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This is set during the Advanced Generation. Ash is not a Pokemon Master.

A group of friends are eating lunch in a grassy area not far from Lilycove City. One member of the group is training fiercely. His name is Ash Ketchum. The Chosen One.

"Pikachu use Quick Attack!" Ash yelled.

Pikachu ran forward at super fast speeds and slammed into Brock's Marshtomp. It staggered back a few feet but wasn't beaten yet.

"Marshtomp use Mud Shot!" Brock ordered.

Marshtomp shot a glob of mud out of its mouth right at Pikachu.

"Dodge and use Iron Tail!" Ash replied thinking quickly.

Pikachu avoided the Mud Shot and jumped in the air. As Pikachu jumped his tail began to glow white. He then slammed it onto Marshtomp's head as a direct hit. The mud fish instantly fell to the ground fainted.

"Marshtomp is out of the battle, Ash and Pikachu win!" Max yelled from the sidelines.

"Yeah, we did it Pikachu!" Ash yelled in joy. The yellow mouse hopped into his masters arms and perched itself on his shoulder.

"Good job Marshtomp, you deserve a long rest." Brock said as he returned his Pokemon.

"Wow Ash that was one amazing battle." May said.

"Yeah, even with a type disadvantage you still won." Max said in surprise.

"That's Ash for you. Even when all is lost he still pulls through." Brock stated walking over to him.

"I can't take all the credit. Pikachu does more work than I do." Ash said patting his first Pokemon on his head.

"Enough talk, let's go to the Pokemon Center. I want to see Nurse Joy." Brock said gushing over her.

The others rolled their eyes in disgust at Brock's perverted mode. They were all walking back to town when a loud screech was heard.

"What is that noise? It's horrible." May asked covering her ears with her hands.

"I don't know. Pikachu use Thunder!" Ash ordered.

Pikachu was about to attack when it saw what the noise came from. Suddenly the noise stopped and a large silver bird landed in front of them. Max stared in shock.

"Is that"

"Yes Max, that's Lugia." Ash interrupted him as he looked in surprise.

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