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The Final Chapter

Chapter 11 We Will All Forget

She ran up the stairs as fast as she could. Stopping in the middle of on of the flights of stairs, she hit her forehead. She put her hood on and crossed her arms over her chest, then almost instantly, a bird like shadow pulled her through the ceiling to the roof. Looking around she noticed that she was the only one up there.

Then pulling her hood off, she walked to the edge of the tower's roof, and looked at the water below. Slowly, she drew her gaze to the sky above, looking at the moon and the stars. They were shining beautifully bright. The sky was so clear, black. The raining was over for a while. She let a small grin make its way across her lips. She was at peace with the world. And for the first time, well… one of the first times… she could see the calm, kind, gentle, and plain beautiful, side of Earth.

She froze when she felt the presents of someone. She slowly turned around to see Robin waiting by the door that led from the stairs. He slowly walked up to her, and she turned back to the sky.

"I've never seen so many stars… its beautiful" she said to him, never taking her eyes away from the sight.

"It is…"he replied back.

Raven kept looking up; she didn't even realize that he was moving closer to her. She was so dazzling under the moon lit sky, nothing could ruin this moment.

"Uh…Raven?" Robin started slowly

"Yes?" she didn't look at him, just continued to look at the stars

"I've been trying to ask you this for a while." He stated. Raven then turned to look at him

"What is it?" she asked in her monotone

"well, since you came here, I knew there was something special about you. And when we discovered your powers, I knew I was right, and that you were powerful." Raven looking at him fully listening.

"Go on" she urged him

"Yeah, well… ok, I am just going to say it. Raven, would you like to be a Teen Titan?" he held out a small yellow and black communicator. Raven didn't move she just nodded. And reached out her hand. Robin slowly placed it in her grasp, and she held it tight.

"Wow…" was all she could manage to say

"Yeah, wow. So do you want to see your room?" he looked to her

She blinked"my…room?" she said slowly. He nodded and led the way down the stairs.

It was now about a quarter after mid night and they stopped right outside a door. Raven looked at it, and was thinking hard about it. Robin looked at her face, then opened the door for her. It slid opened easily and they stepped in.

"Well?" Robin asked her as she walked in

"Its…it's…" she trailed off

This was the room she ran to when they discovered her powers. She stepped over towards the window, and looked back at Robin. "I can't do this…" she whispered below her breath she then turned to the door and ran for it. Robin stopped her, spreading his arms across the door entrance.

"What are you doing? Where are you going?" he asked hastily

"I'm sorry… I… I JUST CAN'T!" and with that, she took her shadow self and sifted through the ground… and she was gone…

12:27 am Titan's main room

Robin was standing in front of the big TV screen. The other titans rushed in about a minute after he sounded the alarm. The lights were blinking as they all hurried to what was wrong. Robin didn't even turn around to look at them. Then BB finally spoke.

"Uh dude? Why are we all here?"

"And why is our new friend Raven not present?"

"She left" he merely said




They all asked their questions and looked towards Robin who still hadn't turned around. "I don't know! That's why I called you out here!" He shouted at them.

"Well… did you ask her?" Cyborg asked

"Yes…" he answered

"Did she take the communicator?"

"She did… but I think she would've disposed of it by now!" he answered back harshly

They all stepped back. "okay… so let's check the security cameras around the city" Cy commented

"I did… there's no sign of her"

"Sooo…why are we looking for her again?" Beast Boy asked in confusion

"There has to be a reason she left… and with all of the time shes been here… she could easily inform our enemies and give them vital information… so if we don't find her… we could all be in danger…"

Raven's POV

She walked solemnly down the streets…arms crossed…body shaking madly… heart pounding… singing a song she'd heard once before.

walked away,
heard them say,
poison hearts will never change
walk away again
turned away in disgrace
felt the chill upon my face
cooling from within

hard to notice
gleaming from the sky
when your staring at the cracks
hard to notice
what is passing by
with eyes low…

walked away
heard them say
poison hearts will never change
walk away again

all the cracks they lead right to me
and all the cracks will crawl right through me
all the cracks they lead right to me
and all the cracks will crawl right through me
and they fall apart
As I

Walked away,
heard them say,
poison hearts will never change
walk away again
turned away in disgrace
felt the chill upon my face
cooling from within…

She let years of unshed tears fall from her eyes. She collapsed to the ground as she sobbed. She soon straightened up when a lamp post exploded, and continued to walk down the street… alone as she had always been.

Raven stopped in front of an abandoned house. It was creepy… yet welcoming… she walked to the gate opening it slowly. It fell off of the hinges, resulting with a large crash… but since it was after midnight, it was left unnoticed.

She walked up the eerie path to the house, that looked like it was made just for her, and walked inside. "Well…" she said to herself "looks like I really cant do this…" she said with a whimper as she fell to the ground once again. She crawled into a corner of the ghostly house, covered herself with her cloak, and fell asleep.

Just as she fell into slumber… a figure stepped to the door way…

Robin's POV

Robin flipped open his communicator to reveal the other titans. "Any sight of her?" he asked them all. They all shook their heads glumly showing no success. Robin swore under his breath as he continued to search on his motorcycle. It had been about two hours… and their search was still unproductive. 'where could she be?' He thought as he continued to search 'what was she so upset about?' he stopped when he saw an old gate door on the side of the road, and saw foot prints on the ground leading up to a creepy broken house. 'I've never seen this house before…' he stared at the beaten up house in awe for a second, when he then got off his bike and went to investigate.

He walked up the haunted house like trail and stepped towards the door. He was about to knock on it when it disappeared right in frount of him. He was taken aback by this, but soon stepped ward again when he saw someone standing over another person on the ground. Being the detective that he is, he went to question… but… before he could question the someone … he realized who it was on the ground. He gasped 'Raven?' Then he rushed over to h, but was stopped by someone. He looked to she who it was that was stopping him from reaching her. 'You?' he said furiously

"What about me?" she snapped back

It was Anima… she was back. "But we took you out yesterday" he said confused

"Yes, I know. But a lot can happen in a day"

"Well… you couldn't win yesterday… and you won't win today"

"You so sure about that?"

"Yes! When Raven wakes up… you're a going down!"

"What are you talking about? She is awake!" stepping to the side she revealed Raven. Her eyes were wide, and she wasn't moving. Robin then tried to run to her, but was once again stopped by the girl.

"What did you do to her?" he yelled out

"Oh… nothing… I found her like this… kinda sad really!" she bent down beside Raven and brought out a knife

"What are you doing? Don't you dare hurt her!" he got in a fighting stance

"Oh… I won't do anything… too harsh…" she brought the blade to Raven's cheek, and slid it across gently. When she removed the knife, she showed a thin line of blood that soon trickled down the side of her face.

"Stop it! Don't do anything else" Robin shouted at Anima

"Do you have to ruin all the fun?" she stood up and took her own battle stance. The house around them soon turned to a vacant field. The whole house, path, gate, everything just evaporated as if it were only an illusion.

Robin looked around for a second then turned back to the girl. "What do you want with her?"

"Oh, it's not me that wants her. I'm just doing my job"

Robin ran towards her ready to punch her straight in the gut. He pinned her to the ground"who do you work for!"

"Why would I tell you!" she yelled back at him

They began to fight then. She kicked him off of her and did a back flip to get up to her battle stance. She threw a punch towards his face and Robin ducked. He then tripped her by swinging his leg behind her. She hit the ground with a thump. She then looked up at him and grinned. Her eyes glowed the light blue and she disappeared. Robin straightened up and was looking as if he were prepared for anything… problem was… he wasn't.

Because out of nowhere, he saw the blade once again. He didn't have enough time to react before it came in contact with stomach. He let out a slight yell when it hit him; he fell to the ground and clenched his stomach. He pulled out the weapon and threw it out ward. He then felt a thrust forward as the invisible girl kicked his back. He let out another shout.

He opened his eyes long enough to see that Raven was getting up. 'Raven…' he whispered below his breath, not loud enough for Anima to hear. She once again kicked him from behind, making it to where he was on his stomach.

She laughed as she walked forward and grabbed the dagger. Robin's eyes widened under his mask as he saw it coming towards him. He tried to get up and run… but it was too late. The blade once again stabbed him. He gasped in pain as the girl became visible once more. She pushed him away. "Slade shall be pleased." She laughed evilly as she walked over where Raven was…was…"no… where did she g-". Raven kicked her from behind making her land on her side.

"Who's Slade!" Raven demanded

"Hell if I know!" she yelled back at her

Raven began to walk towards her "You're going to tell me if you know what's bes-" she turned her attention over to Robin and gasped. She ran over to him. She picked his head up and set it on her lap. "Robin…"

Anima then walked over to Raven and looked at her hard "wait a sec… I know you!" she shouted

"How would you!" Raven demanded back

"Oh, you talk to yourself… a lot! I know who you are, what you are, where you come from… and what you'll do…Raven… I know all about you…" she looked Raven straight in the eyes.

"No…. you're lying!" Raven got up and was ready to fight her

"No… I am not the one who's lying… you are Raven… your lying to the city, to the titans… to yourself…" she let out a wide grin

"NO!" Ravens eyes turned red and her hands were glowing black.

"Don't get upset… Raven Roth…" she stood boldly

"You know NOTHING! And I mean NOTHING about me! "Raven yelled in defense

"If I did… you wouldn't be getting this upset now would you Raven? I know all about you… you're past… your destiny…" she stepped back away from Raven "and I always will… I'll let you figure all of this out on your own…" she pulled out a same radio like device from her packet "Slade? Quit!" she crushed it in her palm and disappeared for the last time.

Raven then rushed over to Robin and picked him up. She began to carry him out when he spoke "Raven…" his voice was soft.


"What was she talking about?" Ravens eyes widened

"w-what do you mean?"

"She said something about your destiny… what did she mean?"

She set him down on the ground and sat beside him. "Robin… I am afraid you can't know that" she let out a few tears"and… I won't let you remember what she said… I won't let you remember me…" she looked away from him, to the rising sun.

"Raven… what are you talking about! How can I not remember you?" he ordered her to answer "Raven?" he then doubled over holding his stomach

"Robin… I'm sorry…" she put her hand over his eyes and began to chant something she opened her eyes which were now once again glowing… but this time white. She took her soul self and went into his mind "Robin… I am afraid you can't remember me… I wont let you or the others… you were the first person to sow me kindness… and I won't forget you for that… I am saving you by doing this… I bring more trouble then I solve… Robin… I will never forget you…" she brought herself back out breaking the link. She removed her hand from his eyes. He was unconscious. She then moved hand over his wounds. And they were healed.

She then took the form of the raven in shadow and flew them to the tower. The others were there waiting for news of Raven. And when she walked in with Robin in her arms they rushed over to help her. She just shoved them away and set him on the couch, then sat next to him.

"Friend Raven. What has happened to Robin?"

"Yeah? And where did you go?"

They were all questioning her. She just let out a sigh and told them that she needed to talk to them all, and that Robin would be awake in a few hours. They all nodded. And she erased their memories one by one. Now, all of the titans were unconscious, and she went to finish what she started. She took all of the stuff out of her room, got the picture of her in the paper when she helped with stopping the bank robbery, and took out everything she caused in the titans house hold.

One week later

Raven stood before the door to Titan's tower. It was a nice day, the sun was out, there were only a few clouds in the sky, and she would see Robin and the other titans again. She had a small smile on her face. She then gathered all of her confidence and knocked on the door.

Within 30 seconds a happy alien girl answered the door. "Hello! How may I help you?" she asked Raven who just let a small grin find its was to her lips

"You're the Titans right?"

"Yes! Who are you?" Starfire asked naively

"I'm Raven"

"Oh please do come in!" with that she pulled her in the tower

"Starfire who was at the door?" came a familiar voice that turned out to be Beast Boy

"This is Raven!"

"What does she want?" Cyborg asked

"Um…" Starfire said dumbfounded

Raven spoke up "I would like to know if I could be a Titan."

"What's so special about you?"


"Do I know you?" Robin asked as he got up from the couch.

'Yes' "No, I don't believe you do" Raven said to him as she gave him a small smile, not big enough for the others to notice. "Well, I can do this." She crossed her arms and lifted the couch that Robin was sitting on.

Robin looked at her again"well Raven, I think you'd make a good addition to the team."

'I was' "I think I will too." She a reassuring smile 'I said I would never forget you Robin. I never will'

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