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Last Time on Turtledove Z:

Videl took her seat and moved it a bit closer to Gohan and sent him a telepathic message to do the same. A minute or so later their desks were touching. Videl took her leg and started rubbing Gohan's with her own.

Their legs entwined they just rubbed legs. Videl was enjoying this and would have done so all class, but fate would not allow her to. She kept going till she felt something hard next to her leg that hadn't been down there before. She then heard one word from Gohan, 'Shit!'

I looked down at the quickly growing bulge in Gohan's pants. I edged a bit away as quietly as possible. I stared as Gohan continued to blush. I had seen how huge he was in the nether region in the past but I still wasn't used to it. I don't know if it was better or worse for me to know at that particular moment that Gohan's member would be able to continue to "grow" for a while.

I continued to stare down at the protruded appendage, options running through my head. Gohan was freaking out. I could feel the mumbles in his head. He was scared and embarrassed and there was something about running shorts…well I don't really like to pry. There were three options and none of them seemed too likely to work.

The first option was to just wait until Gohan could calm down. I don't think that would work. Gohan would have a hard time thinking of dead babies and poor people or lemons (no, not lemons, bad idea) with me sitting next to him. I could move away but that would be conspicuous and I doubt it would help.

Option number two consisted of Gohan leaving the room to go take care of that himself in the bathroom. The problem there was that even though he was wearing baggy gi pants due to the enormous size of his member he would be seen. Gohan couldn't deal with that although I rather think I'd like the jealous looks I would receive afterwards.

Option number three was to take care of Gohan's little, alright big, problem right there in class. Option number three was the only one that seemed possible at the current moment. If that is what's going to happen then I personally want to take care of it for him. The only problem is that he will probably make some…noise.

Gohan must've heard my mumblings and turned to look at me. He watched as I reached into my backpack and pulled out a chocolate bar. Akki Shokora is the best chocolate out there and I knew that this was the perfect solution.

I handed the chocolate to my bewildered mate (ooh, I called him my mate). He took it with a questioning glance. He trusted my judgment he just wasn't sure what exactly my judgment was.

'Ummm…Videl,' came a voice in my head 'how is chocolate going to help me out? And don't say that chocolate can fix anything because I am fairly certain that that is not the answer.'

'You eat the chocolate while I take care of your hard on,' both of us blushing at the last two words 'and if you make any…ahem, noises you can attribute it to the best chocolate around. You know how good that stuff is. It's like that Godiva chocolates from that anime and manga titled The Real World. Nobody would give it a second thought if they saw the chocolate.'

'But Videl' he half whined 'This'll be finished in a couple of seconds.'

'You'll just have to eat slowly for once.' I replied and got to work.

I untied his belt and then retied it much looser. I then slid my hand into Gohan's pants began my menstruations.

Gohan's P.O.V.

I bit into the chocolate as Videl began her assault on my manhood. This is really good chocolate. I've never had this kind before because it's too expensive. I guess when you're rich you can have the best chocolates out there.

A/N Blatant censorship skipping of a possibly considered NC-17 scene so as not to be booted off

Videl gently pulled her cum covered hands out of my pants.

'Ok,' I asked through the bond 'now what?'

'I hadn't thought that far. You're the smart one!'

'I have an idea. Give me your hands.'

With that I powered up slowly until the heat dried up the mess as it semi-evaporated. Thank you Dende for not letting anybody notice anything. Hey wait a minute Dende, you let that happen. You probably watched and laughed. Well next Christmas I'm not giving you a present. There.

I heard Videl laugh at that last mental comment of mine. Gods, she sounds like bells when she laughs. Speaking of bells…

The bell rang and we left class to go to the second class of the day. We avoided holding hands the whole way, while we acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

Erasa had that look in her eyes, you know the one. She had that look like she knew things, things she shouldn't know. One might have the small nagging suspicion she was hiding something. Maybe she's working with Dende. That one might make some sense. Note to self: Figure out if Erasa and Dende have a connection.

Meanwhile, at Capsule Corp…


Bulma was in her office working on her latest invention to be, personal temperature modulators. These small useful objects looked like necklaces. You would input the optimum temperature and wear it around you're neck and would keep your body temperature constant no matter the room temperature. With these air conditioners and heaters would become obsolete.

As she stood there tinkering away she thought back to earlier that day. After she had explained to the new maid all about Saiyans and flying and then brought her over to Trunks for proof she had been pretty much exhausted.

So, little Gohan was now all grown up. She remembered the first time she met him. He was a shy little four year old who liked to hide behind his father's leg and ro sham bo with a crab. She remembered a scared little boy that cried and hid. Then he grew.

When he came back from the fight with the Saiyans he looked much older. He wasn't just physically older but after a year relying on himself (Piccolo wouldn't help him get food or bandaged even when he was there, part of the training.) and seeing all those people die for the earth or, even, for him, he was older mentally.

He then went to outer space and fought Frieza. What little five year old does so well against a tyrant. I remember his fifth birthday on the spaceship. We had a little party and some balloons. We also managed to have a chocolate cake with us. He was so cute back then.

Then he went off and defeated Cell, the perfect warrior. At the age of 11 this young boy had surpassed even the greatest fighters in the universe. He had lived through the death of his father a second time and yet continued on to win the fight.

He had suffered through hardship and homework for years and years. By 18 he was in school. Life looked good and he had a friend that was a girl (or so he claimed) and they were at another Ten'kaichi Boudakai. Nostalgia had wormed it's way into Bulma's heart there. It was great being back.

Alas, good things never last long. Buu came and destroyed the human race. Being dead was interesting. There were way more flowers than Bulma would have imagined. Dabura was also an odd added bonus. All in all an odd experience.

The best thing to come out of that whole experience, aside from Goku being alive and the wicked awesome new power levels, was the relationship of Gohan and Videl. The whole Buu experience had made them realize how much they cared about each other.

And now Gohan, that child, was all grown up. Time sure flies. Bulma had thought it to be a shock when Goku grew up and got married but Gohan had it much harder than Goku ever had. She had enjoyed watching Gohan grow up. In some small way he was like her first born.

She had watched him grow up as if he was her own. It's hard to believe that he was all grown up. For humans sex could start at any age. She had started at 17 herself (with Yamcha of course) but she was human. Humans had sex without any life changing problems, with the exception of sex related diseases and pregnancy. Saiyans only ever have sex with one person, well unless the person dies. It was like getting married.

She hoped that that Videl girl fully understood what she was getting into. Cooking and cleaning for any amount of saiyans was hard. Not to mention that she had just, kinda gotten married, although we already did mention that.

While Bulma was lost in thought, as people tend to get, an arm snaked its way around her waist. She gasped in surprise. Then she felt a warm breath on her neck. It sent shivers up her spine.

"Bulma," came a growl just below her ear "YOU'RE MINE!" Vegeta then pounced on Bulma pulling her to the floor. Vegeta nipped at Bulma's neck while removing her clothes.

"Vegeta," Bulma gasped, trying to suppress a moan "what about Trunks?"

"What about him?" Vegeta asked unconcernedly. He just kept stroking her and removing her clothing as fast as he could.

"What if he walks in on us. You might be fine with him interrupting us but no child ever wants to see their parents doing the deed. Consider your sons feelings for once. Get off you asshole!"

"Damn Onna, I'm not a complete idiot. I know what it's like to walk in on your parents and never want Trunks to have to suffer that fate." Bulma gave him a questioning glance. "Well after a party one night my parents were a tad too drunk to think clearly. I walked in on them in the main hall of the living quarters when I was three. So odd to see a scene like that, especially before you understand what sex is."

"Oh you poor thing," said Bulma trying to suppress a laugh "what did your parents do?"

"They were drunk enough that they just yelled at me to go while they kept at it. That's why I sent the brat away to the house of that damn harpy."

"Smart thinking…" Said Bulma as Vegeta went back to his earlier plan.


Meanwhile back at school…

It was lunchtime at this "lovely" establishment and our heroes and heroines were going outside to eat lunch. They approached the large oak growing on the school grounds and sat down around it. It was a nice quiet spot that was only visited by other students when they weren't getting good cell phone reception.

They sat down taking out their respective lunch capsules. Nobody blinked an eye when Gohan's capsule opened up to reveal enough food for twenty people to live on for a month. They were used to it.

Sharpner had returned from his appointment and was sitting next to Erasa leaning on the tree. Gohan and Videl were sitting next to each other. They just sat and ate until Erasa decided to bring up first period.

"So Gohan, I'm gonna need notes for first period." Sharpner said "I like missing class and all, especially when it won't get me in trouble, but my grades can't afford me not having notes."

'Ok Gohan, just repeat after me and don't panic…'

"Sorry Sharpner, I don't have any notes for you. I learnt all this stuff when I was 9 and spent all class drawing."

"Ooh, what did you draw Gohan?" asked Erasa

'Ok Gohan she may want proof so be careful what you say-'

"I drew the seven dragonballs from legend and a giant slithery dragon emerging from the glowing orbs. It's one of my better masterpieces."

"OOH!" Erasa squealed "I'm a big fan of that legend. I used to watch that t.v. show when I was little. You know…the one where they went searching for the dragonballs and saved the world. Are you any good Gohan? Or better yet can I see it? Pretty please with a cherry on top and some sprinkles and-oh those little cookie pieces…and now I'm getting hungry."

"Well it is lunch time so you should be hungry. I'm surprised you know about the dragonballs but here is the drawing." He showed Erasa his drawing which was impressive needless to say. It was perfect down to the last scale.

"Wow Gohan, that's great but I thought that you were cozying up to Videl last period."

The newly bonded couple both gulped and blushed. "Now what would make you think that Erasa?" asked Videl nervously.

"Oh nothing…" Erasa trailed off.

Gohan and Videl then realized just how oddly their friend was behaving. Gohan revised his theory of a possible connection between Erasa and Dende as lunch ended and everyone rushed off to class.

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