All's Fair In Love and War

By Jacks-Strumpet

Edited by Flute Damioh

Hey!! This is a better, revised version of my other Story 'Good 'Ol Life'. My friend Flute Damioh edited and added a bunch of stuff to it for me, she described Annie, Cubbs… and basically everything that's described, lol. Oh and she also gave me the title. So yes this is her story as well.

Disclaimer- I DO NOT own Jack… Although I truly wish I did… Or just Johnny for that matter… lol. The Black Devil is my ship though, I am captain of it in my little world, and one of my best friends is me firs' mate! Lol. I own Aneice and her crew, Cubbs… and anyone you don't recognize… On with the Show!

Chapter 1- The Bar


Her boss, Mr. Cubbs, was one of the most dreadful, evil people in Tortuga. He wasn't all that muscular. In fact, it was quite opposite. He was overweight and unkempt. His tousled, graying hair had dirt and mud clods in it, obviously from the lack of bathing. Basically the only way to describe him was a dirty old man. Though for some reason Cubbs always took it easy on her. For what reasons Annie would never know.

Aneice, or Annie as she preferred to be called, was an average-sized, twenty-nine-year old woman, standing about five foot three. Her auburn hair was held back by a messy French braid that she always wore to work. Her green eyes were full of exhaustion, obviously from the long, hard day. Her attire consisted of a simple maroon dress, with a white bodice that was trimmed in lace. Aside from a few scratches and scars here and there, her slightly tan skin was perfectly smooth.

Annie was a former pirate captain, and when I say former, I mean she had received mutinous, good-for-nothing crew. They took her ship, the Black Devil, and left her to die on a god-forsaken island. There, she stayed, completely drunk, for a total of three days until the rumrunners saw her passed out under a coconut tree, and the nice little rummies took her to Tortuga. She was currently a waitress at the Faithful Bride and she never talks about her past. She occasionally comes across old members of her crew, lying sprawled out on the floor, drunk. So she has the wonderful job of dragging them out. Thank God they're passed out so they don't recognize her. She hates it there, but hey, it pays the bills. Tonight was supposed to be an ordinary night, but someone all too familiar would come to join the fun.

"Comin' Cubb!" she said rather cheery for her taste, surprising herself at her tone of voice.

"Wha' do ya thin' yer doin'!" he practically spit on her while he said this.

Eww, she thought, raising her eyebrows. "Umm…serving the drunks?"

He froze for a minute. "No! You're talking to the damn drunks!"

They go through this every night.

"Well isn't that what I'm supposed to be doing?" she replied, rolling her eyes.

Yup. He was drunk out of his mind again, Annie thought.

Pleased that she just made a point she smiled. "Tha's what I thought. Now cough up them shillings ya owe me fer workin' late"

He shook his head.

"Nah, you ain't gettin' paid tanigh'. I'm puttin' ya on whore duty," he said with a disgusting grin.

She widened her eyes, about to rip out her hair "ARE YOU OUT OF YER BLOODY MIND!!! I AIN'T BEING NO WHORE!!"

The whole bar stopped and stared at her like she was mad. Well, maybe she was, just a little.

"Dammit lass, keep yer bloody voice down, and you are goin' on whore duty tanigh' and if ya refuse I'll just fire ya!"

"Dammit Cubbs! I've been workin' all day and I just want to go home!"

"No! And tha's final, so get yer bloody arse out there, I 'eard Sparra's comin' out tanigh'."

"Ughh… yer hopeless. I'll stay fer an hour and then I'm goin' home. You'll ferget this ever happened tomorrow anyway so I won't be fired."

Just as she finished her sentence, someone familiar entered the bar.

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