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Weather Center- Top Floor

May is passed out. She slowly wakes up to find herself in a cage.

"Where am I" May asked looking around. She saw the men in dark outfits and remembered them from before.

"Gotta break out of here. Go Combusken" May said reaching for the Pokeball containing her beginning Pokemon. They were missing from her belt.

A man walked over to May. He took his hood off to look at May. He had black hair and dark brown eyes. He reached through the bars in the cage and cupped May's chin in his hand.

"So, this is the second Chosen One. I'll admit I'm jealous. The Chosen One doesn't deserve such a cute girl all to himself." the man said observing May.

May angrily slapped his hand away. "Who are you? Why do you want Ash" she asked.

"I'm the leader of Team Shadow, the name is Brian. We need you because you're the one mentioned in the legend. The future wife of the Chosen One that will stop the great evil. Well, if you're locked up than you can't save the world and we will rule it. Plus, we need bait to lure the Chosen One here." Brian explained.

May couldn't believe what she was hearing. She was Ash's future wife. She was destined to help save the world. But because of her Ash was flying right into a trap.

"Ash! Don't come! Please save yourself" May said to herself with all her heart.

Outside Weather Center

Ash and co. had landed just outside the Weather Center. It was heavily guarded by Absol and Sableye but they weren't worried.

"How can we get past those Pokemon" Brock asked Ash.

"Me? I don't know. I thought one of you had a plan." Ash said confused.

"Wait, didn't Lugia say something about Ash being able to communicate with Pokemon through their minds" Brock asked remembering what the guardian of the sea told them.

"Oh yeah. I can free some Pokemon from the control of Team Shadow by using my mind." Ash said pointing at his head.

"If were lucky he may be able to get a sleepy Snorlax over here by telling it we have food." Gary said.

"I agree. I don't think you have the mind power to communicate with Pokemon." Misty replied.

"Only one way to find out." Ash said closing his eyes and concentrating.

"Fellow Pokemon. This is the Chosen One. A great evil has brainwashed you and we need your help to stop them. Break free from the control and let them know that Pokemon can't be controlled by evil. Show them your anger and pride that makes you true Pokemon."

Ash opened his eyes and waited. A few minutes went by and nothing happened.

"Alright that does it. I'm breaking through." Gary said grabbing Blastoise's Pokeball.

Suddenly the Pokemon guarding the entrance to the Weather Center were flung into a tree. A giant Tropious had tackled them away. As they looked around they noticed a large group of Pokemon had formed.

"Wow! What did you say to them Ash" Brock said looking around amazed.

"Just to prove that they can't be controlled and let their instincts guide them." Ash said.

Everyone looked at him. "Why can't you say stuff like that in real life" Misty asked amazed what Ash said.

"The world is in danger. I had to use my power as Chosen One to help." Ash explained.

"Whatever. Let's break in and save May. Boys, break down the door." Gary said pointing at the entrance.

Two Lairon ran forward and tackled the entrance knocking the front door down. Two grunts were about to attack but were smacked aside by the other Pokemon.

They made it to the top floor. Ash kicked down the front door and rushed in. He saw more members of Team Shadow and May in a cage.

"May" Ash yelled running forward. He ran into a barrier and was knocked back.

Gary and Brock ran into the room and saw the enemy.

"The Pokemon are cleaning up downstairs. Let's take these guys out." Gary said grabbing a Pokeball. Brock followed along.

The leader grinned. "I don't think so. Guards eliminate them" he ordered.

Suddenly more agents of Team Shadow appeared in a puff of smoke. They charged forward and attacked.

"What? Humans attacking us? Pikachu use Thunder" Ash ordered. The yellow mouse charged up and shocked the oncoming man. The blast hit him incinerating his hood.

Ash gasped at what he saw. Instead of skin he saw metal.

"They're robots" Gary asked shocked.

"So that's why Lugia couldn't sense a life force from them." Ash said.

The leader smirked. "Yes, they are robots. Humans would have never been able to take control of Pokemon. These robots are filled with negative energy."

"But you're human. Aren't you" Brock asked unsure.

"Of course I'm human. I have been in control of every terrible thing that has happened since you started your journey." the man said pointing at Ash.

"Liar. Team Rocket did that." Ash replied.

"Stupid boy. I control Team Rocket. I funded all of Giovanni's worthless experiments and controlled Team Rocket from behind the scenes. Why do you think that Pikachu is so powerful? It is our genetically altered version of a regular Pokemon. So are you, experiment 713." he said.

"Who are you" Gary asked.

"I'm Brian. Brian Ketchum." the man said lowering his hood to reveal a face similar to Ash's.

"No way! Ash never had a brother. Quit lying." Misty yelled.

"Oh, but he did. I was Delia Ketchum's first son. Her second son well, let's just says he was different. Giovanni Rocket was her husband. He used his experiments to alter her son and give him super-human abilities. A boy with the ability to control Pokemon. He wanted Ash to take over the company when he couldn't. As time went on you became obsessed with helping others and caring. I was forced to overthrow Giovanni and take over the company. I was also told about a girl with the light inside her to overthrow any evil. That is you May. Now, I have to exterminate you both once and for all." Brian said.

Ash didn't know what to feel. He always knew his mom was keeping something from him but this was insane. "I'm not normal. I'm a freak." Ash said quietly.

"Robots destroy them" Brian ordered. they charged towards Ash.

Gary hopped in front of him. "I don't think so. Blastoise use Hydro Cannon" Gary ordered. The giant water turtle blasted the robots with a giant blast of water short-circuiting them.

Brock came over and touched Ash's shoulder. "Ash, your not a freak. You are a great kid who has a great gift. You have never turned down a chance to help someone and are a great friend. In my book that makes you more human than this guy could ever be." Ash looked around and saw all his friends around him.

"Now kick his scrawny little butt and get me out of this cage." May yelled angrily.

Ash looked at everyone around him. "I have great friends. I'm normal. I will stop you." Ash said as he looked at his brother in anger.

"I don't think so. In case you went all good on us I decided to put a chip in Pikachu's DNA. It is under my control now." Brian said pushed a button on a controller and Pikachu started to glow.

"Pikachu" Ash yelled.

When the glowing stopped Pikachu looked the same except it had evil black eyes and its tail was crimson red.

"What happened to Pikachu" Ash asked angrily.

"I revealed his true side. His evil side. Now Pikachu, destroy your former mater" Brian ordered.

"I don't think so. I'm sorry Pikachu forgive me. Onix use Earthquake" Brock ordered releasing the giant rock snake.

Onix appeared and banged its tail on the ground shaking it. Pikachu hopped up and hit Onix on the head with an Iron Tail attack. It fainted instantly.

"You fool. While under my control Pikachu's power has increased ten fold. None of your Pokemon can win." Brian said.

"The legend never said anything about my Pokemon turning evil. What do I do" Ash asked as he watched Pikachu plow through Gary, Brock, and Misty's Pokemon.

"The legend didn't mention this but that doesn't mean you can't stop it. Pikachu has been your partner since the very beginning. Nothing can break that bond. You can save Pikachu." Lugia said inside Ash's head.

Ash looked over at Pikachu as it attacked its friends. "Pikachu! Leave them alone and get me." Ash said in a angry voice.

"What an idiot. He wants to die. Pikachu, attack your former master and finish him off." Brian ordered.

"Ash are you crazy? Pikachu will kill you. Don't be stupid." May yelled from behind him.

"Don't worry May. Pikachu and I have been through everything together. I trust him. If he hurts me than it's his choice." Ash stated.

"Destroy him. Use Thunder" Brian yelled.

Pikachu shot a powerful Thunder attack right at Ash. He barely avoided the attack and it shocked the lock on May's cage destroying it.

"Come on Pikachu. Remember all the fun we had together. We've been through everything together. You have to remember" Ash yelled.

"Give it up Ash. Pikachu is under my control now. Finish him off. Use Thunder again" Brian ordered.

Pikachu charged forward towards Ash. "I said Thunder not Tackle." Brian said furiously. Pikachu ran towards Ash super fast. He was just about to attack Ash when a bright light surrounded Pikachu.


Ash is standing in front of a flock of Spearow.

"I won't let you hurt Pikachu. He is my friend no matter what. He was my first Pokemon. No matter what he does to me I will not let you hurt him." Ash said.

The Spearow flew towards Ash fast. Just before they reached them Pikachu hopped off of Ash in front of him. With a powerful Thundershock he fainted all of the Spearow. Ash fell on the ground from the shock of the blast. Pikachu laid on the ground next to him. He leaned over and licked Ash on the face.

"Pikachu you're the best." Ash said smiling.

End Flashback

Pikachu stopped in front of Ash. He looked completely normal again and hopped on Ash's shoulder.

"What? What did you do? Pikachu should be under my control. Use Thunderbolt" Brian ordered pressing the button that controlled Pikachu.

Pikachu just glared at Brian angrily. He shocked the controller shattering it.

"Pikachu you did it" Ash said holding his partner happily. Pikachu said something while slightly crying as if to ask if he hurt Ash. "I'm ok buddy. I knew you wouldn't hurt me." Ash said smiling.

May came over and embraced Ash in a hug. "I'm so glad your ok." she then kissed Ash on the lips wrapping her arms around him. Pikachu hopped on the ground and watched his master with the girl he loved.

"Aw, isn't that cute." Misty said watching the scene. She looked at Gary and kissed him. Gary was shocked but gladly kissed back.

"Once again, I'm all alone." Brock said moaning. He looked over and saw Brian pressing some buttons on a machine. There was a big tube above it. "Guys, Brian is doing something."

Everyone looked over at the giant tube. Inside was black gas. "This is all the negative energy I have gathered from Pokemon over the years. I will use it to destroy you" Brian yelled laughing evilly.

Suddenly the glass shattered. The gas started to take a solid shape. It glared at the humans with its two red eyes.

"Behold! My creature of darkness. Destroy them" Brian ordered. The creature looked at him. He picked him up with one of its mighty claws and began to glow.

"What's he doing" May asked shocked.

"It looks like he is sucking the energy out of Brian" Brock exclaimed.

"Pikachu use Thunder" Ash ordered. Pikachu shocked the giant black creature. It just seemed to irritate the monster and he dropped Brian on the ground. Brock ran over and carried him to safety.

Ash and Gary stepped up to the creature. "This is it." Ash said looking at it.

"I'll admit I didn't plan on facing a creature of pure darkness to save the entire world. I'm living every boy's dream." Gary said sarcastically.

May and Misty stepped next to their partners.

"We'll help to." Misty said winking.

"They mentioned your future wife in the legend. I think I'm the only one crazy enough to take you." May said smiling at Ash.

"So, how do we stop it" Gary asked.

Ash grinned. "I have an idea. Boys take him down" Ash yelled. Suddenly all the Pokemon ran into the room.

"Give him all you got" Ash ordered. All the Pokemon released their most powerful attacks.

A team of Tropious hit the creature with a double Solarbeam. It seemed to damage it a little but not much.

Lairon charged forward and used a Take Down attack. The darkness creature launched a giant wave of darkness at the Pokemon knocking them against a wall.

"Were getting clobbered." Misty said watching the battle.

"Alone the Chosen One shall fail. He will need the help of his future wife to save the world." May said remembering the legend. "What if I'm not his future wife" she asked herself.

"I got a plan. Let's show this guy the light. Pikachu use Flash" Ash commanded. Pikachu glowed. Suddenly a bright flash blinded the darkness Pokemon.

"Now. Attack it with your Pokemon." Ash said to Misty and Gary.

"Blastoise" Gary yelled.

"Starmie" Misty yelled.

"Double Hydro Pump" they both exclaimed.

The water attacks collided soaking up the Pokemon.

"Now, Pikachu use Mega Thunder" Ash yelled Pikachu's best attack.

"Mega Thunder? Is that even a move" Gary asked.

Electricity crackled around Pikachu's entire body. It flew from his body and hit the darkness Pokemon. Because it was wet the attack did more damage. The Pokemon fell down.

Ash walked over to it. "I think we won." Ash said looking at its lifeless form. He turned around to walk back. The Pokemon got up behind him, an evil gleam in its eye.

"Ash look out" Gary yelled.

Ash turned around just in time to see the Pokemon grab him with its giant claw. Ash could already feel his life being drained from his body as darkness surrounded him.

"Its draining him." Misty said in horror.

"What can we do" Gary asked feeling helpless.

"I don't care about a legend. I love Ash no matter what." May thought to herself.

"Ash" May yelled with all her heart. Suddenly a bright light surrounded her.

"What is happening" Gary asked shielding his eyes from the light.

"The legend said Ash's future wife would help save him. I guess in a battle between dark and light May was the key. She had the light in her all along." Misty explained.

Ash looked at May who was now high above the ground. She was so bright Ash could barely see her.

"May, what are you doing" Ash asked.

"I'm going to save you. I have to sacrifice myself to save the world. The light inside me is what makes me so important. I always knew I had a big purpose in life. To do some ultimate sacrifice to protect the ones I love. That's you Ash. My light is the key to winning this battle. Good luck in the Hoenn league. I know you'll beat them all. I'll always love you." May said as the light around grew even larger. Soon it surrounded the whole room. Everyone had to shield their eyes.

The darkness Pokemon screeched in pain as the light touched its body. "Goodbye Ash." May said one final time before the light exploded into a powerful blast.

"May" Ash cried out, tears running down his face.

All over the world May's light was cleansing the world.

Shamouti Island

Pokemon were coming on the island. The legendary Pokemon were doing their best to defend it but were getting tired. Suddenly light surrounded them. The sky cleared and the Pokemon returned to their calm state.

"They did it! Ash did it" Melody yelled in happiness.

"It looks like they did it." Ho-Oh said smiling. He looked over at Lugia and noticed how sad the great beast of the ocean looked.

"What's the matter" Ho-Oh asked.

"May. I lost contact with her." Lugia said sadly.

Petalburg Gym

The Pokemon were slowly advancing on Norman, Caroline, and Max. Vigoroth stood bravely in front of them but the odds were against it. Suddenly the Pokemon were surrounded by light and returned normal. They ran outside happily.

"Ash and everyone must have done it. They saved the world" Max yelled jumping in the air.

Norman was happy but he felt a sad feeling in the pit of his stomach. Something that was indescribable. He looked over and saw his wife with a similar look.

"I hope May is ok."

Pallet Town

"Muk use Sludge" Prof. Oak ordered.

The purple sludge Pokemon launched a blast of purple sludge at the oncoming Pokemon. When they were beaten three more replaced it.

"This is hopeless. They just keep coming." Prof. Oak said.

Suddenly the Pokemon returned to normal and left.

"I guess Ash did it. That's my boy" Mrs. Ketchum said in happiness. She was so overjoyed she didn't notice she had kissed Prof. Oak right on the lips.

She pulled back. "Oh, I'm"

"Prof. Oak cut her off with a kiss.

Weather Center

When the light cleared there was no sign of the darkness Pokemon or May. The blast had blown a whole in the roof so rubble was everywhere.

Ash looked for any sign of May. Nothing.

Brock came up to Ash. "The police have already taken Brian to jail. Look Ash, I'm sorry. I know how much she meant to you." Brock said sadly.

"She was perfect Brock. She was just a kid who had a dream. Best coordinator in the world. Now…she's gone." Ash said lightly sobbing.

"Is the great Ash Ketchum actually crying" a familiar voice said teasingly.

"No. It couldn't be." Ash spun around and saw none other than May. She was behind him looking like nothing had ever happened.

Ash ran up to her. "May! You're alive but how" Ash asked confused. May leaned in and pressed her lips against Ash's. She pulled back and stroked his face while smiling.

"You. I was as close to death as you could get. But your love guided me back and now I'm back for good." May said smiling.

Pikachu walked in the room. He saw May and was so overjoyed he jumped right on May's shoulder.

May held the electric mouse in her arms. "Aw, did you miss me too? Pikachu, you're so sweet." May said smiling sweetly at the electric mouse. She leaned down and kissed Pikachu's head.

Misty and Gary walked in.

"May! You're alive? How? That blast" Misty said confused.

Ash smiled. "Let me make it simple Misty. I'm in love with an angel.

5 weeks later

Evergrande City-Pokemon League

"Ladies and Gentleman Ash Ketchum has won the Hoenn League. He is the Hoenn League champion and a Pokemon Master" The announcer yelled.

May jumped down from the stands and ran over to Ash. She kissed him passionately. Ash kissed back.

Gary walked over to Ash. "Congratulations Ketchum you are a Pokemon Master. What do you say to a friendly battle" Gary asked.

Ash smirked. "You're on."

"Go Pikachu." Ash said as his first Pokemon stepped forward.

"Go Umbreon" Gary yelled sending out the dark Evee evolution.

It doesn't matter how tough the evil.

"Umbreon use Faint Attack" Gary ordered.

As long as the Chosen One is around.

"Pikachu use Thunder" Ash ordered.

Evil will never win.

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