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Every night they came to him tormenting him, haunting him, images of his parents meeting with someone who wanted them to join him, they refused for to prove their loyalty they would have to slay their children which they would never do. In outrage he killed them both in front of his and Manten's eyes. He watched in horror as his father was engulfed in flames as he screamed in agony. His mother fought ferociously but in the end she was slain in front of their eyes. The two ran up to their parents and the lord snarled at them His minions wanted to kill them both but he just growled and ordered them to leave. On that day the boy made a promise to look after his brother, and to kill his parent's murderer, the demon who desired the Shikon jewels Naraku. His father gave him his Raigekijin and his mother gave him her chariot wheels before they died.

Hiten eye's shot open and he sat up in bed. Breathing heavily he let out an angry sigh. "Damn dream quit tormenting me." He then heard a moan and looked over and saw the sleeping Kagome on the other side of the bed. He gently removed her hair that was covering her neck and saw the mark. It was still there unchanged. He looked over her bare body not in any lustful way but to make sure he hadn't hurt her during their love making last night. Getting out of the bed he then changed into his clothing and armor and took up his thunder pike his father's weapon. "I'll have your head on my pike Naraku." He snarled as the sky's darkened as his anger increased. Being a thunder demon meant having advantages were the weather was involved. "Time to wake up." He said as he went over to her and gently shook her. She tossed a little and warped the covers around her but made no movement. "Come on, wake up." He said as he shook her more forcefully. Kagome moaned and tried to shove him away. "WAKE UP!" He then smacked her on her head. That did the trick. "Hey!" She shot up in bed. "Oh, it's you I thought it was a dream." She then found him staring at her. "What? It's rude to stare you know." He then grinned and she let out an eep! She was naked and Hiten was scanning her body. "Pervert!" She shouted as she warped herself up in sheets. Hiten chuckled and left the room. "Five minutes and we leave, better get dressed." He said to her as he left. Kagome blew a raspberry at him and huffed. "Well might as well get started with this quest." She grumbled as she got dressed.

Hiten in his chariot wheels flew around his home checking for any youkais, or ningens. He found none and decided to get rid of Inuyasha before he left. Heading to where Inuyasha fell he found to his surprise that he wasn't there. Hiten immediately went on his guard all senses working. (He couldn't be alive no one could live through that.) Flashback Hiten and Inuyasha leapt at each other. Inuyasha brought his sword down across Hiten's chest. It cut through the armor and cut his flesh. With a growl he pushed his Raigekijin upward and into Inuyasha's chest. Hiten shook his head. "No way he's alive." Probably some starving demon came and ate him as demons were known to feed on anything. He frowned and found no sign of Inuyasha. He shrugged as he didn't need to worry about that now right now he needed to focus on Kagome. He then flew off towards her.

Kagome exited the house and looked around. Only a skilled climber or a demon with wings could get up to here as it was on top of a mountain. (So much for escaping) She thought, she then let out a gasp of surprise as someone grabbed her from behind. She was then in the air. "What's the matter Kagome don't like to fly?" Said a voice she easily knew. "Don't do that again Hiten." She said shakily as she clung closer to him Hiten smirked as he had snuck up behind her. "So what are we doing anyway?" She shouted over the wind. "You can locate the jewel shards can you not?" "Yeah," "Good, because that's part of the quest." Kagome let out a huff. (Great Inuyasha was suppose to help me get the jewel shards which I broke and now my mate wants the shards) Suddenly she felt a feeling. Kagome scanned the ground that they were flying over and saw a campfire. "Something's down there." She said. Hiten looked at her curiously and nodded. "Is it the jewels?" He asked eagerly. "I-I think so down there at that campfire."

Meanwhile, "What do you mean we're lost!" The demon shouted. A demon at about six feet with wild red hair, dark skin, wild gray eyes, and decent features. His features seemed to go all crazy as he went into one of his animated moods. "Ye said ya could get me there quick! Near to the temple? No! But ye got us here quick that ya did you stinkin' doorknob!" His younger cousin let out an "Oooo" sound and kicked a nearby rock. There stood the most curious looking creature ever seen. He had green hair which was braided and ran more than halfway down his back. He barely topped four feet; he wore green robes, a pair of open toed sandals on his dirty feet He had horns growing on his forehead. Giant ears and a big nose. Wild green eyes and a cooking pot on his head. He went over to the campfire were a bowl of stew was brewing. The two had been out of their home village for a ten day and were searching for a temple were they could learn more about the Shikon Jewel Shards which each had one. At the beginning Neko because of his heritage told Shane that by using the mode of transportation that his demon kind use could get them there less than a week. At first when they had arrived Shane thought that they were in the land were only humans ventured into. A day after he realized that there was something darker and more foreboding about the forest that they were in as there was few animals. Shane growled and pulled out a nasty crossbow. "Tick, Tick, Boom." His cousin warned for the thousandth time. "Boom yerself ye stupid doorknob." Shane glowered at him pointing it at his direction. Neko shrugged and began chanting. Before Shane could tell him to knock it off a branch from a tree hit him. And vines grabbed around his legs and his arm which held the crossbow. He growled and glared at Neko. "Ye gonna let me go?" "Uh, uh," Shane let out a laugh that promised his cousin would be meeting a fist soon. Cunningly he took a bolt of out his belt and put it in his mouth. Shifting the crossbow to his free hand he then dropped the bolt into place. "Oooo!" Howled Neko when he noticed. Running to the fire he picked up a flaming log and charged at his cousin. Shane was about to free himself when he saw Neko charging at him. Shifting the crossbow he then fired the bolt at Neko's cudgel. There was a small boom and when the dust cleared Neko stood there wide-eyed and holding a blackened stump instead of a burning log. "Oooo," "Yeah and yer tree is next!"

Neko hit him with a flying tackle and the two rocked back in forth between the stubborn branches. Neko grabbing for the crossbow and Shane punching him although he couldn't do any real damage. The stubborn branches broke and the two went into the air landing with a, "Oof!" The two rolled around the campsite. Shane got his nose burned when they got to the fire. Neko managed to wriggle away to begin casting another spell but Shane slapped his strong hand around his mouth, and Neko promptly bit him. It usually would have gone on for many minutes, it usually did when the two were fighting but then the two heard a growl. Stopping with a fist coming in for each other the two turned their heads as one and saw a grey wolf pawing on the stew. "Ah, Ha! A new cloak!" Shouted Shane pushing Neko off him. Neko's shriek silenced every bird for a hundred yards. "Shut yer trap!" Ordered Shane as he went to his gear and pulled out a great axe. Hearing Neko chanting he expected to be hit by a painless but annoying trick. When he returned he saw Neko sitting in front of the wolf and the two laying down. "Ye didn't." "Heh, Heh, Heh," Although no one could understand him speaking except for Shane, Neko had the ability to talk to animals. "Damned Reiko." Bitched Shane for in his eyes Reiko had created a monster. The high priest of the village Reiko had made a friend out of a wild puma. Taking that cue Neko had become famous (Infamous to Shane who thought the whole thing embarrassing) for the friends that he had made especially to the children. To the date they included: A pair of falcons, two otters, a family of mice, and a stubborn mule. And now a wolf. The wolf then laid down and fell asleep with Neko doing so as well snoring. With a growl Shane threw his axe into a tree with sticking into it.

"This will be too easy." Whispered Hiten to Kagome. As they had spied on the two demons Hiten figured it to be no problem to kill the two and take their shards. Kagome frowned as she knew Hiten would easily kill them, she thought the two to be quite humorous. "Do you have to kill them can't you just ask them?" Hiten stared at her as if she was ludicrous. "Kagome you be show mercy to others and to them but I have no intention of having an axe put into my skull." "So you're just going to kill innocent people who stand in your way?" Hiten smirked at her and chuckled. "Fine Kagome I'll try to negotatite with them but I doubt it will do any good." "Thanks," Said Kagome as the two waited for the two cousins. The tall one had woken the other up and the two were talking. It seemed as if the two were arguing about the wolf.

"Uh, Uh," Said Neko stubbornly standing of front of the tree. "What yer sayin' you dopey fool? Yer openin' the door but not gonna let us go?" Shouted Shane. "Uh, Uh," Said Neko pointing to the wolf that was watching them, "Yer not takin' the wolf!" He shouted. The two glared at each other but Shane heard the wolf growling and realized that this next fight won't be even. "Ye can't be takin' him ye would be breaking up his family." He reasoned. "Oooo," Said Neko but then his expression brightened up and he whispered into Shane's ear. "How do ya know he ain't got no family? Ya ever figured he might be fibbin' so he could get away from his doe, she-wolf, wolfess, or whatever his mate is?" "Wolfess, Heh, Heh, Heh," Giggled Neko and he whispered some more. "He's a she? How do ya know it's a…Never mind don't ya tell me he…she…it ain't goin' and that's final!" Neko lips curled up into a pitiful pout but Shane was having none of it. The nine hells he would walk in an unknown forest with a wild wolf with him. "Nope it ain't! And when we can't find any info about these jewels 'cause we're stuck here with a wild wolf you can tell Reiko why and when winter comes and us freezing ye can watch me skin your wolf for some blankets! And when…" Shane stopped hearing Neko moan in defeat. Neko walked up the wolf and struck its back. He whispered some words and with a whine the wolf let. Neko commented on how sad she was. Neko with a sigh picked up his walking stick and tapped the tree three times and mentioned Shane to lead. Shane deferred and motioned for him to lead. Neko with complete calm still mentioned for him to lead. Shane deferred again and pointed at him to lead. With still complete Neko again mentioned for him to lead. With a growl Shane shoved his cousin out of the way and turned and charged at the tree. To smack face first into it.

Kagome couldn't help but burst out laughing. Hiten motioned for her to be quiet and he then quietly made his way to them with her following him.

"How was I suppose to know yer stupid spell ran out? I couldn't see the damned door in the first place so how am I suppose to know that the spell didn't run out." Shouted Shane against Neko's howling. The round bellied demon continued laughing at him. Shane got up and scraped the blood off his noise and launched a punch at Neko. Neko tilted his helmet forward and Bong! Shane was hopping about holding his fist in pain. Shane recovered and was ready to leap at Neko but he saw his cousins eyes widened in fear and he felt a blade against his back. "I give you two choices; One, you can give me the shards you possess and I'll let you continue your fight, or choice two refuse and have me kill you both and take your shards from your corpses." Said a voice. Shane snorted in protest. "Listen whoever you are yer missin' with the wrong demon so I advise yerself to get lost!" "So that's your choice." Shane then pulled out his axe and parried just in the nick of time. He and a demon he didn't recognize went into a test of strength as both attempted to win the struggle. Shane cunningly brought his axe downward and then hoisted his axe in a horizontal slash but then brought it upwards. His adversary dodged his slash easily and growled. "Not bad but take this!" He shouted and used his Raigekijn and fired a thunder ball. Much to his surprise Shane deflected the attack. "Bah! Ye call that an attack?" He then started spinning his axe over. "Take this ye demon wannabe!" His axe grew green and he leapt at his foe. His foe leapt out of the way and he watched in amazement as Shane cut the tree he hit in half. Hiten should have watched from behind as he suddenly got grabbed. "What the!" He shouted in protest as branches and vines ensnared him trapping him. He heard chanting and saw the little demon casting a spell. "Good work Neko, now it's time to finish you." Said Shane as he stalked in to the trapped Hiten patting his axe against his hand.

Suddenly he got struck by an arrow. Hiten looked around and saw Kagome getting another arrow out. "Bah! So ye want to play! Do ye you little ningen! Play with this!" He shouted and fired his crossbow. Kagome eeped and leapt out of the way. She unexpectedly bumped into Neko and the spell on Hiten was disrupted freeing him. Hiten his eyes flaring opened his mouth wide as sparks started coming out. Kagome let out a groan as she knew what attack he was going to use. Hiten sent the mouth blast at Shane who get sent flying. The dark skinned demon rose up and snarled. "Yer good I give ye that I'll make sure to have yer head as a trophy!" He charged at Hiten who stood his ground.

"Oooo!" Shouted Neko as he saw Kagome. He went into his pouch and pulled out some berries and threw them at her. Kagome stood their confused but then the berries exploded stinging her. "Oo Oi!" He howled and charged at her raising his club. He leapt at her and Kagome simply sidestep and heard him crash into a tree. "Oooo," He moaned rubbing his head. Suddenly he saw her with an arrow pointed at his forehead. Neko then raised his hands in surrender. "Okay now will you get your friend to stop?" She asked him politely pointing at Hiten and Shane who were still fighting. "Yup, Yup." He nodded and started chanting. Suddenly both Hiten and Shane were trapped by a cage of thorns. "Hey!" Shouted Hiten. Shane then glared at his cousin. "Ye stupid doorknob! Yer suppose to get him not me!" Neko walked up to him and slapped him on the head.

"Who are you two?" Asked Kagome as she helped Hiten get free. "Their about to be dead." Promised Hiten grimly. "Not if I kill ye first! Quit slappin' me ye doorknob!" "Hiten put away your weapon please." Hiten's eyes widened at her request. He was about to protest but he knew that he needed her and with a growl sheathed his weapon. Shane also sheathed his axe and unloaded his crossbow. "Ain't no honor in killing someone who's weaponless not even a stinkin' thunder demon." He said as he and Neko stood side to side. "So who are you two?" "Me name's Shane this is my cousin Neko." Me coussy." Neko agreed draping a arm around his cousin side. "Well there's a common sight." Said Hiten sarcastically. "Nothin' common about this one." Agreed Shane "We're from the village of Lakota it's about fifty miles from here. We are trying to find a temple where we can learn about this jewels." "I know about them." Said Kagome "Ye do how does a ningen especially a young one know about these shards." "Well, I kinda accidentally shattered the whole thing and I have to put them back together." "Good then we'll take you to the High Priest Reiko not a more powerful priest in the entire world!" Shane boasted. "It's fifty miles so unless you know some short cuts it will take us a while." Put in Hiten dryly. Neko then laughed and bobbed his head. "What ye say we should take yer road?" "Yup, Yup." "What's he talking about?" Asked Hiten impatiently. "Well he's got some mode of teleportation it should take us less then ten minutes if he gets it right." He said putting in the last part dryly.

"Pffft," Neko huffed and he walked to a tree. He started chanting and then he LEAPT into the tree disappearing. "Yeah I know he does it all the time." Shane replied to Kagome and Hiten who stood there dumbfoundely. He then leapt into the tree disappearing. Hiten shrugged and leapt as well Kagome following.

Neko's transport was not an easy journey nor was it comforting. With Neko howling "WHEEEE!" and the others were trying hard not to throw up. Zigzagging threw the trees and continuous going up and down. Hiten bit one side of his cheek so hard and found himself wishing that he could fly. Kagome although she was having fun felt as though she was on a roller coaster ride and felt the same sickness that came after riding one. Finally mercifully they came out. Shane come out first and landed on his stomach in a daze. Neko then landed on him. It always seemed to happen like that. He heaved his cousin off him and Neko laughing stood up and walked away dizzy and enjoying every moment of it. "Stupid doorknob," Shane grumbled before he threw up. Hiten also came out of a different tree and rolled on his back. Kagome then came out and landed on him putting the two in a rather interesting position. Hiten blushed and gently pushed her off. The two looked at the village before them. It was a peaceful village and to their surprise they saw both demons and humans walking around talking with each other. They then saw a temple and were awed by its display as it was a symbol of beauty in its own class. Kagome had seen the marvels and sights of Tokyo while Hiten had explored the world along with Manten. But the sights paled to the temple that they saw. They could hear chanting and singing from the temple as their was many gardens and statues their.

"Come on I led ya to Reiko." Shane huffed and the two followed him to the temple. As they could hear music and prayer being heard. They then went to the gates of the temple and the door opened automatically.

End of Chapter 3