He slid his hands lower down her back deepening the kiss. She responded to his touch by lightly bending backwards.

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding

Gohan and Videl pulled apart each with a slight blush lightly covering their features. Hand in hand they then both rushed down the stairs off the roof to their classroom. Before entering the room they let their hands slide apart and calmed their features. Sitting down Erasa began to speak.

"So what took you guys so long giggle? Doing anything….interesting?"

That same blush slowly invaded Gohan and Videl's cheeks as Sharpner decided to have a little bit of fun with this. Many believed that he thought that Videl was his girl and she wasn't. In truth he just liked her and all but he really had his eyes on Erasa. He decided to use the rumor to his advantage.

"Gohan, you know, ever since we found out that you are the Gold Fighter and Great Saiyaman you think that you're all that but I don't think I need to ask you again to stay away from my girl."

Gohan opened his mouth to answer but Videl put her hand over Gohan's mouth and said "I'm not your girl Sharpner. You lost me to this great guy and we are going to stay together, got it!"

Class began and Gohan's POV began to take over the narrator.


Videl just went and stood up for me. That was nice. I really loved the feeling I got kissing Videl. This wasn't the first time mind you, no- ever since Buu died me and Videl have been ummmm……. together. I really want to invite her over again but my mom and brother are there. We could always go to her house, but how could I invite myself over. Mom always said that it was impolite to invite yourself over. I was pondering this when I heard a whisper.

"Psst… hey Gohan. Gohan, do you wanna come over after school to study? I really need some help with science."

"What are you taking, bio?" asked Sharpner

We both blushed at Sharpner's profanity but I quickly nodded my head to Videl. This made life soooooo much easier.


After school I went with Videl to the roof turning into Saiyaman.

"I love a man in uniform." Said Videl "Would you like a woman in one?"

I giggled and picked her up in my arms "I like you just the way you are." I whispered into her ear. She snuggled closer and I flew us to her house.

To avoid Hercule I had Videl show me her window and we swooped in. We sat on her bed and she took out her chem. notes. I stood there confused. I thought that Videl really wanted to………


Videl's POV

Gohan looked confused when I took out my chem. notes. I think that the confused look on his face is adorable. It's so much fun. I patted the bed next to me and Gohan sat down opening the chem. notebook.

"No silly," I actually giggled "Just close your eyes." His eyes closed, I leaned in and kissed him. He returned my kiss passionately and I too closed my eyes.

I felt his tongue on my lip and decided to keep my mouth closed, teasing him. He then started nibbling on my bottom lip until I opened my mouth allowing his tongue to gain entrance. We slowly fell onto my bed in the kiss, our tongues entwined, exploring each other's mouths.

After a minute we broke apart to breathe and then our lips met again. Gohan gently slid his hand down my hips and I rapped my arms around his neck. Gohan broke the kiss again only to start kissing my neck rapidly. I softly moaned at his touch and began to pull off his shirt, wanting to get to his muscled torso. Gohan growled a little protest when I made him stop kissing for a moment to get his shirt off but I wanted some fun too.

His chest felt exactly as I thought it would as I slowly traced his biceps and then began lightly kissing him all over. He held me tight and then began to kiss my neck again.

I pulled apart and asked "Are you sure you want to do this?" He just nodded his head and began to take off my shirt. I helped him pull it off and then leaned into him as he began to unhook my bra. He had a hard time of it but he eventually got it off.

He then started caressing my breasts and I gasped in joy. He then proceeded to place his mouth over the left nipple and started to suckle my breast. I continued to gasp, my breaths coming faster, as I got used to this new sensation.

He continued doing this for a minute before I decided that I wanted his pants off. So I slowly pulled his pants down and then he pulled down mine. He started to trace the bottom of my stomach where it led to my womanhood. I smiled at him as he pulled down my underwear. He then proceeded to place kisses on this part of my body that he had never glimpsed at before. I just gasped as he then continued to finger that area as I pulled down his underwear.

I had to stare for a moment when I saw how big he was down there. There was a glint in his eye that said that he was glad I approved. He then took his pointer and stuck it in me. I wiggled, unused to this new sensation. Finally getting comfortable I started rubbing him "there".

There were only the sounds of panting for a minute and then another finger entered my body. I sat there rubbing Gohan's manhood and then he decided a third finger would have to go in. Again I gasped and then we settled into a rhythem of heightening our joy.

He then decided to pull out and I stared at him confused till I saw the look in his eye. A powerful, animalistic snece of lust mixed with love filled my body.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked. I found this funny as I had asked him the exact same question just minutes before. "Once we do this we can never go back. This is for life." I just smiled at him hoping he could see the degree of love that I had for him and nodded my head saying "Where's my kiss, oh love of my life?"

He smiled with a slight grimace and bit into my neck as his manhood met with my womanhood. I groaned as intense pain flooded my body, from the bite and the breaking of the seal. He just quickened his pace into me to lessen the pain.

I bit into his neck instinctivly and felt us become one. His thoughts, emotion, and all that he was became part of me.

Then he started to pump in and out intense pleasure taking the place of the pain. He pumped in and out and I matched his rhythem. His powerful strokes went in and out quickly and joyfully.

"Oh, oh Kami Gohan" I screamed as the pleasure hightened and I hit my first ever climax. So much pleasure, it amazed me that the human body could survive such pleasure. Gohan kept pumping until I had my second climax and he had his first. His juices went into my body and flowed through me.

After calming down for a minute I slowly pulled the covers up to cover us. Sleepily we fell asleep in eachothers arms.

How was that guys. Like it? Hate it? I know its short and all but hopefully next one will be longer, eventually asI currently have finals.