Authors note- this story was written by my friend dukzrkewl and I. If you want to review it would be nice to review on both screen names.

It was an ordinary day in the T-shaped tower which lay on the crusty island rite outside Gotham. Raven was sitting crossed-legged on the couch reading rite across from the great television which Beast Boy and Cyborg were playing the newest edition to the Mega Monkeys collection. Starfire was cooking her latest Tamarainian food which she dubbed "flogorglob". Robin was somewhere inside the tower. Either practicing Kung fu or researching the latest info on criminals.

All was interrupted when the alarm system went off. Red lights flashed interrupting Raven horror book, Cyborg and Beast Boys game, Starfire's cooking which now gave off a nasty smell of rotten eggs and old gym socks, and Robin's researching or Kung fu, (or what ever he was doing.)

"Oh man, we could have reached the 17th level." Complained Beast Boy as he shut off the gaming system.

"Ya we can never have a break from…" Cyborg said but stopped as he sniffed the air. "Man what's that smell? Whoa!"

"It's my Flogorglob! I have produced it myself using the utensils of earthling tools!" Starfire said innocently as Robin ran in the room.

"It's Killer Moth," Robin began.

The Titans looked at Starfire. "No! You shall not seize my Silkie!"

"And Mumbo." Robin finished.

"Mumbo and Killer Moth? What's next?" Cyborg said.

"There not together. There in different locations. Oddly there attacking at the same time. Raven and Starfire, you take Mumbo."

"Yay a free magic show." Raven spoke cynically.

"Beast Boy and Cyborg, you are coming with me. Were going after Killer Moth. Titans Go!"