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Digimon Tamers: Darkened Worlds and Battles

Chapter 1: Tamers Reunite

As Takato stood in Guilmon's hideout, he looked into the hole where Guilmon first dug out the portal to the Digital World. As he looked in there, a huge smile spread across his face. There, at the end of the tunnel, was the portal to the Digital World. Takato stared at it for what seemed like hours. He then went down into the tunnel and put his hand toward the portal. His hand started to go out of focus like it did when Guilmon first showed it to him. Well, I guess this proves I'm not dreaming, thought Takato. He carefully crawled out of the tunnel and ran down to the nearest payphone. He put in the coins and decided to call Henry. The phone rang and rang and just when Takato was going to give up, someone answered the phone.

"Hello?" said a manly voice. Takato recognized the owner of the voice.

"Mr. Wong? It's Takato. Is Henry there?"

"Just a sec."

After hearing some rattling in the phone, Henry's voice appeared.


"Hey Henry. It's Takato. Listen, do you think you could call Rika and tell her to meet us in the park in 20 minutes? I'll call up the rest of the group and tell them to meet us here," said Takato, trying not to get too exicited.

"Sure Takato, but what is this about?" Henry asked with a nervous voice.

"You'll find out when you get here. Oh and bring Susie as well and see if she knows Impmon's tamers. I forget their names."

"All right. See you in 20 minutes, I guess."

"Bye Henry!"

Takato put the phone on the receiver and ran toward the playground near the school. He knew that Kazu and Kenta always went there after school to play the Digimon card game. He just hoped that they would be there. Sure enough, they were there. From the look on Kenta's face, Kazu was giving him a major beating. Kazu heard Takato coming and looked up at him.

"Hey chumley! You're late!" he said with an annoyed voice.

Takato rushed at them and said, "Sorry, but can you guys hurry up with that game? We're meeting everyone in the park."

Kenta looked at him with a puzzled face and said, "Why are meeting there?"

"I'll tell you when we get there with the others."

"Don't worry. We're finished anyway cause I won!" Kazu said with triumph as he placed his last card down.

They packed up and on the way there, ran into Jeri. Takato quickly told her what they were doing and she agreed to come along. They got to the hideout and sighed with relief. The rest weren't here yet and so Rika couldn't yell at Takato for being late. They sat by the gate and waited and a few minutes later Rika apperead.

"You better have a good reason for having me come out here gogglehead," Rika said with an annoyed tone in her voice.

"Hey don't worry. As soon as Henry gets here, I'll explain everything," Takato said.

As soon as he said that, Henry came walking up the steps with Susie. Along side her were two redheads about her age, a girl named Ai and a boy named Mako. They all gathered round and Takato started to speak, trying to control the excitement in his voice.

"Ok everyone. I'm glad you're all here. The reason I asked you to come here is…well…I guess you can follow me and see for yourself."

He led everyone into the hideout and pointed to the portal. They all gasped and were completely speechless.

"When did you find this Takato?" Henry said, eliminating the silence.

Takato shrugged and said, "Just today after school. But this is great! It means that we can see our partners again!"

They all started to smile and then Kenta looked around the group and said, "But who's going to tell Ryo? He doesn't exactly live nearby, you know."

They all pondered about Kenta's statement. Then Rika huffed and said, "Ryo usually comes unexpected anyway. Besides once his D-Ark catches on to Cyberdramon's signal, he will be here."

They pondered this statement as well. After some helpful advice, they started heading home, as the sun was about to set. They decided to think about it and meet again tomorrow.

"Do you want me to walk you two home?" Henry asked the two redheaded twins.

"No thanks. We'll be alright," said Ai.

They headed toward their homes, hopefully coming up with some way to get a hold of Ryo and how to go to the Digital World again without their families causing a fuss.

Dusk had just started to set in the Digital World where the dark night swallowed everything in darkness. Guilmon looked up at the night sky and sighed. He missed Takato but he knew the others missed their tamers too. As Guilmon looked at the Real World a voice sounded behind him.

"Whatcha lookin' at, pineapple head?"

Guilmon turned his head around and saw Impmon standing there. Guilmon didn't sense him coming, but then again he was so wrapped up in his thoughts he probably wouldn't sense anything coming. He turned his head around again and replied, "Nothing. Just the Real World." Impmon, sensing his friend's depression, walked beside him.

"Thinking about Takato I suppose," he said with a sigh.

Guilmon sadly nodded. Impmon wasn't totally surprised. He knew that Guilmon had been thinking about his tamer a lot lately and, even though he didn't like the dinosaur that much, he still knew what he was feeling. He too missed his tamers and often found himself wondering about them. Of course, he never told anyone. Renamon suddenly appeared out of nowhere, startling Impmon.

"Sheesh. Give a guy a warning next time you decide to appear like that," Impmon said in an annoying tone of voice.

Renamon looked at him and smiled. "Sorry. Out of everyone, I thought that you would be able to sense me coming."

Impmon grunted and said, "Only if I want to. Besides I didn't think you would be back so quickly."

Guilmon looked at Renamon and said, "Did you find any of the others?"

Renamon sighed and shook her head no. About a week after they all came back to the Digital World, a digimon named MegaSeadramon found them and attacked. The digimon were still in their in-training forms and tried to run for it. Luckily, Yaamon digivolved to Impmon who then digivolved into his mega form, Beelzemon. Beelzemon defeated the MegaSeadramon but not before a data stream came and took the in-training forms of Terriermon, Lopmon, Gaurdramon, Cyberdramon, and MarineAngemon, still in his mega form. Calumon was sleeping somewhere nearby while the remaining three talked. Impmon sat down and pondered the situation. He could go mega, no problem. But the others were still in their in-training forms, except for MarineAngemon. Who knows what happened to them. Oh, man! Don't tell me I'm getting soft. But I guess if the rest were destroyed, their tamers would be sad. Just like Jeri was…thought Impmon. His sudden thought of Jeri put him in a depressed mood that was similar to Guilmon's. He remembered when he destroyed her partner, Leomon, even though Leomon was only trying to help. He didn't care though. He made a deal and with this in mind he destroyed an innocent life. If it weren't for me she wouldn't be so sad. She did forgive me after the D-Reaper was destroyed but still…I can't accept that from her. Renamon noticed Impmon's sudden change of mood and sat down next to him.

"Impmon? Something wrong?" she asked with concern.

He looked up at her and Renamon saw sadness and guilt fill his eyes. He wanted to tell her what he was thinking. But he couldn't.

"What's it to ya, fox face?" Impmon asked with annoyance.

She looked at him and saw his eyes change. He tried to hide it, but she could see that he wanted to tell her more than anything. She decided not to push him.

"Nothing. Just seemed like you were thinking deeply about something. Come on guys. Lets go to sleep. Nothing more we can do tonight."

Guilmon curled up by Calumon while Renamon and Impmon sat against the cliff side and bowed their heads down. As they slept, the desert wind swirled around them sending data packets tumbling through the desert. Little did they know, they were being watched by a pair of unfeeling eyes. He was watching them through his orb, which allowed him to see the whole Digital World.

"Master shall we attack them yet?" said a digimon in the shadows.

"Not yet. When the time is right, I will order the attack. Until then, we shall keep an eye on them, especially that traitor Impmon," said the figure cloaked in black.

He turned and saw the digimon still standing there and shouted, "Why are you still here? Get out of my sight!"

"Yes master." The digimon bowed and left the room. The cloaked figure looked at Impmon through his orb.

"Soon, you shall pay for what you did. None shall betray me and live. Prepare yourself for your ultimate doom." An evil laugh rang through the chamber. A new darkness had been announced.