Summary: Kagome wakes up and sees the finale with the Thunder Brothers. However, there's one difference. Hiten won and Inuyasha is dead. Now she finds herself at his mercy so this story is gonna probably be rated R after a while for some language and scary images and maybe a lemon.

Thunder and Lightning cracked in the air as two people glared at each other. One a half-demon with dog shaped ears and in a red kimono had his sheath out to protect himself. He had lost his sword Tetsusaiga earlier as he had killed the demon he was looking at little brother. The other who was wearing gray armor over himself and a long pike in his hands with red eyes. He was determined to kill this mutt and avenge his brother Manten who was the only person he cared for his little brother who he looked after ever since their Mother and Father died.

"I'm would have left with Kagome and Shippo and left you to wallow in your miserable brother's carcass but since you killed them I have to kill you instead you bastard!" "HA! Fool! It is you who should have left after I disposed of them. Don't you understand you pathetic half youkai! No woman is worth dieing for! Family is worth fighting for! And I swear on my father's grave I will avenge Manten! Prepare to die mutt!" Hiten with his great demon speed charged at him. Inuyasha also used his quick speed and agility as he had to stay on the defensive. (Dammit I hate this! If I could get my sword back I will be able to kill this asshole!) Thought Inyuyasha as he needed distance to have enough time to retrieve his sword. Dodging lightning bolt after lightning bolt Inuyasha surprisingly found himself near Manten and he could see his sword. "Perfect!" Grabbing the sword which was in deep Inuyasha growled as he saw Hiten out of the corner of his eye charging at him ready to skewer him with his pike. It was halfway out but he had to move as Hiten got too close for comfort. "Fool! Don't think I know what you plan on doing you plan to get your sword out to make this even. But don't think I'll let you!"

Kagome woke up with a whopper of a headache. Sitting up she wondered were she was then saw thunder and lightning. "I must still be near the thunder brother's home. Huh? Shippo!" Crawling over to the kit Kagome saw that he was lifeless and not breathing. He wasn't as lucky as her to survive that blast of Hiten. She saw the furs of his father and mother and smiled a bit. "At least you managed to save your father and mother's furs from that wretched demon." She held the kit close to her as tears come out of her eyes. "I hope Inuyasha is alright." She said softly to herself as she went to look for him carrying the dead Shippo in her arms. In the difference she could see two people battling it out. "That must be him and that other demon." She ran off to the location to see what will happen.

Inuyasha was literally pissed off. He growled as the arrogant thunder demon kept him moving not giving him enough time to get Tetsusaiga. "I got no choice I got to take a chance. Tetsusaiga! Return!" The sword with a little struggle broke free of Manten's carcass and returned to its master. "HA! Fool, now you die!" Shouted Hiten as he had a perfect shot at Inuyasha. Opening his mouth he sent his brother's trademark attack at him. Inuyasha leapt up and grabbed his sword which had returned to him and was ready to bring his sword down on the vulnerable Hiten. Hiten's eyes widened in shock as he realized his foe was ready to cut him down. (No this can't be! I cannot die to a mere mutt!) With a snarl of defiance he leapt up with his Pike reaching out to skewer Inuyasha before he was cut down.

Inuyasha and Hiten went through each other at different sides. The two collapsed in a heap. Hiten's armor was slashed down through the middle and the sword had cut his flesh yet his armor absorbed the blow so that it wasn't a fatal wound. He knew he was still alive but he was lucky to be. Inuyasha had a hole in him due to the pike near his chest and he felt his body collapsing as he knew he would die soon. (So this is what death is like…It doesn't feel too bad although I wish it didn't have to end like this…Kagome I'm sorry.) He felt his body falling and felt someone gently laid him to the ground. To his surprise it was Hiten who was easing his fall and lying him down on the earth and then his eyes closed. Hiten gently covered the dead half-demon. "He was a powerful demon it's a pity I would have asked me to join me if he hadn't stood in my way." Suddenly he heard a loud shriek which his advanced hearing heard quite easily. Turning around he saw the wench what was her name Kagome? She saw Inuyasha's corpse and looked at him shocked at what she had seen. (No, this can't be true this has to be a dream please I want to wake up. Please this can't be possible he's not dead.) (How is it possible that she's alive and Manten's dead how it's not right? How could that little wench be alive when everyone else is dead?) With a growl he glared at her and then he noticed something in her hands. It was a bag full of Shikon jewels. An evil smile formed on his handsome face (Well at least I'll become more powerful with the power of those jewels.) Realizing what he was planning Kagome did the one thing that was to him purely idiotic…she attacked him.

She lunged at him trying to hit him fighting back her tears and sobs. Although he was wounded he easily dodged the attacks as even if she hit him it would barely hurt him. He caught her arms and binded them as he had enough fun and games with her. "Hmph! Fool, do you think that you can avenge him by yourself?" Suddenly a burst of energy came from her sending him off her and unto his back. "How did you do that?" He shouted amazed that a female wench could possess such power. Kagome not caring one bit about what happened took off running as fast as she could. Hiten with a frown found his chariot wheels and although they were damaged they could still carry him enabling to fly. "And so the hunt is on." He said with a wicked grin as he took off after her.

Kagome was running through the area knowing that a thousand miles couldn't put enough distance between her and that demon. She then stopped at the edge of the mountain and realized that she had nowhere to go and the only way was down through the mountain side. Rather to die than to let him have the jewel shards she leapt off the mountain hoping death would be better off than this life had been. Falling seemingly to her death she blacked out near the end and didn't notice that she had been caught.

Holding the unconscious female in his arms Hiten glared at her and thanked his wheels to enable him the speed to be able to catch her. If he hadn't seen her he probably wouldn't have caught her. "Don't think I'm gonna let you kill yourself Kagome…Not until I'm finished with you." With a kiss on her forehead He then flew off towards his mountain home with the unconscious Kagome unaware of the events that would soon happen.

A/N: Like I said this will probably become an R fic later on. Chow.