hand when we get a new family member." Harry said.

Hermione and Harry both hugged each other.

"Merry Christmas, Harry."

"Merry Christmas, Hermione."