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New Resolutions III
Chapter One- It Keeps On Going
By: Abbie Haven Snape

"Come on trunk, like me! SHUT!" yelled an agitated Lily Snape.

She placed a hand on her hip and glared at the trunk. Then, she slowly walked toward it. Jumping on tip of it didn't even close it enough to be latched. But with her only weighing eighty-six pounds didn't put a lot of weight on it.

"Oh, come on already!" she said before falling on to her black comforter. She was too busy yelling insults at her trunk to notice small footsteps coming into her room. But she did hear when something broke.

Her head snapped up and heard giggles. Looking down at the end of her bed, she saw a little hand reach into her trunk and throw her neatly packed clothes into the air.

"Logan!" she snapped, jumping up.

Logan Severus Snape looked around the trunk at his big sister, gray eyes gleaming with tears.

"Lils isn't gowg!" he said throwing more clothes on the floor.

"Logan…I have to," she said picking up her two-year-old brother. Logan wrapped his arms around her the best he could. "Hey, you will see me at Christmas."

Lily hugged him back tightly, and ran her hand down his dark blond hair, the way that would get him to go to sleep when he was younger.

"Logan," said Leah standing at the door. "There you- LILY! I told you to be packed last night!" she said looking at the mess on the floor.

"I was Mum," she protected. "Until someone decided they didn't want me to leave."

Leah looked at her and then to Logan in her arms. "Ah, little Logan doesn't want Lils to go?"

Logan nodded into Lily's shoulder. Leah walked over to them and pried Logan from his grip on Lily.

"Let's let Lily repack while we have a little talk," she said giving Lily a wink.

Lily smiled and picked up her clothes from the floor, throwing them into the trunk. "Now, listen to me trunk. You are going to close, whether you like it or not," she said glaring at it again.

"You know, talking to things that aren't capable of speech, makes you insane."

Lily turned to her door to see Tommy smiling at her. Nine years old now, you would have never known he lived with someone besides the Snape's. He was still his sweet, cute self. His hair was still blond, just a little longer and curlier. Same big, bright, brown eyes that shown with happiness and life. He was tall, four-six, and skinny.

She stuck her tongue out at him. "Help me get it closed."

Tommy walked into the room and sat down on top of the trunk as Lily tried to close it, still with no luck.

"Merlin Lils, what do you have in there?"


"We need more weight and I don't think you sitting here with me will help close it."

As if expecting to be called, a three-year-old Hook came trudging into the room and jumped up beside Tommy. Lily finally was able to close it.

"Finally! Thanks," she said ruffling Tommy's hair and scratching behind Hook's ear.

"Lily! Tommy! Ten minutes before we leave!" yelled Leah from down the hall.

"Crap! I am not even dressed yet," muttered Lily, going to the wardrobe.

Tommy laughed at her. "You know, Dad hasn't said hardly anything today."

"Because I am leaving," said throwing him a pair of blue jeans and a black tee that read "Bats."

He caught it without a second thought. This wasn't the first time they had been rushed. "So?" he said handing her them back as she closed the doors.

"Funny. Turn around, you too Hook," she said.

Tommy rolled his eyes but did as he was told, grabbing Hook's collar and pulled him around. "I mean it isn't like you are leaving forever. You will write practically everyday, or you better to me, and you will be home at Christmas, which isn't that far away," he said talking to the pink wall in front of him.

"Still, it is the point that I am eleven and going."

"Or that it is only one going," he said quietly.

"I had that thought too. I'm done," she said throwing her pajamas into the corner.

They looked at each other, each thinking about Jordan.

"Ready?" asked Leah, coming into the room.

The both of them blinked a couple of times. "Yeah," the said. Lily grabbed her trunk, rolling it down the stairs. Harry was sitting at the dinning room table with the Daily Prophet in front of him.

"I think the three of them are ready," said Leah, letting Logan down.

"Have all your school supplies?" asked Harry, standing up. Both Harry and Leah were still as young as ever. Signs of aging were beginning to become visible, as Harry was a year away from approaching thirty and Leah only two.

"Yes Daddy."

"Books, robes, quill, parchment, potion ingredients?"

"Yes. All packed."


She pointed to her jean pocket where her nine and one-fourth, whippy, phoenix feather wand was.

"Map and cloak?"

"Harry!" snapped Leah. "You gave those to her? She will get into enough trouble without any help!"

"Check," said Lily smiling.

Leah rolled her eyes giving up. "I will never win," she muttered. Lily laughed but it wasn't because of her mother. Harry looked over at her.

"Cages Lily Grace," he said.

Everyone else looked at him, wondering what he was going on about.

"Huh?" asked Lily.

"I heard them. Cages. Now."

Lily looked at him with one of her pleading looks but he just looked at her.

"Fine," she said untangling Nyx from her leg and Hades from the other. Lily hissed to the snakes as she walked them up the stairs to get cages.

"By the way, the snakes thought you had a chance at winning."

Leah laughed, shaking her head. Lily came back into the room, still hissing.

"Stop complaining Hades," hissed Harry.

"She should be," said Lily looking at him.

"It was the only way the Headmaster would allow you to take them."

"Not like they would hurt anyone unless I told them to."

Harry shook his head. Lily eyed a black box on the table that had a red ribbon wrapped around it.

"Oh," said Harry grabbing the box. "A going away gift. Don't open it until you get on the train."

"Yes sir and thanks."

Harry nodded, smiling a little.

"Well, lets not delay anymore. Let's go!"


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