Authors Note: Since I love you guys so much I decided to make a little extra epilogue.

He kissed me? I mean… This was something even for Ravens mind that she could not comprehend. For a fellow team mate to kiss her. Why in the right mind- But Raven was not in the right mind when he did this so himself.

Raven sat on her hooded bed. The lights were dim and some books were not on her shelves but all was normal. Or at least that what she thought. She looked in the mirror for maybe her appearance changed too. She raised from her bed and opened her closet door with detained a full length mirror. To her horror, there was something wrong. Some terribly wrong.

She looked at her appearance once more, she was not vain but what she saw was immoral. The cloak she had been wearing was not any sort of indigo but a bright fuchsia pink. She clutched her cloak and ripped it off. She could not stand to bear the color. Her eyes were not used to such brightness. She rummaged through her closet when she recognized her whole closet was full of pastel colors. A ray of light blues which she did not mind as much as pink but when she came across the scenic greens and the creamy yellows she shrieked to herself.

Was she going to walk around the tower in Pink? They would laugh. Not even Starfire would wear such a revolting color. Who even invented this color? Who ever did is so out of there mind. Even if Raven went crazy she would never touch this color of atrocity, this color of pretty flowers, and this color of Barbie's!

Raven tore out all the things from her closet screaming in rage. "There has to be one thing that's not bright." She continued to rip every thing out and rip them apart. Nothing was indigo or violet. It is as if some one has punished her for something she didn't do. She gritted her teeth and grumbled once more.

"Rae, are you ok?" Raven heard some one say knocking on the door- but she didn't hear who it was. She ignored and went on with her disengaging all the pretty pastels from her closet.

Beast Boy grew impatient and opened the door. His draw dropped and muttered. "Robin- I don't think you truly fixed her."