Ok, here's the deal. I couldn't come up with another chapter like I hoped. I know...I should've updated on my last chapter sooner. But I know it's not fair to me or to you to wait for a chapter this long. So...I decided that would be the end. But it's not the end of my fanfiction writing. I'm actually working on a new story and it's going to be one story of a series. So I typed up a trailer for my new story and new series. I hope you find it interesting and looking forward to my new series. Also, I hope you understand and please don't be mad at me. I'm frustrated with myself because I couldn't come up with anything else. So...here's the trailer and I hope you like it once I put it on

Italics - The narrator voice that talks during a movie trailer

A woman and a child of 9 years walks down the sidewalk. He runs in front of his mother, goes to the curb, looks both ways and looks back, waving.

"Hurry mom!"

The woman chuckled. "Ok, ok. I'm coming."

He looks both ways again and crosses the street.

"Be careful!" his mother warns.

The woman starts to cross the street. Suddenly, a truck comes around the curb sharply, not seeing the people in the street.

The boy looks back in the middle of the road. "Mom…"

He stops as he sees the truck come closer, his mom still in the road not seeing the truck. The truck speeds past, blowing wind in the boy's face, and screeches to a halt, his mother feet away from where she was previously.


A guy in his late teens with long brown hair peers into a hole. Gasping, he gapes inside the hole. "The digital gate…. it's open…"

"Time is of the essence…" a digimon in shadows says. "We must act quickly if we are to terminate the tamers and their pet digimon…"

The gate has been re-opened

"We have to find a way to stop all of this…" a blunette teen says.

"But how?" another guy asks.

"I'm not sure."

The enemies have gotten stronger

"How are we supposed to beat them like this?" a brown-haired teen asks.

"Don't you get it? We can't!" a teen with light brown hair in a ponytail exclaims.

"Well…I'm not giving up!" a guy with red-brown hair says.

And even worse things are yet to be discovered

"I won't let you hurt these people!" Gallantmon yells.

"Get out of my head and leave my memories alone!" a guy with red-brown hair screams as tears stream down his face.

"You can't stop us! No one can!" a digimon yells.

"Promise me we'll make it out of here alive," Renamon says.

"Don't worry. We will," Impmon says.

"It's time…to bring this world to justice!" MegaGargomon says.


"You are the children of the warriors…" a Wizardmon says to the tamers.

"NO! RIIIIIKKKKAAAAA!" a guy screams.




What you thought was the end…was just another beginning…