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Harry stared at his desk. He closed his eyes and let his head fall on his desk with a clonk. Harry wanted to get his homework done before he did any partying in the Gryffindor common room, since tonight they had had their Christmas feast. But the common room had grown noisier and noisier since Harry wanted to start his paper. After a while, he placed down his essay and stared behind his chair, looking at all the Gryffindor people, entertaining themselves with games like wizards chess, exploding snap, miniature quidditch, and truth or dare. Some kids even brought out a muggle karaoke machine, dancing to songs and repeating the lyrics. And since Ron had gone to his family since yesterday for Christmas, and afterall it was Christmas Eve. He dropped his quill, that dripped ink on his desk quietly. He decided to join Seamus, Neville, Fred, and George (who had come to celebrate the feast, and then join the family on Christmas.) who were playing truth or dare. After awhile, they changed to "Spin the bottle" who Harry had taught them the first day of winter break. The bottle silently landed on Harry, who blushed a hideous plum color. After a while, everybody decided that Harry should join Hermione, and dared him.

"I don't like Hermione!" Harry complained.

"Those are the rules you taught us, and then who do you like?" Asked Fred.

"No one. Oh, this is no fun. I don't want to destroy a friendship with Hermione." Harry added.

"OK." Said Seamus with a tone of sadness in his voice. Harry decided to see where Hermione was anyway. He knocked on the door of the girls' dormitory.

"Come in." He heard a voice say in an annoyed tone.

"Hey, Hermione! Where are the rest of the girls?" He realized that the girls' dormitory was much quieter, and that the only sound that he heard was the crackling fire and Hermione's quill moving and dipping into the inkbottle.

"In the bathroom playing spin-the-bottle." She dipped her quill back into the bottle.

He also now realized that the girls' bathroom was a lot larger then the boys'.

"Aren't they, ah, cramped?" He asked.

"Oh no, it's rather roomy in there." She looked up at Harry. "Now if there are any more questions, call Ron, I'm finishing my Potions essay." She pointed towards the door.

"Hermione, it's rather, let's say, loud down there, could I do my homework up here?" He asked. Hermione blew out all the candles next to her.

"Sure, but you'll be alone, and don't be surprised when the girls scream when they find you here." She smiled and nudged Harry by her elbow.

"Come on. I don't want to be alone down there. Come on." She started towards the door.

"Oh, you won't be alone." Harry said in amazement, to her thinking she would be "alone".

"But I'll come." He smiled and headed toward the common room with her.

They walked down to the staircase into the common room.

He still didn't do his homework. Oh bloody great…